Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I got this cute little video yesterday, Steve was trying to get Dante to take a bottle:

As you can hear, Dante was gurgling, but not sucking.  *sigh*  He's just not ready to have a bottle yet.  It's great to play with though.  *smiles*

Now, how about a few cute photos of the baby in the spa?
Here goes:

ABOVE:  there were 96 more photos, but I refrained from posting any more!
Every time I look at Dante I see Stew.  Baby has his Granddad's head shape to a 'T'.
And he has my family's blue eyes.  Bex says he looks like her brothers too, so he's a rather gorgeous mix.

I know I post lots of baby photos, but Stew loves looking at them when he gets a quiet moment at work.  So, these ones are for him and Bex's MUM mostly. (*waves*  "Hi Denise").  And of course photos of all our grandkids are nice to share with friends and family. 

ABOVE: the dogs need grooming, and I don't know what to do.  Every time we take them to the groomers they come home and immediately start itching.
We are now fairly sure they get bitten by fleas while there, and that sets them off.

So... I'm going to try and groom them myself.

Pray for the dogs... they will need it!

Today I go to the Hospice Shop after lunch, so I hope to get most of the washing up to date this morning.

I didn't get it all done yesterday due to .... taking a cat nap!
I don't quite know why I'm so tired at the moment?  Oh well... I'm sure it will pass.

I finally opened my next sewing project.  It was a 'Kit' from Grandmother's Garden in Gordonton.  From the picture on the front it looked exciting.
But after spending at least an hour and a half last night sorting it out, checking out the fabrics supplied... I felt really let down.

ABOVE:  At least 70% of the fabrics are NOTHING like the picture.  Sure, it says some of the fabrics may differ a little from the picture... but hell!  Some differ so much I couldn't even work out what each piece was meant for.
Even the large piece for the sky (that blue fabric on the left) is not nice.  It's not bright and vibrant like the picture.  Sad.

So, I'm going to use my own fabrics.  I have heaps of really gorgeous, vibrant bits and pieces.  
AND I will take the kit back to the shop and ask them to go through the kit with me, so I can see just what fabric is meant for what part?

I feel like we paid $75 for two pieces of paper (the pattern)!

Someone asked me what a lightbox was for?

ABOVE: The box is made of wood, it has glass on the top, and a lightbulb inside the 'box'.  You turn it on, you lay your pattern on the top of the glass and then your fabric, paper or vliesofix on top of the pattern and trace the pattern onto the fabric, paper or vliesofix.  It sure is better than trying to hold the pattern up against a window!

I got my lightbox for the ridiculous price of $40 second hand!  New they are (for one half the size) about $99.  SCORE.

ONWARD FOR LIFE is going well... I had a bit of a slip up yesterday, but that's the beauty of my plan... it isn't about deprivation or recriminations.  It's about moderation, and accepting that slip ups do happen.
Works for me,  most of the time *smiles*.

I'm still on track to achieve my 'happy place' by Christmas.  It's rather exciting!


So... we went to the mall... had a look around, fed babies and then came home.
Bex is cooking dinner tonight... I got some really nice looking sausages from Countdown.  Fingers crossed Bex makes mashed spuds!  

And peas.  

And gravy.

Cos ya can't have mashed spuds 'n' peas without gravy!

Off to Hospice shortly...

And ... I'm home again.
It was pretty quiet in the shop this afternoon, but we still had some good sales.  
It's been raining all day, and this afternoon it got really heavy.

RIGHT:  treasure today:

 ABOVE: A cute little hand painted fabric block... which Bex loves!  She has now decided she wants to do some fabric painting herself.

 ABOVE:  Three cute little nip glasses.  I don't actually NEED any more glasses, but they are so cute I couldn't resist.

ABOVE: Two bags for Lacy.  The denim one is rather apt for her!  She loves them.  So that's nice.

Before work I popped into Spotlight to try and find some 'flesh' coloured fabric for my wall hanging... they didn't have any so I drove down to the Bernina Shop off Cavendish Drive and found a few lovely bits of fabric:

ABOVE: the owner of the shop was having a sale, so I picked up 6 X's half metre lengths.  For 25% off.  I love sales.

I also bought some old magazines home from the shop, and the girls had a bit of a scrap over them!  I have photos of THAT too... for tomorrow I think.

End of Day: well apart from it being very wet... not a bad day.  
nite nite


  1. Dante is just too cute. I never tire of photos of your Grandkids.

    Is there a mobile grooming service where they come to you? That might minimise the possibility of fleas. Ask them if they clean their equipment after each "client".

  2. Of course you post lots of pics of Dante, he is a large part of what you do everyday.
    Good luck if you decide to groom the dogs yourself. It is a big job but will be worth it if it keeps them from getting itchy.

  3. Hi, just a thought re Dante some babies prefer sipper cups to bottles would he take milk from that while Bex is at work?

  4. I'm with you...smashed spuds, peas and gravy...yum yum yum !!

    All the best with grooming the dogs, you've done it before, I am sure you will do fine :-)

  5. About the feeding - my daughter would not ever take a bottle. I tried to wean her at 6 months and no way, no how would she take a bottle. I ended up going cold turkey on my boobs - I spoon fed her and cup fed her for a couple of days and then she decided she'd take a bottle! Sounds like Dante is the same.

  6. Dante is so delightful I could never get sick of Dante photos or any baby photos from your family they are all so gorgeous. Ohhhhh hopefully you get more sewing done so the project chugs along keep the updates coming!

  7. Anonymous2:31 PM

    I know you have to watch those patterns. My cousin bought a pattern for a small wall quilt, that had nine nine-patches with only a slight variation in each 9-patch and she had to pay for each separately and it ended up costing her $200 just for that pattern~ Terrible. No fabric included either~ ♥ You can never have too many baby pictures because they grow so fast~

  8. Ohhhh good luck with the pups! Post pics when you're done!

    Dante is so beautiful!! :)

  9. Love the Dante photos! I agree with Monika that perhaps Dante would take the milk (either expressed or formula or a mixture of the two of them) from a sipper cup rather than the bottle...
    Yum Yum to sausages for dinner - fingers crossed you get the mashed spuds, peas and gravy too! :)
    Hope you have enjoyed your afternoon at the hospice shop :)

  10. I love seeing photos of your family - always good to see !
    Wow - that is a bit of a rif off - I hate it when something like that happens. Good luck with your project anyway.
    Have the best day !

  11. I can see both Bex and Steve in Dante. It's funny how they seem more like one parent with their different expressions. Regardless they're just their own little adorable selves.

  12. Love all the baby photos too! Just a thought, do you have groomers that come to your home? In Australia there are heaps of mobile dog wash vans, that could be an option to take. Happy sewing and cheers.

  13. I love all of your baby photo's...can never have too many.......I LOVE THE BEACH BABES!!!! And...the cloth painting...soooo AWESOME!!!


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