Thursday, June 27, 2013

HIGH'S ....... AND LOW'S

I have found the last few days turbulent.

Steve got a new job... SO HAPPY.

Mike (our Palmerston North domiciled son) got a new job too.  He can finally start saving some money and getting some work under his belt... in readiness for his chosen profession... he wants to be a Police Officer.  It is roughly a two year plan to get there.

Unless he changes his mind.  He's fairly good at procrastination is our Mike!

Don't take offense Mike, ya know it's the truth.  *smiles*

The lows:  I'm struggling with 'emotional' eating at the moment.  Got good reasons too.

Stuff going on in the 'background' that is really troubling.  
Hopefully there will be some sort of resolution (for us anyway) by tonight... we will see I suppose.

Can't say more.

It's Thursday right?  Sheesh, this week is going fast.  I've got Hospice this afternoon.
This morning I am going to do some sewing, and housework.
Can't forget the bloody housework.  Dust never sleeps.

I hope Dante is a bit more settled today too.  I think he's a little 'home body'... and he likes his routine.  Stuff that up and he packs a hissy fit.
*BOYS* !

Griffin was exactly the same.  But now he's learnt to cope with change.  He's HAD to!  This sometimes feels like a mad house.

My brain feels like that sometimes too.  Just too much buzzing between the neurons.  Hard to switch one's brain off sadly.

Time to pull up me big girl panties and start the day.


Well so far, it's been a busy morning.

I took Coco over to Lacy's, she is going to de-knot her (she's got a few and won't let me near her to do it), then I picked up Dante's medicine from the chemist. Then I ran into my Aunt Ethel in the carpark, so we had a quick natter.  

Then I went and got some Frontline from the Vet, the dogs have started scratching again and while I can't see any evidence of fleas, I'm covering all the bases.

Once home, I hung out a load of towels and linen, hopefully it doesn't rain.
Next up... warm up in time to go to Hospice Shop.  I'm a bit cold!
Not used to feeling cold... while it's a novelty I will enjoy it!  *smiles*

Hospice today!  I found treasure...

 ABOVE:  all the dishes and cups are made from tin... and I am going to use them in our picnic basket!  I was so happy when I saw them... they wouldn't have lasted on the shelves for long, so I was there at the right time.

ABOVE: these two plastic CD holders may be perfect for holding little scraps of fabric.  Well... I hope they are.  Too good to leave in the shop that's for sure.  I love finding treasure.

End of Day:  well... I love finding treasure, so it's been an OK day in some parts.  In others, not so much.
nite nite


  1. Chris, you're doing so great. It's a minor setback. I'm rooting for you! I hope you are back on track soon. ((hugs))

  2. Don't drive yourself silly with the guilt of emotional eating. Put the whole food thing on the backburner until you get through all this. It'll only be a day and you can't do too much damage in a day!

    Hang in there. Thinking of you and hope all goes well later.



  3. Hang in there Chris and I do hope everything is ok. *hugs* to you xx

  4. I hope you have a positive resolution to all that is going on in the background. I hope you can push through the emotional eating and be back on track soon, but don't be too hard on yourself.

  5. Next fine sunny day take a load off a chair somewhere a book blanket and read and rest OR people watch and just absorb keep busy today and try not to worry too much.

  6. I really hope things get back on track for you tonight. my best wishes for a quick resolution.

  7. Hey Hun hope u ok. I was thinking of u today I was in our spotlight although not looking at material or even "fat quarter" I still thought of u and Bex. Xxx

  8. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Hay Ma am always more than happy to give a hand with the puppies, glad i could help and hope things get better...We love you all Xo

  9. I like your posts, no matter what kind of day I'm having, your posts mellow me out.

    halfyhe thing

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