Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Let's start with the idiots!

Lacy and Bex yesterday afternoon...

 ABOVE: You are never too old for a play fight!  And yes, we nearly had a boob flash!

 ABOVE:  AND a butt flash too!  See Teddy?  He wasn't too sure about these idiot girls rolling around on the floor...

 ABOVE:  Teddy slinking away from them!

 ABOVE:  they really are nuts! 

ABOVE:  phew... they finally stopped!  Teddy was relieved.

Now, let's have a few of me and Keera:

ABOVE: Keera and her Grandma, who thinks Miss Keera is one of the most gorgeous wee girls ever.  AND... so many people have asked us what colour are her eyes???
I've decided they are a kind of EMERALD.  Our Miss Emerald Eyes.    

ABOVE:  sharing Grandma's necklace.  Keera just loves bling!  She's a real girly girl.

 ABOVE:  ha ha, can ya tell I was kinda forcing her to give me a kiss?  *smiles*  All she really wanted was my necklace.

ABOVE:  yep, I've got a silly face, I know!
Keera loves me ... until I said "Cry"... and she did!  Whoops!

ABOVE: it's easy to make her happy again though.

 ABOVE:  I couldn't resist posting this photo!  He had been sucking mandarin juice... and loved it!


ABOVE:  he loves soft toys, he was about to shove my pink dragon in his gob.

ABOVE:  No idea what was going on here.  Cute photo though.

So... today.
Hmmmm.... I think Bex wants to go to Spotlight.  And I don't need my arm twisted to oblige her.  So, we will go to Sylvia Park today as the Spotlight there has more fat quarters than Manukau.  

Bex is interested in looking at fabric paint... *sigh*.   I hope I don't get that particular 'bug'. I've got enough craft-type ideas without adding more.


Home from Sylvia Park.  We got a little fabric and Bex found what she needed to paint on fabric, a medium to apply after the paint.
So, she's keen as mustard to get started on that.

She is going to do fabric painting in the spare bedroom so she doesn't get paint on anything else.

Right now... we are going to watch yesterday's Home and Away, then get busy with our projects.
I'm itching to start the Beach Babes wall hanging now that I've ascertained I need to use my own fabrics.

I think it's going to be a lot of tracing, cutting out and ironing!

But that's OK, cos one hates being bored!  

This afternoon I've spent quite some time choosing fabrics for the first girl on the 'Beach Babes' wallhanging.  

End of Day:  another early sign off, because as soon as I have dished up dinner for the family I'm going downstairs to make a proper start on my 'Beach Babes' project.   
nite nite


  1. Luv all the photos fun times
    Have a great day

  2. Hey Chris - have a look at your first photo on June 6 2007. The photo of you really looks like Bex with Dante! I am just loving these early posts and photos :) xo

  3. What great photos - love how much fun it looks like they are having !
    Have the best day !
    PS - fabric painting can be addictive !!! Be warned !

  4. Those girls are silly alright and Keeras smile is gorgeous as! The photo of Dante and the soft toy heading for gob is really cute that's a keeper. Happy shopping.

  5. Your photos show your household is full of fun and much love. I hope you enjoy your latest project!

  6. You had me splitting my gut with your two girls! Your grandchild is also very cute! Looks like you had a day filled with a lot of fun and laughter.


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