Monday, June 03, 2013


When you want to make something that is finished quickly... but is still cute and useful... you can't go past a mug rug... or ten!

I love them. There are just so many different styles to do... I've spent a good deal of time on Pinterest finding ideas.

I've go 4 ready to sew:

ABOVE:  they don't look like much right now... but wait until they are done.  They will be gorgeous!

A certain little man is powering ahead with his development, rolling, and now kinda sitting:

ABOVE: he can sit unaided for a little while, but he ends up slumped over his feet... or ...

or... he face plants!  So he's not quite there yet.
But it won't be long.  He's also drawing his knees up when he's on his tummy.  All good.

ABOVE:  'The Wall'... so far.  I want to add a few more little things... like a heart?   Time will tell.

On Masterchef on Friday night one of the Chefs cooked little venison pies.  They were not just any old pie, there were lots of different steps and techniques involved.  So... Steve decided he would give it a go... with beef instead of venison.  

And I have to say it... with Bex helping him... they turned out some BLOODY AMAZING, to die for pies!

ABOVE: The pies.  The recipe is on,  and remember... Steve and Bex used beef instead of venison.  It was delicious!!!

Now for today, sewing.  And just spending time with the family.


BELLA: just type in 'metric conversions' on your computer.  You should find all the conversions there.

HAPPY ELF MOM:  portion control.  That's all there is to it!

I've been doing some sewing this morning, but now I have to stop to make lunch.  I'm making scones with jam and cream.  

This afternoon Steve and Bex had visitors... it was lovely to see them spend time with their own friends.

 ABOVE:  Here we have a small baby (Alex), a medium baby (Dante) and a large baby (Keera)... plus Steve and Bex.

ABOVE: Lacy got to have a cuddle of wee Alex... he is only 8 weeks old.  

ABOVE: Proud new parents, Nicky and Sam.  Keera quite liked Nicky.  *smiles*

 ABOVE: Baby Alex got lots of cuddles... and I missed out!
I was busy sewing.

ABOVE:  Dad Sam... got cuddles with Teddy and Coco.  

End of Day:  well I got all four mug rugs (Coasters) almost finished tonight.  I'm putting the bindings on and tomorrow I will hand stitch the back of the bindings.
Not much else to blither on about, so...
nite nite


  1. Dante will have discovered a whole new world and level of amazement instead of floor level, how is Keera crawling going? Your wall looks great.

  2. Checked out the recipe but it's all ml, grams and stuf - here in the U.S. we use pounds and gallons so I don't even begin to know how to do the conversions.

  3. Wow, how can you keep getting so skinny with such awesome food around? I would have severe difficulty with "portion control."

  4. What great chefs you have in the house.......that includes you of course. :) Hope you enjoyed Masterchef last night....I did.
    Enjoy the rest of your long weekend you talented lady you lol :)

  5. Steve & Bex are quite the cooks. I love that not only are they taking on some of the cooking but are experimenting & making some really great dishes.

    I watched Masterchef last night too. It was quite enjoyable although I missed bits because we had a couple of extra teenagers here so things got noisy & distracted.

  6. I got nice M rug patterns off Craftsy
    Gorgeous babies


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