Wednesday, June 26, 2013


 ABOVE: Our fireplace ... refused to start this year... so bright and early this morning (like 7.30 am) I am expecting a bloke who is going to  fix it... one hopes!
I warned the company that at 7.30 in the morning I'm likely to still be in me PJ's!  Nice sight that would be.

Last night I did Brylee's hair like mine:

 ABOVE:  she loves it too.   

ABOVE:  The minute I looked at how Brylee looked with her hair like this I was amazed at how much she looks like a niece of mine!  
Not the spitting image, but the resemblance is strong!

Families eh?  *smiles*

Once the fix it guy has gone, and the kids are at school I am taking my car in for it's WOF.  It's like going to the dentist.  Fingers crossed my car passes!  I then have to do it's Registration too.  I'm thinking I'll be broke by the end of the day!

Oh well... 


Glad I got up early, the fix it guys arrived at 20 past 7.
The fireplace had to be removed completely and taken back to base.
I have to wait for a phone call with a quote on repair.  Sounds like it is going to be rather expensive.
The 'boss' fix it man said the starter thingee is stuffed, and we need a new one of them ... that alone costs $360.  Feck!

Yaaa... the car passed it's WOF with flying colours, and it's re-registered too... so I can relax for another year.

We have fog today, thick sea fog if I'm not mistaken.  Makes for a cold, damp day.
Maybe the sun will come out later.

Right now... I'm gunna relax and just chill out.  Maybe do some sewing?


I got an email from Patchwork Passion (a fabric shop in Onehunga)... they were having a sale on fat quarters... so we decided, very spur of the moment ... to go!

As we ended up in Onehunga, I decided to show Bex a couple of other shops there.  First up was Antique Fabric and Lace, at the bottom of the Mall...

 ABOVE:  I just knew she would walk in there and go "WOW" !  And she did!  It is a true treasure trove of delectable bits and bobs.
We didn't purchase anything there though.  It's the sort of place you go to when you need a 'specific' thing.  Like lace, or bling.

They have thousands of pieces of bling!

Our next stop was the Sewing Machine World shop, which is on the other side of the road from the Antique Fabric & Lace shop...

 ABOVE:  They had baskets full of small pieces of fabric and we got a few bits of fabric there.

 ABOVE: Dante enjoyed choosing fabric too... only he was TASTING it.  lol

Our last stop was Patchwork Passion, where Bex got 8 fat quarters and I got two.  Patchwork Passion's range of fabrics are more 'earthy tones'... very little brights.  So I didn't see much that I wanted.

As we were only 5 minutes from Stew's workplace, we decided to have lunch with Stew.

 ABOVE:  I saw this 'half a car' in the McDonald's carpark.  It's a Suzuki Cappuccino...  Not my sort of car, but it did catch my eye.

 ABOVE:  I can finally say I've had a Georgie Pie Mince and Cheese pie from McDonald's.
There is no way in hell I'm ever getting another one.  While it tasted like the old pies we used to love, it's no longer $1.  It's $4.50, and NOT worth it.
Even Dante wasn't impressed.

Dante was really, really upset in the car, coughing and screaming, and holding his breath... so we went to the Dr's on the way home.
He's OK though.  Just a bit of phlegm build-up, and he has a cough.  We shall keep an eye on him and hope he gets better soon.

 ABOVE:  my little haul.  Bear in mind lots of that fabric is just little 5" squares.  Perfect for applique. 

ABOVE:  Bex's haul.  She got larger pieces and more fat quarters.

Going to go and finally take a break!

Just finished cooking dinner, macaroni cheese with bacon and onions.  It's in the oven waiting for Stew to get home.

YEP.  Feeling a bit down.
But I will get over it.  I always do.

End of Day:  well another day with high's and low's... life's like that eh?
Just wish it wasn't ALWAYS like that!
nite nite


  1. i love her hairdo!

    which passfe

  2. I would love to have a fireplace !!! I think there is nothing nicer than sitting in front of one during winter - not that I have ever done it but I imagine that I would love it !!!
    The only time we had a fireplace was at out timeshare in the Drakensberg mountains except our time was in February - probably the hottest month of the year over there - but we made a fire most nights and then had to sit outside and look through the window because it was too hot inside !!!
    Have the best day !

  3. Oh my gosh that fabric shop is WELL and TRULY packed out one would hardly know where to start imagine doing THEIR stocktakes eeeekkkkkkk.... Glad to hear Dante was alright must have been a scare probably why he was awake the other night?

  4. Anonymous9:50 PM

    Thoses shops were amazing :) pitty dante played up near the end lol would of been a perfect day thank you xxoo

  5. My house has been a bit of a money pit as well these days. Always something needing to be fixed or replaced. It hot rainy and humid here, which I don't like at all. Nice pictures of Brylee, What a store. We don't have minced pies here at McD's, funny how every country is different. Keep well.

  6. Penny2:58 AM

    Snap! We had a baked potato, bacon and onion thing and peas at my in-laws.

    Penny xo


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