Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Once I get the kids to school... I hope to go for a walk with Bex and Dante.

And that is all I have planned for today right now.

So... incredibly boring post.

I could show you the two mug rugs I started last night.  But I'm thinking everyone is sick of mug rug photos by now.
So...I won't.

I could moan about me bloody foot still hurting... but it is actually feeling a bit better.  So... I won't.

I could say I'm feeling really good about my ONWARD FOR LIFE Plan... so I will.

I'm doing really well!  I'm still massively motivated, and looking forward to the next 30 days.  Sometimes I slip up with portion size, but on a whole.. it's good.

So... as I've nothing more to add right now... I'll bugger off and get ready to go walkies.   

Unless it rains.

If it does, I'll get on the treadmill instead.

Maybe if we do go walkies, I'll take me camera and give you blow by blow shots of our walk... when we get back...


Walk:  So Bex suggested we walk down to the Botanic Gardens, so I foolishly said OK.

 ABOVE:  walking down Hill Road... it was perfect weather for walking.  Fine but cool.

 ABOVE: *SNORT* !  Like we were gunna go that fast!  Ha ha ha...

 ABOVE:  I love this little lake in the gardens.

 ABOVE:  I'd like to say we were nearly home ... but we still had a bloody steep hill to climb.

So... the walk we just did took us 65 minutes and it was 4.92 kms long (3.05 miles).  NOT that far, but far enough for me.

 ABOVE:  at home, Bex sweating like a pig... it was POURING down her!  Me?  Hardly any at all.  My body holds on to it's water.

ABOVE:  The walk we just did.  

ABOVE:  This little man slept for almost our entire walk.  Can ya see his tooth?  He has two, the other front bottom one has just come through, so it's not clearly visible yet.

Right, I'm off to have a shower... 

ABOVE:  so, while Bex and I were relaxing after our walk we heard someone come into the house... I wasn't expecting anyone... so jumped up to see who the hell had just walked into my house?
It was Lacy and Keera!
They had WALKED the entire way here... and that was 6.62 kilometres (4.1 miles!).
I will drive them home, there is no way she is going to walk all that way home again.

ABOVE:  I love Mickey Mouse!  I know, random picture.  I just like adding him and Minnie in sometimes.

End of Day:  well we had a visit from the delectable Kate, who delivered back some Tupperware that I'd sent back with cracks in the lids etc.  That's what I love so much about Tupperware!  It may be expensive, but it has a LIFETIME Guarantee, and they stand by their product.
Time to hit the sack... I'm really tired now after that long walk this morning.
nite nite


  1. How could we ever get sick of your mug mats??? They are so gorgeous! Enjoy your walk and have a lovely day :)

  2. Have a good walk! With foot trouble, you should wear some good shoes!

  3. Sounds like a nice plan for the day.

  4. Well done on the walk ladies - it was a nice morning for it!
    Have a great day

  5. Maybe if you ran you could reach 10kmph!!!! Dante looks so cute teeth to me seem to make a baby all grown up!!!

  6. Awesome effort on your walk Chris it sure was a nice morning for it.

  7. Omg Dante is just georgous!!!

  8. Nice seeing ya tonight and your lovely fam. Super.



  9. God I love seeing your grandbabies!

    Btw - whats the new system you are using instead of google reader? I need to install something new with reader leaving us this month....I know you mentioned ages ago you downloaded something new

  10. Look at you guys walking all over!! WTG!!


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