Saturday, June 15, 2013


 ABOVE:  Why this little man of course!  He ♥♥♥ LOVES his fruit in this gadget.  You put the peeled fruit inside the mesh bag and the baby just chews and sucks on it and gets all the fruit juice without choking on the lumps!  Ingenious... but not original.

WE used to use a piece of muslin with fruit inside YEARS ago.  *sigh*  Now I feel old.

I'm just about over making mug rugs for the time being, but I did start on one last night... with a slightly different twist. 

ABOVE:  there is going to be a 'pocket' on the left side where you can put a paper napkin.  Just something different.  The bird isn't finished yet, the eyes need to have the eyeballs added.  It's strange how the birds and animals lack character until you add the eyes.

So... today?

Not sure.  I'm thinking it will be a stay at home day as the weather is supposed to be rotten wet.
Yaaa.  I love stay at home days.  I can sew!
God I'm boring.

But productive.   It's all good.


I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  So I went back to bed until 10.30!

It didn't help.
I'm crabby. 
I'm still fat.
And I hate myself.

It's days like this that I just want to chuck in the towel and bury my head in chocolate.

Hormones?  Probably.  The hot flushes are back AGAIN... and they do my head in.  I've been getting them hourly for the past couple of weeks, and if I get annoyed or upset, I get a 'bonus' one.

 I don't even want to blog anymore.  I mean, why do I even blog?  So many of my blog 'friends' have stopped blogging in favour of Facebook.  And I never hear from them again.

That kinda hurts.  Internet friendships come and go, and I find that sad.

I'm gunna go now before I get crabbier and delete this miserable blog.

My house is full with people.  People who I love, and who love me.

Yet I'm still feeling BLAH. 
Kelly just dried my hair and straightened it, which was nice.

Stew had to go to work to sort out some computer issues, and I was soooo tempted to ask him to bring home chocolate, or jelly beans... but I didn't.

I don't want to blow it ... I know that will only make me feel even worse.

I have to accept that this is just a crappy day, and no doubt tomorrow will be better eh?

So, for now I will just try to fake it.  I think a few upsetting recent incidences have just caught up with me and made me feel down today.

I will try and snap out of it, and THANK YOU girls for the kind words.

Stew is doing dinner tonight, we are having cold meatloaf, hot mashed potatoes and coleslaw.  I am not having the coleslaw, I'm having hot peas.  I can't imagine having hot mashed spuds and no peas!

End of Day:  well the clouds are still swirling, hope tomorrow is a good day.   
nite nite


  1. Hope your day improves... a lot of bloggers have just changed and moved on. Totally different to why you visited or wrote in the first place and Facebook is good but not as personal.

    I'm sure you're just having a low day (as are a lot of people!) so here's hoping you just have a happy, family filled weekend and forget the blog for a weekend. When you come back you'll be refreshed.


  2. *hugs* Chris! Sorry to hear that the flushes are back again and making you feel so down! Don't eat the chocolate my friend! You are doing so, so, so well with your onward for life plan! Hey, I have lost 35 kilos and still think I am fat too! And that's cause majority of my weight is around the middle! But like you, I know it is getting smaller (albiet slowly) as we are able to fit new clothes or clothes that we haven't worn for sometime.
    I know I don't use my blog very often but then hardly anyone reads mine as it is no where near as exciting as yours! :) Vent away in your blog - that is what is here for! You can say anything you like my friend and we are all here for you!
    Yes internet friendships do come and go but some of us do form true friendships and will be here for one another all of the time no matter what!
    Chin up my friend! You are such an amazing woman, wife, mother and grandmother with so many people who love you dearly!!!
    *hugs* again and I do hope your day gets better xx

  3. Oh u do have your cranky pants on today lol
    Hope your day gets better...

  4. Oh Chris - HUGS!!!! - I hate those days - I have had a few lately and that is why I haven't been posting - oh and work has banned us from the internet!
    Thinking of you

  5. Why blog?
    I would miss you if you didn't :(

  6. Soldier on, Chook! Hormone attacks will pass. Wear less so you don't over heat ;)

    Now, do me a favour - puff your chest out, remind yourself you can and will do this, then sod off and go find something (or someone) to entertain yourself with.

    ......this too, will pass.

  7. Don't delete the blog. You have fans that you don't even know about. Don't worry about being fat. I am fat too. My friends are skinny. I used to care. Big whoop. So our bodies are different. At least they are complete and functional!

  8. Dont delete! I love your blog. I hope your day gets better! I am crabby too today,but I think mine is it is so friggin hot in TX! UGH!
    Big Hugs!

  9. Chris,You are having a bad day, tomorrow will be better. take care xxxxx

  10. Pull ya head in Chris! We all have shit days, looks like you are having one of them today, just like me!
    I had the baby 6 weeks ago and I'm still in my maternity clothes for Gods sake! Majorly depressing, but I am the only one that can do anything about it.
    You are going great guns - keep at it and you will reap the rewards - you know that!
    As for internet friendships - they are just like real life ones - they can fade just the same...
    Chin up - tomorrow will be better :)

  11. Hope your day gets better :)
    I don't blog no one ever read it lol
    But love reading your, especially keeping up with the fab crafts you are doing...going to have a go at the mug rugs very soon...just trying to find a pattern that I can follow :)

  12. cheer up mate. you've done so well. don't let one bad day get you down. go do something you love - you sewing. you are amazing and talented.

