Thursday, June 20, 2013


Today I plan on doing some sewing this morning... well OK, maybe not sewing.  Maybe cutting out pattern pieces!
There are dozens of little bits to cut out and assemble with the 'Beach Babes' wall hanging!

 ABOVE:  all those fabrics on the left are for just ONE of the girls!  (Girl A)

ABOVE:  that's the background sorted.  Now the trick is making sure all the girls costumes don't clash with the background. 
Yaa... I love a challenge.

ABOVE: the first two paintings on fabric that Bex did last night.  She's thrilled with them.
I think they are really cute too.

After lunch it's Hospice Shop time for me.
I hope it's busier than Tuesday afternoon.

ONWARD FOR LIFE:  you know, sometimes one's motivation slips a bit... and I do slip up.  But... it is getting easier to avoid the slip ups!

I have found if I can occupy my time after dinner I don't feel like having something I shouldn't... like two nights ago I had some yogurt with muesli... I know that doesn't sound too bad ... but it was.

I didn't NEED it.  I only had it because I was sitting in front of the TV and my mind wandered to food.  And once I get a thought into my mind it's really hard to resist.

So, the trick is to be busy.  

It does work!

Last night I had food on the brain and thought of having some yogurt/muesli again... but I carried on with my sewing and before I knew it the desire had passed.

So, I went to bed feeling GREAT!  

And I woke up this morning feeling happy with myself.  

You know, that happy feeling is so addictive, and it feels so much better than a belly full of food ya don't need!

Today is going to be a good day...


Whoops~!  forgot about the blog a bit today.
Oh well.. nothing much is happening around here.
I went to Hospice, where is was a very slow afternoon.  The weather is totally miserable.  Wet and a very cold wind.  It was hailing on my way home too.

Bex is going great guns with the painting on fabric.  It's not something I want to even start... I've got enough to do craft-wise.

I'm now going to go and sit down and get warm with my electric snuggle blanket.  Shame that means kicking Griffin off me chair!
Him and Brylee are playing 'last card' ever so nicely too.

I only got a couple of items of baby clothes at the shop today, not worth photographing.  So.. no treasure today.
So much for getting warm. I'm still in front of this darn computer... time to rectify that.

End of Day:  We had a really lovely visit tonight from Bex's brother and his friend from Invercargill.
More on that tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. I really like Bex's bird. The seahorse if great, but the bird rocks!

    yes tiction

  2. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Well done mum for resisting the craving very proud of you. Love Kelly.

  3. Bex bird is so cute I can see she is going to rock out some cool crafts, How are Brylee and Griffin going..... Samuel has just under 15 weeks of school left! eeekkkk this year is zooming by.

  4. Wow, Bex did a great job, How fun that she is following in your artistic path.
    Good for you for knowing what makes you feel good and move forward in such a positive way. Give yourself a pat on the back for me.

  5. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Bex fabric art is beaut that Gall has a real talent well done


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