Friday, September 16, 2011


I listed the four pups without a 'forever' home for sale yesterday.... now we wait and see how long it takes to sell them!
Fingers crossed it doesn't take too long... cos the longer they are here the harder it will be to part with them.  *sniff*

Andrew (son-in-law) is coming up today to see his sister... he's bringing Emily with him, so I get to see her for a couple of hours.

Andrew's sister lives in Wellington and is flying up with a friend to see the rugby game tomorrow night (Ireland Vs. Australia).  They are staying here with us, and we are going to the game with them.
Steve is going to babysit for us.  Yaaaa.  An outing without the kids. 

Today will be all about making my house SMELL nice!  Having 6 puppy's in the family room can cause just a few 'odours'... lol.  (my house smells like a kennel, let's get real!)

Oh and I better change the beds in Griffin's room so the two girls can use the room.
Griffin can sleep either on one of the couches or down in the garage on the spare bed.

If you want to check out my Puppy Listing on Tradme it's under:,  Pets & Animals - Dogs - Dogs - Bichons.  Mine is about the 12th one down, "Gorgeous Bichon/Shih Tzu Puppies".  If you do, let me know what you think of the Ad?


ABOVE:  Oh Crap!  I just remembered... I have a mammogram first thing this morning.  Oh joy.... don't ya just love being a GIRL?  *sigh*

BUSY!  Had the boob squish... all good there... raced home in time to be here when Andrew and Emily arrived.
AND... a lady to view one of the pups.. BRUISER is SOLD!  He is going to a lovely family with two small children over in west Auckland.  He's going to be the birthday present for their 5 year old son in early October.  I really like the lady so am feeling confident Bruiser is going to a lovely home.

Emily is asleep right now and Andrew has gone to pick up his sister and her friend from the airport.

Brylee and Griffin are due home soon too... so I better go...they are going to be VERY WET when they arrive home as it is pissing down!

EVERY time Andrew comes to our home, this is how he ends up:

 ABOVE:  clearly it's a hard life being father of a little bub!

ABOVE: yeah, you're cute I'm sure.

ABOVE:  our darling Emily.... who is now saying 'Dad, Dad, Dad' much to Amanda's disgust.
Typical.... all babies seem to say Dad first. 

End of Day:  our visitors helped me take lots of better photos of the pups for sale this afternoon.  I will put some of them on the blog tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. Hey Chris! Yay, you get a night out without kids! Hope ya have a great time at the game!

    I think your ad for the puppies is have plenty of photos and they are very nice ones, too. Good luck...I'm sure they will go fast!



  2. Oh that must have been hard to list them..... good luck with the mammogram... :-)

  3. I've just caught up with you last three posts and now I know what you mean by "Pepsi updated". I had seen it on your posts a number of times and didn't know what you meant! Now I do.

    The Trade Me listing looks good, much better than some of the others there. It must have been very hard to write and put it out there. I hope you get nice homes for them. Good luck.

    As for mrs Smellypants, what a saga! So she farts all the time and everybody knows but pretend not to notice and no-one says anything about it? You need a few customers coming in and complaining, then the boss will have to acknowledge it. I am assuming Mrs Smellypants doesn't admit to it or acknowledge it let alone apologise. And as well as emitting foul smells she is a bitch as well, what a nightmare.

  4. Ouch! Boob pancakes! ... not nice, but it has to be done!

  5. Darling, glad Bruiser is going to a good family - but I am so sad. But if you are happy that they are nice then I am happy. How are we going to deal with saying good bye Chris ! martine xx

  6. And how could anyone not resist those darling pups Andrew sure as heck looked relaxed Samuel and I are going to Wales v Samoa this Sunday we can't wait you should see our dress up gears......

  7. One down, three to go!

  8. No its all good, ive have been teaching her to say da da, so Andrew can have his daughter say da da to him.... ive already had two kids say muma first, its all good :-)


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