  13. Facebook sucks. No one talks they just post crap! Go back to bed again my friend. I'm still here and I luv you and your blog and YOU ARE NOT FAT ! You've lost so much, you are an inspiration.

  14. Don't you dare delete this blog!! How would I know what my "pretend" family is doing?? Sending you love from America - Hugs...

  15. Hugs Chris, sorry you're feeling so crabby today, how bout I send you some crackers instead eh?

    Love that pic of Dante, I'd never seen that before with the fruit, how cute and a fantastic idea

    C'mon cheer up, hug a kid :) or two, or three hehe

    Or go pick on someone instead but not me of course duh lol


  16. Aww ... don't stop blogging Chris ... we loves you - hormones and all! :) I hope the day has improved as it's gone on. Maybe time to find something again that settles those hot flushes of yours if they are hitting you so hard. And ... on those downer moments, remember how well you've done over the past few months with your "onward for life plan". You don't want to go undoing all that wonderful work, do you? *Big hugs*

  17. Noooo we love your blog!! Believe me your blog helps a lot of people, it always makes me good. I love love love reading about you and your family.. I especially love the pictures of your grand babies. You really are doing so well with your health and weight loss, your just having an off day, Please don't stop blogging. Xxx

  18. Grab a diet coke and hop in the spa for hslf an hour with strict instructions for everyone to just leave you alone.

  19. ohhh don't stop blogging... Im still here with my blog!!! I love seeing the arty crafty stuff you sew.

  20. Sorry to hear you are having a crap day Chris. Its ok to fell fat and crabby sometimes. We all have shitty days mate, just know you have people here that are thinking of you.

    Chin up and tits out, ah! Its not too long till bed, tomorrow will be better :-)

  21. I yiyi, hope your day improves and you feel better. Personally, I blame my hot flashes for A LOT of things including being crabby-- Being hot all the time is absolutely miserable and makes it very hard to feel good about myself. I'm a fan of a hormone patch and found them to be a huge help but not 100% (but I'll take the improvement any day than not having it.)

    I really hope you don't delete your blog. I'd miss you. And you have so many great family photos and stories that it would be a shame to lose it all.

    Hang in there and stay cool. xo jj

  22. Don't worry Chris. We all have days like that. Tomorrow is another day. xx

  23. Chin up are one of the strongest people I know !! Keep plodding along...

  24. How could you possibly be crabby today WHEN you open up your blog and that GORGEOUS child stares back at you!!! gather your children and grandchildren kiss them hug them and feel the love!!!! Oh and then gather up and kiss and hug STEW!!!

  25. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Hey Chris,
    Sorry you are having a shite day but please don't stop blogging! I check in with you guys at least 3-5times a day but I don't think I have ever commented......I'm just not good at that sort of thing! You are also very inspiring with your onward for life plan, you are doing such a great job.
    Paula (Wellington)

  26. Yep we all have crap days and sometimes more than one lol. The secret is to pick yourself up and dust yourself down, look yourself in the eye in the mirror and say I am me and I am an asset to this world in more ways than one :) Loving ourselves is one one the hardest things to do but once achieved everything else falls into place.
    I haven't blogged for ages as I got busy and it took all my energy to just keep going without feeling I then had to be on computer. I plan on doing weekly updates from now on just to keep a record of life in general. Shucks I can't remember half of what I've been up to since my last post. ROFL.......well I would if I could get back up again!!!!
    Take care, Big hugs xx

  27. Please don't go . I had to join facebook to use Pinterest but I
    write on it

  28. Anonymous9:15 AM

    I'm here so DO NOT STOP BLOGGING!

    Talk about feeling fat! I've been on a VERY STRICT diet for 4 weeks and 2 days, and have lost 3 pounds~ ARGGHHHHH I've never had this much trouble in my life!

    Sometimes staying in bed is the best thing to get over the crabby mood. Extra rest and QUIET! ♥♥♥

  29. Hi Chris - I have been unwell and confined to the couch. To keep me entertained I went back to the very beginning of your blog and started to read from the start. WOW! You should be incredibly proud of everything you have achieved. I cried reading about your own personal family tragedies. You should seriously think about writing a book. You have a real knac with words. How cute werer all your kids? I laughed at poor Stew wrangling with a drunk Mike in the middle of the night! We've all been there. One of the highlights so far was the photo of you Treasure Chest full of teeth (March 19th 2007)! I can't wait to read more. Thank you for cheering me up. Karen xo

  30. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Hope your day got better Chris & it looks like you ended up having a good weekend with the family. We all have bad days & they can be right shitty ones; but you know tomorrow is a new day & well done for not giving in to the chocolate/jelly beans. I can't imaging mash without gravy LOL!!!


    PS hot the hot flushes bugger off....


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