Wednesday, September 14, 2011


After HIM saying I was NEVER EVER going to cut his hair (seems HE didn't trust me)... I finally was 'allowed' to last night!

I cut Steve's hair last week and it came out OK... so I think HE decided he would risk it.  lol

ABOVE:  yes ... I did leave some on his head!  But my god he needed a haircut!

 ABOVE:  see?   He looks fine to me... and he even said I did a good job!  Little does he know.  I used to cut all my other son's hair too... for YEARS.  It sure saves a lot of money over time if you can do it yourself.

I've been wanting to do Griffin's for ages, but he always said 'NO WAY'.  Maybe now he will concede that I do know what I'm doing.

TODAY:  Hospice in the morning... then home...
I think that's all!

*** PEPSI UPDATED *** PEPSI UPDATED *** PEPSI UPDATED ***  (edit:  readership is FULL on my private blog)

It is another windy, wet and cold day here... I'm freezing!  Boo hoo.  AND it is always cold down in the Hospice Shop... *sniff*    OOO that reminded me, better go get a hanky and spray me perfum on it so I can block out Mrs Stinky!


Hold on to your hats,  I have to vent.

History:  ever since I started working at the Hospice Shop, I have had to 'share' the front counter with Mrs Smelly Pants.  She has always stood on the right of the counter, where you get to serve the customers, while I have been to the left of the till where there is not enough space to serve customers, so I have almost ALWAYS ended up being Mrs Smelly Pants 'lackey', putting away her coathangers and having to do the menial jobs... it was really getting up my nose.

So, I talked to her two weeks ago about how it was making me feel... frustrated and tired of having to do most of the menial jobs... and how frustrating is was not being able to share the 'serving' job.   I suggested we share the jobs ... like,  she takes the right side of the counter for half the morning, then we switch and I have a turn too. 

She said fine, she didn't know that's how I felt and we could share the serving job.

At no time was I nasty, I just said how I FELT and could we do something about it? 

I thought that was that, we had an adult conversation and had settled it.


I got to work this morning only to be confronted by the boss... who told me Mrs Smelly Pants had been DEEPLY OFFENDED by our conversation, how I had hurt her feelings and how I HAD A NASTY ATTITUDE (according to Mrs Smelly Pants) !!!  And the Boss said if I  had a problem I should have gone to her first.

Ummmm, excuse me, but I HAD told her on many occassions how annoyed I was feeling!

So, Mrs Smelly Pants entered the room at that point,  so I asked her to explain HOW I had offended her, and just what had I done to be accused of having a 'NASTY ATTITUDE'?

Well, she went off at me... called me a nasty person, and said I had said SHE was frustrating bla bla bla.

I can only take so much, I left the shop in tears.
As I had left my handbag in the shop I had to go back in there.... so once my bottom lip had stopped wobbling I went back into the shop.

My Boss was in tears!  She took me out the back and we had another conversation... and at the end of the day I stayed there, working in the back room.  (I had planned on resigning).

About 2 hours into my shift I was over it... as I love being there I decided Mrs Smelly Pants was not going to make me leave... so I went up to her and said "Can we please just put this behind us and move forward"?

She said "Fine".... so hopefully that is the end of it.

BUT... I have to say it:  She is a fucking BITCH.


Oh one last thing... I deserve massive KUDOS for NOT saying anything about her OFFENSIVE SMELLY ARSE.   I shall keep that little bit of ammunition up my sleeve and use it one day... FOR SURE.

So, I've been stewing on this all afternoon (as ya do when something really upsets you) and I have decided I might just talk to the Boss about how Mrs Smelly Pants OFFENDS me every time she farts and does not even say PARDON ME... and how she also offends the customers in the shop when she does it.

Lets see if she does anything ...  I mean, she did nothing when I told her how FRUSTRATED I was working with Mrs Smelly Pants eh?

End of Day:  and apart for that big upset this morning, it's been a so-so day.  I have been EXCELLENT  with my food/tracking... just have to get through dinner and I'll be good.
nite nite.


  1. I do NOT know how you cannot say anything to farty pants!!!!

  2. Hi Chris. I read your blog everyday, but haven't said hello in awhile. The pups are absolutely the most adorable puppies EVER. So very sweet to see Coco watching over them. My lab had pups several years ago and it is touching, to say the least, how they are instinctively good mothers.

    I love the dark color of the lounge suite. I'm glad that worked out for you and you're not sitting naked on it!

