Thursday, June 13, 2013


Because I have duty at the Hospice Shop today, I am NOT going for a walk.
If Bex wants to go,  she's on her own!

I'm not listening to her again!  Pffffft, "It's only 10 minutes to the Botanic Gardens"... my arse!

I knew it would take double that time, and I was right.  And her saying "Well we are here now so let's take a walk around the gardens too".... she's a crafty girl is our Bex!  Lucky for her I didn't really mind.

But... I shall conserve my energy today for being on me feet for 4 hours at the Hospice Shop.  *smiles*

This morning I shall get some washing done, do a bit of sewing maybe?  And I dunno, just be at home and happy.
Works for me.

ABOVE:  these two caught my eye yesterday... looking so angelic lying together.

ABOVE:  bloody little escape artists.  

ANON from the other day:  if dogs only live/have memory at "that MOMENT" ... and have no memory of what they had done 'wrong' ten minutes ago... how do they remember how to 'sit', 'stay' and so on?   Why do they go and sit at the top of the stairs when I start cooking dinner, knowing that means Dad will be home soon?
Or... if one has an accident inside... the guilty one skulks out of the room with it's tail between it's legs?  Even when I have said NOTHING at all... just looked at them?

Maybe I have it wrong?  Maybe they didn't know why I was angry?  Or maybe, just maybe ... they bloody well did know.

Seeing as they can't speak, I will never know.  And nor do you.

ABOVE:  Dante is still getting used to Keera.  He really isn't sure about her AT ALL!  Whereas Keera would just LOVE to play with him.  Only she can't, cos all she wants to do it poke him in the eye.  lol

CLEO:   I am using as my new reader.  It imports your Google Reader contacts, so you don't even have to do it yourself.  BUT I have found it does miss some, cos I've had a few emails asking why I havn't visited a particular blog and realised it hasn't been imported by Feedly after all.
So ... check.

I had hundreds of blogs on my Reader list... but some are private, some don't blog often or at all now... so it's still taking me time to catch up with any that have been missed.

Like I have time to do that!  I tell ya, now that Steve, Bex and Dante live here, and Lacy and Keera are just up the road,  I find so many OTHER things to do now... like cluck over babies.  Who wouldn't???

AND let's not forget I now have a sewing 'buddy' too!  No more lonely sessions in me sewing 'room'.  Bex is great company and I do believe she is enjoying my help and company too.  

Well I bloody hope so!

Right, better go and make those lunches, and get a load of washing on too...


I've spent the morning doing odd jobs around the house...and shortly I will head out to the Hospice Shop.  
I also want to pop into the local Hospice Shop here in The Gardens.
Their shop was given a re-vamp, so I want to check it out.

I'll be back after work...


 ABOVE: Just had to buy it!  I ♥, ♥, ♥ blue glass, and this vase?  is gorgeous!

ABOVE:  Fish!  I love anything nautical... so these two fish had to come home.

ABOVE:   And finally, this really lovely PINK shirt for GRIFFIN.

He is not too sure he should be wearing PINK... so girls...


He doesn't believe me or Bex. 

I faced a real CHALLENGE this afternoon at work.

The boss (Debs) went and bought a big bag full of HOT CHIPS for afternoon tea.
And I sat there ... with them eating them in my face... and I did not even have one!

It wasn't that easy I can tell you, I was bloody hungry and hot chips give off the most delicious aroma.

End of Day:  and I'm very glad I didn't go for a walk this morning, cos I'm totally knackered this evening.  Time to hit the sack.  
OH, and Griffin is feeling better about the pink shirt now!  
Thanks girls for boosting his confidence, he got a real kick out of you all saying such nice things about him.  You all ROCK.
nite nite


  1. Oh dogs know alright cheeky monkeys!! and how cute do they look? like butter wouldn't melt haha. Probably shame you aren't walking as I think Fri/Sat/Sun are going to turn to custard.

  2. The dog family looks very peaceful lol

  3. Anonymous5:07 PM

    I think that Mr Griffin looks very handsome in that shirt. It goes so well with his dark good looks.


  4. Griffin looks very smart and he's a very good looking boy - he's going to be a heart breaker when he's older (even if he IS a bit stinky!! haaa haaa).

    It looks great.

    Go you - not even ONE chippie is superb work.


  5. Griffin, that shirt really suits you and it is not the slightest bit sissy or girly! My dad is a very masculine man and he has worn a pink shirt before without question. It is a lovely shirt. In this day and age you can wear whatever you like. I also just got David to come and look at your photo and he says the same thing: it's bright, but definitely not girly! I hope that helps. I hope I get to see you and Brylee again one day - I really enjoyed meeting you last year.

    Penny xo

  6. PS Chris: well done on the chips! That would have been a big challenge for me too. You are doing so well!

    Penny xo

  7. Love the pink shirt, it does look good on Griffin.. Not girlie at all.. Tell him that real men wear pink!!! haha .. the colour looks good with his skin tone.

  8. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Tell him to have a look at the rugby league men in NRL in their pink uniforms I doubt if anyone would call them girls. Wear it with pride G you look great
    Mary H

  9. Griffin is so handsome any colour shirt would suit him. He looks like he has lost weight too.
    I agree, the blue vase is gorgeous.

  10. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Oh Griffin that pink top really does look awsum on you....and anyone that says it dosent is just jellous because they cant pull it off the way you do Dude....Your Smashing It xo
    L & K xo

  11. Griffin looks great in that shirt, it really suits his colouring. If anyone teases him trll him they are obvious insecure about their own masculinity.

    Not eating any of those chip - BRILLIANT!!! Be proud of yourself.

  12. Griffin looks fabulous in that pink shirt! He sure is going to be one stunning heartbreaker as he gets older! Definitely not sissy or gay!

    Yay for resisting the chips! You did better than me today!

  13. That shirt is awesome and the colour suits Griffin...definetly not sissy in any way.

  14. I've read what you read about dogs memories, (I think it's memory's in this case) But if I'm at work, and one poops on the back porch, I can call them both, and the guilty one won't come. They know, and remember.

  15. LOL my husband won't even wear baby blue let alone pink. I think it takes a very confident man to be able to pull it off.


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