Thursday, June 06, 2013


As I mentioned yesterday, Keera got her first ever haircut... at 10 and a half months old.
I was asked to do it:

 ABOVE:  Before...

 ABOVE:  During...

 ABOVE:  After.

 ABOVE: an incredibly rare shot of me minus makeup!
AND no earrings or necklace.  Naked almost!

ABOVE:  The many faces of Keera.

Today is our 26th Wedding Anniversary.  I hope you have a lovely day Darling... see.. I didn't forget for once!

Today:  no firm plans until this afternoon when I have Hospice Shop.

I wouldn't mind doing a bit more sewing... I made a round mug rug yesterday, but I'm not 100% happy with it.  So I gave it to Lacy!  Better to get something not quite perfect than nothing at all I say.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  the round mug rug.  See... not that good.

Sometimes Dante gets grizzly and Bex isn't quite ready to feed him and get him to bed, so I pop him over my knees and pat his back while moving my legs in a rocking motion:

 ABOVE: see... just lying there like a baby...

ABOVE:  9 times out of 10... he falls asleep.  It's so cute.


This morning Bex and I decided to go for a walk, it's a gorgeous day out there.  Crisp and cool... perfect for walking.

ABOVE:  The walk we did this morning, it is 2.74 kms long, and it took us 40 minutes.  The 'Start/Stop' point is not actually where we started.  I wasn't going to put the 'real' point on as it would literally be giving my address away to hundreds of people!
That would be a bit silly.

Cooling down now, might have to do some housework before I get cold!  

It's weigh in day tomorrow.  Hmmmm.... once again I am not expecting too much... but ya never know!  I've been known to surprise even myself.

Upon reflection... I am not going to let my weigh in bother me if it's not much... as long as I am staying on track MOST OF THE TIME, and have now added exercise in as well... I will be happy.

My weight loss is not a RACE, it's going to be a slow and steady ONWARD FOR LIFE thing.
No unreasonable expectations, no feelings of self loathing shall creep in.
I'm doing it my way, and that is just fine.

Why am I saying this again?
Because I read a blog today where the writer has lost an amazing amount of weight in just a short time... and I was comparing myself to her... and starting to feel like a failure.

BUT NO!   I shall not compare my losses with anyone else's... that is just setting myself up for misery.  ONWARD... MY WAY.


That makes me smile.  I cannot stress enough how good that makes me feel, knowing that I can do this my way, and it's RIGHT for me.


  1. Love Keera's bangs! She looks so pretty. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Keera definately needed a wee haircut, yes you're right the round mug rug doesnt look right maybe overlocking the edge? Is that what its called? Dante looks so cute like that how weird to fall asleep in that position.

  3. Anthony use to love lying over my knee just the same and it sure helped shift his wind.
    Keera looked even cuter after her hair cut didn't think thst was possible I love your grand baby pics xxxx

  4. Keera's a little cutie Lovely eyes

  5. Happy Anniversary!! 26 years!! Awesome!!! Congrats! I can't get over how much hair Keera has! What a special moment to be able to give her her first hair cut :D

  6. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Shot Ma and Bex and Dante xo

  7. Keera is just the cutest thing!! All your grandbabies are adorable :)

    Don't compare yourself to others - they aren't YOU!!!

  8. Oh and Happy Anniversary to you and Stew....

  9. Happy Anniversary Chris and Stew!

    Loving Keera's new cut! Looks fabulous!

    And as others have said, don't compare yourself to others! We are all individuals and we are all doing things the way that suits our own needs! You are doing a super fantastic job and your body will reward you in due course!!! Keep up the fantastic work my friend!!

  10. Your little cutie looks very grown up with her new hair cut. You did a good job.
    Good for you for being happy with yourself and confident with you Onward For Life plan.

  11. Do it your way, of course. Eating better and getting some intentional exercise can only help with weight-loss and overall health. Which after all, is the main thing. xxx

  12. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Love Keera's haircut she is such a cutie. Happy Aniversary chickee. And congrats on the walk well done :)

  13. Don't even think of comparing your weight loss to another. Everyone is different and you want this to "stick" this time so it is not just about the number on the scale.

    I love Keera's new haircut :)

  14. Happy anniversary - we are celebrating our 26th anniversary this year too !!
    For sure - don't compare yourself to ANYONE else - you are you and will do things at the pace that is right for you !
    Have the best day !

  15. Penny5:09 PM

    Good on you Chris for keeping it in perspective. As you know, that's the biggest part of the struggle.

    Lovely photos as usual. Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately - I've still been reading of course, just a bit sidetracked as you know! I appreciate your comment, and cancelled my appointment for next week.

    Happy Anniversary to you and Stew! That is a remarkable achievement, especially given the extra effort involved in raising eight kids. Well done. Any plans to celebrate together?

    Love Penny xo

  16. Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a great day!

  17. Keera is the most expressive wee thing, she is utterly gorgeous.

    I love how laid back Dante looks, he is such a wee cutie.

    Can't wait to see the treasures from todays Hospice shop.

  18. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Congratulations on 26 Years Mum & Dad xoxoxox Love Us Kids xoxoxoxoxoxox Hehe

  19. Opps... I forgot to add HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! 26 years is just fantastic.

  20. Hi Chris. Keera just has the most amazingly expressive face. She really has a scary frown! Happy anniversary Chris. Xo

  21. Happy anniversary you guys. Enjoying all your adorable bub photos.

  22. Happy Anniversary Chris and Stew! I love the haircut you gave Keera :)

  23. I said it before and I say it again. That baby looks like you!

    owtbdry caused

  24. happy Anniversary
    The difference a trim makes , Keera is beautiful. the haircut makes her face look more round

  25. Happy Belated Anniversary!!

    Keera's hair looks cute!


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