Friday, June 21, 2013


Last night we got a visit from Bex's eldest brother Josh.
He and his friend had flown up from Invercargill to collect Josh's wife's new car.  It is a Chrysler Stationwagon... and it has all the bells and whistles!
Amazing car, I got to sit in it.  OMG it's my dream car.

 ABOVE:  ***DROOL*** Crap photo, it was raining and dark.  This car has been pimped out to the max too!  It has some sort of air bag system that makes the car tilt up and down and side to side!  So cool.

ABOVE:  BYE BYE dream car!  I hope they get home safely, they have to travel for almost 24 hours to get home, on some of the worst roads in the middle of winter.  It's snowing in lots of areas now too.

I got Josh to hold Dante for the obligatory photo.  

 ABOVE: first eyeball to eyeball... Dante immediately sussed his uncle out with the stare...

 ABOVE:  then he kinda did the "I ain't gunna look at you again!"...  before starting to bawl!  I mean... it only took about 15 seconds!

 ABOVE:  full scream mode.  Josh wasn't fazed at all... he's got a couple of kids himself.

 ABOVE:  wonder how long it will be before Dante outgrows this?  *smiles*  I'm thinking about a year!
Oh and the wet patch?  Dribble... lots and lots of  dribble.  

Oh... just have to say this:  Josh had just picked up that bloody expensive car, and what did he do? 
He only came inside for over an hour and left the KEYS in the BLOODY EXPENSIVE CAR!!!
In South Auckland no less ! ! !
Mad man.  *shaking head*

So anyway, it was really lovely to catch up with Josh, and also meet his mate Erwin too.
Nice Invercargill guys.  

ABOVE:  a cute photo of Dante and Griffin.

ABOVE:  Bex and her darling wee man.

Today?  Not sure.  I might actually do some sewing... if I can get the gas heater to go down in my garage.
It's just a little COLD down there now... and no amount of hot flushes will change that!


FRIDAYS from now on are going to be like this:
- kids to school
- do 1 hour of housework
- do I hour of blog reading/commenting
- do 1 hour of housework

and so on.  So far today I have done 1 hr of housework and 1 hr of blogging.  Now I am about to start the next hr of housework.
OMG they are filthy!

Off to do them all right now... there's only 24 in the house from memory.


"Please don't kill me !".....

Then proceed to tell me that you washed one of my dresses with a baby's flannelet sheet, and now the dress is COVERED in fluff!!!

So, I didn't kill her.   I just said that's fine, YOU can now get all the fluff off it!

She was pissing herself thinking I would be angry at her, because just YESTERDAY I pointed out how she was ruining some of Dante's jumpers by washing them with TOWELS.  

Oh well... I reckon she has learnt THAT particular lesson now.  *BIG SMILES*

First time in quite a few days I've felt happy!
I got so much housework done today, and the washing is up to date despite the weather being nuts.
AND... I got the first girl cut out and fused onto the background fabric this afternoon too:

ABOVE:  GIRL A.  I can already see that the actual stitching is going to take me a very long time!
But, I will be happy cos I will be doing something I love.

End of Day:  well... I got the other three ladies on the backing fabric, and now I want to add a dog, Steve say's add a crab, and a couple of sea gulls.
So we will see.
But for now, I'm tired and am going to sit and watch the telly with the family.
nite nite


  1. Nice! And the car isn't bad either! ;)

    Keep warm and have a super day.


  2. lovely car and love the pic of the baby realizing someone new was holding him. My great nephew looks at me funny every time he sees me since I only see him about once a month. He'll look, frown, look's so funny.

  3. Nice car! Sorry about the weather there.

    eeritsgft attempts
    tlempenl owners

  4. Long time no visit so I had lots to catch up on, I love the fabric painting Bex is doing, she is REALLY clever :) I also love your coffee cup/ napkin holders they are awesome. Wow to that car, might stand out a bit much in Dannevegas though ;) Dante is growing up fast, so cute and check that little tooth out. Love the blue glass vase, I am a sucker for red glass but that really is very cool.

  5. Thank goodness we had flights out of Chch yesterday.

    Like your blog/housework plan. I've got a cardigan to knit so that will keep my hands out of mischief for a while.


  6. Kids are so cute. Cars is bad either. Keep warm.

  7. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Haha Bex you silly tart lmfao.... love ya L & K xo

  8. great pics as always Chris.

    Good luck de-fluffing Bex!!!!

  9. One of the mums here has a cream Chrysler station wagon they have had it about a year the kids at school drool over it too!!! Boy I hope they get home safe wherever it is they are heading!!! Beach babe no 1 is looking very cool.

  10. Well.. today I cleaned the lounge and ironed shirts. This required a LOT of wine.

    Go Friday!

    (housework damages my soul, I tell ya. It kills me inside)

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE your craft project...that woman is too cute!!!!! But......NOT AS CUTE AS THAT SWEET BABY!!!!! He is ADORABLE!!!!!! I was also reading some of your other blog.....don't quit blogging.....I would be sad even though I am the lousiest blogging friend.....but I have been are AMAZING for all you have going on in your are such a loving Mother and Grandmother and one of the most talented women I know!!!!! That car looked SWEEEEEET!!!!

  12. I LOVE that you are feeling happy again - long may it last. Nothing feels as good as being happy.
    That craft project is amazing - what a clever lady you are.
    Have the best weekend !
    Love, hugs and positive energy !

  13. Great pictures, nice car. Keep warm and have a lovely weekend.


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