Sunday, June 09, 2013


Our eldest son, Russell, is 30 today!   That means we now have 4 kids in their 30's!  WOW.
I hope ya have a really good day Russell. ♥

I stayed up quite late last night ... I had started a mug rug that I really wanted to get finished.  It excited me because I really wanted to see how it would come out ...

ABOVE:  it doesn't look like much here does it?

ABOVE: ... but see it now!  (I still have to stitch the binding on the back).  I'm kinda cross now that I didn't do the entire thing in black cotton... so I'm going to make another one and see what a difference it will make.  I also want to add a few leaves or even a little flower, like the other ones I've made.

I want to thank everyone who has complimented me on how I am looking!  I can't thank you enough, it sure helps with the motivation.
I actually took a couple of photos of 'the bod' yesterday... and wasn't going to show them... but I think I shall:

ABOVE:  I was wearing jeans!  Not that they stayed on long... they keep sliding down and the crotch ends up half way to me knees!  But, I am starting to SEE an improvement all over.  
But the biggest 'problem area' is the chest.  I can't wait to buy new bras... but that is still a long way off.  
There hasn't been that much 'shrinkage' there yet.  Grrrrr.

I must learn to be more patient.

TODAY:  *sigh* bloody grocery shopping.

Stew is going to instal the doorguard at the top of the stairs, as he didn't get around to it last night.  RUGBY was on the telly. (rolling me eyes).

And Lacy 'n' Keera are coming over in the afternoon.


Grocery shopping was really PAINFUL today.  Had to re-stock up on quite a lot of stuff, so a rather BIG $$$ total.  *sigh*

But, home now and it's all away... and Stew is about to make us a chicken sandwich for lunch.
THEN Lacy and Keera can come over for dinner.

Tonight I am making a seafood/pasta salad.  It is going to be YUM!

End of Day:  well... a rather lovely evening spent in lovely company.  Jacqui, Marty and their two children came out for the afternoon/evening.
nite nite


  1. Love the mug rug! Gorgeous pattern indeed!!!
    Thanks for sharing the body shots! My boobs are the first things shrinking! LOL Well to be honest, I am not sure if the cup itself is shrinking or if its my back that is getting smaller. I get so confused with all that guff! LOL

    Have a great day.

  2. Lookin might fine girlfriend! ;)


  3. There is one hell of a difference there!! I can certainly see it because I saw you in person before your started this. You look entirely different now and it is wonderful. About the boobs... you can buy incredibly cheap bras now that will do for the meanwhile. Even it you get a decent one just for going out or something.

    Well done you :)

  4. I had no idea what the mug rug was but seeing the stitching it all falls into place very clever! Maybe a boob reduction after the weight loss journey? I like that top u had on I love stripes but stripes don't love me! RAINY wet miserable here a lazy day ahead.

  5. Looking mighty fine the comparison pics.

  6. I used to have that problem with my pants too. I always had to wear a belt and then it would flip over on me. So frustrating!

    The gate looks good, forgot to comment on that in the post where it was up :)


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