Sunday, June 02, 2013


Who else pops over to Pinterest to find JUST one thing.... and ends up wondering where the last 3 hours went???

Seriously, that site is so addictive.

I was on it last night trying to find just the right recipe ... and 3 hours later I was no closer to finding one.

 ABOVE:  I found this... which is quite funny.

 ABOVE:  this one makes me laugh every time I read it.

 ABOVE: yep, and this one.

ABOVE:  I would LOVE to do this at the top of our stairs.  Stew liked it too.

Today?  off to Spotlight to take that glue gun back and get another one... then I can finish my projects.

Some housework will be on the cards too.


I went back to Spotlight and got a glue gun that wasn't damaged, plus just a few other little bits 'n' bobs.
Now I've finished my little painting:


  1. Ha - love that Cheetah one. Very cool.

    Am sending the family to the movies so I can "do" Spotlight too so might see ya there... depending which one you go to of course. Am bursting to do some sewing and stuff.

    Have a super day!


  2. Man the cheetah joke made me laugh , the licked baby made me laugh , do you mean do an arch way ?at top of your stairs or those utterly gorgeous gates!!

  3. Anonymous10:28 AM

    The gates are quite a cool idea, Ella*

  4. Love the archway, and the gates too! Hope you have a great day and have fun at Spotlight!

  5. love the quotes - hope you have a great day

  6. Love the gates.

  7. bex is so lucky to have a sewing teacher!!!! I wish I had learnt to sew and know how to make crafty things I would love it homemade gifts making some clothes that actually FIT your own shape even!

  8. I agree with Blondie, wish I had a sewing teacher too! Would be so handy to be able to make crafty gifts etc! Both you and Bex are so talented!!! Love the painting and how you have used bits and treasures that you have collected over the years :)

  9. Loving all the craft! Those bibs will come in very handy, no doubt! xxxx

  10. I like your picture.
    Still don't know whta a mug rug is...a coaster?

    noudiata first
    dsryash agreed


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