Saturday, June 22, 2013


Morning!  I must show you how far my Beach Babes wall hanging has come! ...

ABOVE:  This was the 'original' pattern, but I didn't like the fabrics in the kit, so I used my own fabrics/colours...

ABOVE: This is my version.  I like it much better... and I made the backing fabric a bit bigger so I can add a dog, a couple of seagulls and maybe a crab.  Steve wants me to add a crab.  *sigh*

I still have to do all the blanket stitch around everything, which I anticipate taking a long time to do.  Maybe I will get a start on it today?

I'm not sure if we have any plans for the day... but I'd like to show Stew the Hospice Shop I work at now.  So, maybe a trip down to Manukau?

FUNNY STORY:  last night I went to talk to Steve and Bex, they were bathing Dante.

Steve said :  "Look at Dante's face".

So I did, and there was some redness around his mouth....

I said:  "Why do I have to look at his face?"

Steve said : "He had a blood nose".

I said in a really surprised voice: "How the hell did he get a blood nose ! ? ! ?".

Steve said : "Ha ha, only joking.  It's tomato sauce!".

Steve is a right shit.  End of Story.

ABOVE:  Bex painted these on fabric yesterday, they are just gorgeous.  She hasn't finished them yet of course, they have to be sewn onto backing and wadding etc, and turned into mug rugs.

It's really neat having someone else in the house with a similar creative 'bent'.

Well... I'm off to make a start on the day... hopefully it's not too cold today, or too wet!
I'm kinda over the wet!


Well... a nice day so far.  We went to Bunnings and Mitre 10 where I drooled over tool boxes.  Yep, I'm weird.  I know.
We also had lunch at the mall.  We all had indian butter chicken.  I couldn't eat most of mine, which is good.
My appetite is so much less now days.

Now at home, and just listening to music on my YouTube Playlist.  I've got a good mix of music that I love.

Stew is cooking dinner tonight, chicken schnitzel and veges.

Right now ... I might just make a start on the stitching of the 'Beach Babes'...

End of Day:  yikes, it's freezing tonight!  I am going to go and put warm woolies on me feet!
AND then I will go down to the garage and potter around some more, doing a bit of tidying up I am.  I'm good at that!
Ask anyone who knows me... I'm the Queen of Tidy.
nite nite


  1. In relation to your "beach babes', your days are getting longer again and summer's on it's way!

    dress ommslo

  2. Wow she did a really good job with the painting!!

    Love the babes, they look great!

  3. Seen as we have just had the shortest day BEACH time is just around the corner if we survive the cold blast!!!!! I just love those spongebob painted fabrics!!!

  4. Luv in the beach babes very talented chicky ...also bex is creative or it's you rubbing off on her . Enjoy your weekend .im cleaning and re-arranging my house as my daughter went flatting this week .....yeah freedom after 25 years lol

  5. Penny6:20 PM

    MarkD60, that reminder that we are on the other side of the short days was very much appreciated by me!

    Steve should know better than to wind his mother up ;-)

    Penny xo

  6. I love the beach babes! ANd can't wait to see the mug rugs! So cute.

  7. I love your version of the beach babes way better chick stands out so much mire vibrant

  8. You are both so talented! I love seeing from day to day what you have created. Enjoy exploring your 'arty side'! Have a great weekend, Krissy (Now Melbourne- ex Singapore)

  9. I like your version much better as well !!!!
    Have a great Sunday !


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