  3. You do a fabulous haircutting job Chris!

  4. Samuel always grizzles when i cut his hair but too bad I say Im not paying $25 per haircut.

  5. That was a good rant. Hope you feel better now Chris. And on account of your hardship of the smells, you should at least get to do the right side of the counter half the morning!

  6. Chris, Did you have to stop yourself from saying how Nasty she was with her nasty smelly wind.

    Good for you for not resigning, but could you go to the Hospice another day. It seems a shame that your time there is spoilt by a selfish, mean spirited woman.

    I am glad you stood your ground.

  7. What a great haircut. I've tried to cut my kids hair but now they see me and run. I am really bad at it!

    What a drama for you to have to go through just to volunteer. I think it is meant to make you feel good, not worse! Maybe you can find another day free sometime. Less smelly as well. Sheesh.

  8. Anonymous2:55 PM

    OMG Bucking fitch!!! Was she really sick 2 wks ago or did you DEEPLY offend her. Always have a witness as not everyone can be an adult & move on. Stupid woman And I would have said something about her farts deeply offending me & left

    On a trying to be helpful note: Perhaps extend the counter or move the till could be the answer or just tell her to move her butt over now that would really close the shop down.
    Mary H

  9. Anonymous2:59 PM

    One of my pet hates people saying bullshit behind your back HATE IT. You got something to say front me not the boss Yeah Baby.
    Have a talk to the pups they will understand

  10. you have mad haircutting skills- how handy!

  11. Anonymous4:44 PM

    surely if you are all volunteers then the good and bad jobs should be shared. Good on you for sticking it out - the boss should be able to implement fairness in the jobs, Hope it is better next time you are working.


  12. Points for not saying anything. I was reading thinking OMG she's going to tell her off! But yes, kudos to you! The boss obviously doesn't want to offend either of you but wants you there too. Geesh - what a day!!


  13. Nice job on the haircut. And she does sound like a bitch. Glad I don't have to work with her.

  14. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Get it right Chris - she is a fucking smelly bitch! I would have mentioned her farting while she was going off at you. You never know, she might have got so upset and embarassed, she might have walked out and not come back! WOMBAT

  15. Oh Chris that is dreadful. You have told your boss about smelly pants smell haven't you... I think I read you did a while back.

    You could ask Mrs Smelly Pants if she has ever tried taking charcoal tablets for her gas - I think they help. She obviously eats something that her gut bacteria attack. For some people it can be too much protein and it can be some artificial sweetners. Some of the weightwatcher products are notorious for giving some people wind.

  16. I think you handled it very well!

  17. FFS mum, you need to take the bull by the god damn horns, pull up your boots and put the boss and Mrs Smelly Pants into the same room and tell them what is going on (farts) and the fact that it sounds like Mrs smelly pants has a prob with you given her answers are very short with you, that way you will have the bosses support and she will be able to see your attitude and Mrs Smelly Pants will have nothing to say other than state her embarrasment, and hopefully say sorry to you. And then maybe the boss can create a position for you that means you are not a lackey. You maybe a voluntar but you still need to have job satisfaction out of it!

  18. That woman is a nasty self important attention seeking cow. I am gobsmacked that she could be so 2 faced. Judging from the bosses reaction, this is not time first time smelly pants has caused stress.

    The fact that you managed not to say anything about her farting was very restrained, although I have to admit when it comes to confrontation I am a huge wuss, add stress & a bit of drama and my reaction us to burst into tears.

    If things don't improve I am sure there are other charity shops in your area that would appreciate you.

  19. Chris is it really worth the crap working there? I would have just walked out and not gone back. There has to be something better to do than take that crap from them.
    Hugs Khris

  20. Awesome hair cut Chris!

    Re Mrs Smelly - really feel for you on that one. She sounds like a nasty one. Is changing day an option?

  21. Mandy from Manchester, uk11:00 PM

    oh dear! What drama at the hospice!


    Just kidding, he looks fine!

    Ms Smelly Pants IS a bitch. Stick to your guns, breathe deep, stay calm.

  23. Sorry to hear you had such a rough time at your volunteer job. Hopefully you got is sorted out once and for all. Take care.

  24. OHhhh, so she does fart. Good grief! What a crazy lady!!!!

  25. Wow she sounds like quite the pain in the ass. Everyone was reprimanded where I work because someone went to the boss before the actual person about something. Funny how people think things should be handled differently.


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