Saturday, June 08, 2013


And I hope it is a good day for our grandson Liam.  Hopefully he is still doing well after giving his family a big scare on Thursday.

There had been plans to travel down to Hamilton to visit and give him a cuddle, but ... not to be.  Not welcome ... 

So... moving on, cos there is nothing to be gained by dwelling on unpleasantness...

It is going to be a lovely day.  I have several mug rugs waiting to be stitched, and grocery shopping to be done.
And... well, we shall just go about our lives as per usual I suppose.

I bought a small bag of Jelly Beans yesterday.  I had planned on having them as my weekly 'treat'. So, after I had shared them out amongst all 6 of us, I didn't feel bad AT ALL in having my share.
It was evil... pure sugar... but life is for living and I'd not had a single Jelly Bean in MONTHS!
So... instead of bingeing I allocated myself a certain amount, I ate them... and I can now safely say I don't want any more (well not for a few more months anyway!).

Now that a certain little girl is crawling and pulling herself up ....

ABOVE:  clearly we need to lower the porta-cot's base or she is going to tip out of it!

ABOVE:  isn't she just gorgeous!  Such a little imp... she drives Lacy nuts some days... but she is so cute how could anyone not fall in love with her?  

OK... it's time to pull finger and make a start on the day...


Clearly... I forgot to do something yesterday.
So.. here goes:

First photos taken on the 5th of December.  And 6 months later... After changing my eating patterns for 120 days.  4 Months of doing things right.

I hardly recognise myself from 6 months ago! 

ABOVE: Whoops!  Grandma kissed me again!!!
Naughty Grandma.

This afternoon Stew, Brylee, Griffin and I went over to Botany to get some spacers so we can put the new stair guard up.  Keera is crawling now, so it's imperative we make the house safe for her, and Dante of course.
I had an ice cream.  I felt rather guilty, but hell... I can walk it off during the week for sure.

And ... life is for living... and I take Metformin to help counter-act the once in a while evilness eh.

While we were out, Bex and Dante went for a long walk down to the Botanic Gardens... where they ran into Deb, the midwife who delivered Keera and Dante.  That would have been lovely, wish I'd been with her now.  
Oh well... I'm sure this family is not finished with Deb's midwifery services yet.  *smiles*

End of Day:  a nice day... and now I'm off to do some sewing in me garage... OK... it's me bedroom/gym/sewing room all rolled into one.
I like it!
nite nite


  1. Sorry to hear about Liam. Also sorry the games appear to have started again. Keep busy & enjoy your day with the kids & grandkids you can spend time with.

  2. Haha she is so cute looks like she is full on fun we have our one on holiday 8 day.........roll on Sunday back home and a full nights

  3. I'd love to hear the baby talk with her baby New Zealand accent!
    I love love love jell beans!

    his hembamb

  4. Hey, hope everyone is doing well. Keera is just growing amazingly fast. You do a good job on hair btw!

  5. Keera is a wee button cheeky wee minx

  6. Keera is a cutie pie- gosh she is getting so big so fast! She looks like a little girl, not a baby!

  7. You look so good! I wish I had your willpower,I need to lose at least go girl!

  8. Wow Chris! Huge difference in your photos - well done on your healthy choices over recent months. :)

  9. Your Onward For Life Plan is really paying off!!! Keera is so cute it's not fair to other baby girls!

  10. Wow to your comparison photos!!!

  11. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Those babes are just so cute.
    Fantastic pics Chris You can stop using the wide lens now lol

  12. That at the healthy glow you have now! Before you looked sad and sick - now you look alive. Amazing difference and I can't wait to see the future changes in you.

  13. Anonymous7:29 PM


    Congratulations! you look really good !


  14. Keera looks so pretty in pink, I love the colour of her hair. Your skin looks lovely in your latest photo I love the colours on your top, enjoy sewing OH like that's a given..Hope the family didn't all pile down and jump/rearrange the bed STEVE! lol

  15. You look amazing Chris. Well are an inspiration.

  16. Anonymous11:27 PM

    What wonderful before and after pics. You are doing such a wonderful job. Keep up the good work, Chris!!

    Ky Girl

  17. Your weight loss is amazing! I've been lurking on your page for a few weeks and am so inspired I finally started thinking about what I was putting in my pie hole. (Ummm....pie...) I'm proud to say I lost 3 pounds! Believe me, you don't know what a miracle that is. Of course I have tons more to go, but at least this I a start.

    Thank you so much for being my inspiration and for sharing your beautiful family with internetland.

    Okay, I'm going back in the shadows now.

  18. Looking fabby! So healthy. Do hope you are proud of yourself for making such great choices.

    Before I forget...the chest of drawers in the background, behind Keera's portacrib...I swear I have it's twin in my front hall! Do you know anything about it?

  19. Anonymous5:35 AM

    Beyond amazing! You look absolutely gorgeous!! Good job and I will try to follow your lead.
    Nicole in Cali :)

  20. OMG! Out for the day and evening and I missed the photos!!! You are looking fabulous and so damn happy and healthy!!! Keep up the fantastic work!!! xx

  21. Sigh...jelly beans. I can't get near one because I have such a jelly bean addiction I'd eat the entire bag. Your weight loss is amazing! You look absolutely wonderful!

    And speaking of wonderful, I love the pictures of your grandbabies. You sure do grow em cute in NZ!

  22. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Well done on the loss & the photo's certainly show it!!!!!!

    Happy anniversary!!!

    Loving your mug rugs :0)

    sorry to hear about the family woes; but good on you for handling yourself. (((Hugs)))

  23. Ahh you look fantastic!! Keep up the hard work!

    That's what I love about my way of eating now too. Everything in moderation. I know if I tell myself I can never have it that will just make me want it even more.


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