Monday, June 10, 2013


This weekend seemed to just fly by!


But... I also love Mondays.  Men back at work.  Kids at school.

And the floors are screaming out to be cleaned.

So, I will clean the floors, bathroom, vacum and so on.
Hopefully I might even get some sewing time too.

Here's a few photos from yesterday when our visitors (Jacqui, Marty and their 2 kids) were here:

 ABOVE:  Marty is a builder/consultant so offered some help to Stew in attaching the stair guard.

ABOVE:  Sofia-Grace had a nasty knotted piece of hair and Jacqui was going to CUT IT OUT!  Hell no, Lacy worked it out for her in no time at all.  Well done Lacy.

ABOVE: last night.  It seemed like a mad house, but we loved it.  The more the merrier we say!

ABOVE:  more of the mad house.  

Dante has been quite 'crabby' lately.  Now we see a possible reason.  He cut a 2nd tooth.  Explains the massive drool for sure.
He's such a good baby though, no screaming... he just growls at us!
It's really funny.

Right... as normal... I'm off to make the lunches, sort out the kids,  then mop the bloody floor.


 ABOVE: the new stair guard.  It rolls back when not in use, no hassle having to put it up and down like our old one.

 ABOVE: Steve being a dick... while eating some scone bread.

ABOVE:  he's been working out... and now has some muscles... he wanted to share that knowledge!  *Poser*  What ruins it for me is ... he's still eating that bloody scone bread!

Tracy from Taranaki (she has little Molly, from our 2nd litter)... sent me some cards that she has designed and made:

 ABOVE: they are STUNNING!

ABOVE:  up close on one of my favourites... awesome detailing.

MARYH:  Keera is almost 11 months and Sofia-Grace is 19 months.

I had a little list of 5 things I wanted to get done this morning, and I'm happy to say...ALL DONE!
Now I can sit back and sew... just as soon as I can walk on the floor.  It's wet right now.  WHAT an excuse to watch some mindless telly for a little while.

Hmmm... fairly quiet in blogland today?  I know I've been quiet today.  Just chilling this afternoon.
Dinner was a really nice steak 'n' kidney stew, slow cooked in the crock pot.

End of Day:  earlier than usual, but I'm going to be sewing most of the evening so won't be back on, so
nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:43 AM

    You know Chris, I think you are much more patient than you give yourself credit for! You always have a huge house full, and you are losing weight! That is discipline and patience!

    Glad Lacy got the hair fixed without cutting it~ ♥♥♥

  2. Fab cards
    Lacy should do some work at a hairdressers she seems good at it
    Are Keera and Sofia the same age ?

  3. haha Steve reminds of that double the protein add LOVE LOVE LOVE the cards the hooded girl fav too. Nice to see lots of visitors and Sofia Grace is growing tall too.

  4. I'm here - I can;t update from my phone..

    Have fun sewing!


  5. Mmmmm steak & kidney. Hope it was yum. Enjoy your evening sewing.

  6. Wow what pretty cards!


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