Sunday, June 16, 2013


I was pondering on 'stuff' yesterday.
Stuff that made me sad.  And grumpy.

Then ... much later in the day I was doing a little sewing and I had one of those...  "THE PENNY DROPS" moments.

I have come to the realisation that apples do not fall that far from the genetic tree.  


Sewing yesterday, I finished this little mug rug:

ABOVE:  I think the little 'pocket' will be handy for a tissue/serviette.  Steve thinks it would be  handy for beer bottle caps.  MEN!

I'm now trying to think of something else I could make that would incorporate a pocket, maybe a placemat?

Kelly and Rena are visiting, and I took a few photos yesterday:

 ABOVE:  Kelly straightened Bex's hair, then mine.  
 ABOVE:  Rena in the 'naughty corner' ... put there by Lacy,  for running in the house.

 ABOVE:  Miss Keera getting into mischief... she's on the move and we have to watch her all the time now.

 ABOVE: Oh Dear, Dante didn't know his Aunty Kelly!  That look screams: "Help me Mum!".  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Kelly looking decidedly puffy.  She had her eyelashes tinted and had a bad reaction to the creme.  Bugger!

Today:  hmmmm.... it's supposed to be a wet, wet day.  So maybe we will go out to a mall?  Not sure yet. 
Have to wait for Lacy to come back and pick up her baby first!


WOW!  I was up at 6am to give Keera a bottle, then I popped her back in her cot and... she slept until 9.30!  So, we got a proper sleep in.

I looked in the mirror this morning and I can ALMOST see my collarbones!  AND I got into a winter dress, and it fell like a dress instead of a tunic.
It is long!  So... today I am feeling much happier with myself.

I know there will be moments that I still feel sad/angry about certain situations, but on a whole... my FAMILY & FRIENDS ROCK.

NICOLE:  Now that's a good idea!

Well... the foul weather has finally hit.  Wild wind and rain... perfect Sunday weather to stay indoors and enjoy doing nothing.

 ABOVE: everyone is happier today.

 ABOVE: Steve and Bex keep trying to get Dante to accept formula.  So far, nothing has worked.
Once he does take formula, Bex wants to get a part time job.  But, Dante has other ideas!

ABOVE:  4 more mug rugs finished.  I'm probably going to make some with the pockets now.

CLEO:  thanks for the advice.  I don't know how to transition an infant to a bottle ... having breast fed all mine except Kelly, who went on a bottle at 3 weeks out of necessity, and she didn't have any problem taking to the bottle.
Brylee and Griffin were bottle fed from the word 'Go' ... so again, no problem.

All and any advice is gratefully accepted.

I had a cat nap this afternoon, but it was hard due to all the wind and rain pounding on the roof.

End of Day:  I look forward to the day I don't have to do school homework for a kid!
A better day today.   Thank god for PEPSI.
nite nite



  1. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Poor Kelly...I HATE reactions to things~ Not fun~

    Love the mug rug pocket~ I have made a few pockets on quilts, and yes, a place mat is a great idea. You can also put a pocket on the back of something and add a cloth note to it for a little surprise~

    Little Dante knows who he trusts! I'm sure he eventaully calmed down~ ♥♥♥

  2. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Kelly's eyes are so pretty! Maybe you could make a channel changer holder over the arm of the couch. I'm forever losing those little buggers.

  3. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Hot water boyyle covers are in at the moment esp mini ones
    Mary H

  4. Poor Kelly, hope she is not in too much discomfort.

    Glad you are feeling happier today.

  5. Wow that's a big sleep in for Keera, glad you got that lie in. Today is a better day - collar bones whoppee. Enjoy the wild wet weather.

  6. How about one that rolls up, maybe, and ties, with a pocket for napkin, small placemat, utensils in it? My kids have to take all of those things to school every damn day for lunch, and having nothing to put it all in is driving me to the loony bin. Not a long journey, admittedly, but even so...

  7. Gosh Rena not happy DANTE clearly not happy and Kelly well her face thats not a happy look poor thing Kelly, and I do hope the rain isn't driving ya'll batty!!!

  8. So want to get into making some mug rugs they look awesome

  9. A help for Bex - medela do a bottle that mums swear by! It's expensive, but the teat is so like a nipple.
    Otherwise mixing formula and breastmilk and slowly increasing formula worked for us.

    Although with all the mothers and yourself I'm sure your overrun in advice!!

  10. Can Bex express? If she can, she may be able express enough for one bottle a day. Once he's used to that you may be able to substitute formula once a day for a few days, then twice, etc until he's weened.

  11. Well here is MTCW MR S didnt stop breastfeeding until he stopped teething I couldnt get a bottle near him NOT on your nelly HE cut his first tooth at 4 months by 8 months he had 4 teeth and so on it went he took his first bottle comfortably and quietly and confidantly at nearly 2 years!!!! yes I had to breastfeed until he was 2 yrs old Lactose intolerant and would not buy into the goats milk soy milk or any other but MUMS milk!!!! and no other formulas either.

  12. I go with froggy, try bottle with breastmilk then mix, then full formula.
    Can try when bubs is hungry, but also try taking off nipple and onto bottle to "trick" him as such.
    Some babies just refuse tho and need a cup instead of plastic teats.
    Feel free to e-mail me if Bex wants - had to do it twice. Currently mix feeding our 3 month old :)

  13. Anonymous8:22 AM

    I got really sick when my son was 8 mths old so he had to go on the bottle because of the medication I was on. he flat out refused to take it. he would drink out of a sippy cup to begin with and then once he got used to the taste of formula and he took to drinking from a bottle. good luck. Bee


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