Wednesday, September 28, 2011


What am I talking about?

I have finally found 'THE' Weight Watcher Meeting for ME!

One where I actually LIKE the leader.
One where I LIKE the people in the group.
One where I feel welcome, and comfortable being there!


I arrived just before 7pm and found about a dozen men and women waiting for the doors to open for the meeting. Several of them said 'Hi, how are ya?'.... then once in the meeting room lots of them yakked with me, were so FRIENDLY and nice!

There was a large group of women (about 8),  who obviously knew each other really well, and sometimes you find 'groups' like that don't even bother to talk to a new person... but not them!
They literally dragged me into their conversations... it was so bloody nice.

After the meeting was over two of the men came over and shook my hand and welcomed me to their meeting!  HOW COOL IS THAT?

So that is it.  I have finally found the right meeting for me!  It may have taken 3 long years, but it was worth waiting for.  I'm thrilled to bits... and can't wait to go back next week.

To tell you the truth I felt like crying on the way home... I was that touched with how nice they all were.  YES... I'm a sooky la la.  I know.  :)

Did I mention I lost 100 grams this week?  Not much, but when you consider the huge loss last week it's to be expected.  I will do much better next week.

TODAY:  Hospice Shop duty.  I'm not looking forward to it to tell the truth.  I am going to see how I feel after today and then decide if it's worth continuing there or not.

AFTER Hospice I have Jackie from Rotorua coming to pick up Chico!  Chico will now be the first to leave 'home'... I hope I don't cry!

Now,  I can't have NO photo on here so I give you.......

PUPPY'S GARDENING:   (I might add, there is stuff all left in the pot now)

ABOVE:  See that Tulip?  Bolshy little bugger she is.  She may be the smallest but she has the BIGGEST attitude!    She rules.  End of story.

ABOVE:  Black (Bruiser) tried digging to China.  He tried REALLY hard too!  He wasn't that happy to be dragged out of his hole.

ABOVE:  Tulip getting ready to pounce on Rhino... she was stalking him!

ABOVE:  gorgeous little Bee Bee... licking her lips.  Isn't that wee tongue so cute!


Work today was very INTERESTING... but I'll talk about that tomorrow I think.

Today it is all about Chico!

ABOVE:  well... there she is... off to live with her new family.  David, Jackie, Chris and Stephanie.  Oh and they have an older dog named Biscuit, which is great as it might help Chico settle in quicker. 
I hope she has a lovely life with them... well in fact I'm sure she will.
The best thing is I will be able to watch her grow just by visiting Jackie's blog. 

Time to make some lunch for me... it's 2.30 and I'm starving.

Stew came home from work with these for me:

 ABOVE:  flowers for the 26th Anniversary of our first ever meeting!  That man remembers everything!  He moved in with me and my 4 little kids (from my first marriage) after only 10 days! What a man eh?  :)

Do you know what is so GOOD about Comment Moderation?  You can just refuse to publish comments from pathetic, small minded, mean and nasty people.  I LOVE IT.  So Susan, go suck eggs ya nasty person.

End of Day:  I've had a really lovely day... and I am really happy that Chico has gone to her new home and I'm OK about it!
nite nite.


  1. Cute Cuter and Cutest Cutesy Bruiser handsome as, I am happy you found a nice meeting group LONG may that continue GO FIND another volunteer group THAT is happier for you..............

  2. Woo hoo....a meeting you like where folk are "nice"...thats awesome.
    Those puppies are just delightful but the pics keep reminding me of why I am not getting another Actually they are gorgeous and I am sure they will make their 'forever' homes really happy.
    Hope it all goes well on the hospice front.
    Big hugs
    ps......I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.....just been busy with other things !! :)

  3. Chris, so great that you have found a meeting that clicks! I can't wait to keep reading about your success!

    Very cute puppies!

    Kel x

  4. It is an exciting day for hippy gal, she gets to take Chico home, but how sad is it going to be. We (that is all in computerland) must be very brave. Chris, I understand 100% re the meeting. I travel 30 minutes for my meeting because I love the class and the leader. So I understand the excitement, I really do and well done on the loss. Will be sending you strength today from Aussie that handing Chico over is okay for you and Coco. We all know she is going to a fabulous home, but even so it is sad. Can I say those puppies are getting cuter by the day. I just love them. Martine xx

  5. It sounds like finding the right WW meeting is going to be a real boost for you and will lead to good things.
    I can't believe how fast the puppies have grown and how cute and individual they are.

  6. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Crying is good because you care.
    Bye Chico have a great life & thanks for letting us watch you grow over the last few months. You beautiful thing we all adore you lucky hippy gal

    Mary H

  7. Your WW meeting sounds really nice, I kind of get why you felt like crying, it is such a nice feeling to meet or be with a group of people who just seem to like you for no reason other then you are you :-)

  8. We question but did you just go from mid day weigh in to night weigh in ???

    As that will effect your loss a bit :)

  9. I know it is silly but I am crying like a baby about a puppy that I haven't even handled. What joy I have from the photo and I do follow Jackie's blog so will hear all about it. It is good though. Martine

  10. oh no!!!! the babies are leaving the nest have fun jackie will keep an eye out for updates. love all the pics...

  11. Great news about the meeting, this might be just what your motivation needs! I also can't wait to hear about the work situation tomorrow. Chico leaving is very sad but her new family will love her. Martine, you are such a sweetie! Hope your tears dry up soon! Penny xo

  12. What an exciting day it has been for you. I understand how you feel about finding the "perfect-group". I think I have always felt like a square peg trying to fit into a square hole . I am thrilled that it has started out so smoothly for you. They all sound like really wonderful people- and at least you all share one common goal-so no tellng what else you will have in common.

    I love your picture of your "baby" leaving home. Her new family look so nice- I hope they all have a wonderful life together. :)

  13. so a bitter-sweet day for you. Sad because you say goodbye to a puppy but good because you have a wonderful man (totally jealous!)

    You'll have to give us a link to jackie's page so we can keep an eye on Chico too! xx

  14. The puppies are so cute. I'm not sure I could give them to someone else.

  15. How kind is Stew. I know when you meet Stew you had kids already, then you are raising lovely Griffin and Brylee - so that is the 6. Am I right? How are you coping without Chico. I wonder how she is doing and is Coco okay with this? Martine x

  16. What a wonderful man Stew is - but of course you know that! You are a lucky woman Chris.

    I love the photo of Chico and the new family. Very sweet!

  17. Just popping in to say Hello, and I am still reading when i get the chance...Good that you have found a nice meeting to attend, Im sure you will give as much friendship to the members as they have extended to you, cheers xx

  18. Ohhh Chico has moved out, love the family photo of him with them.

    Lucky girl Chris, that man of yours is soooooooooo sweet :-)

  19. Great to hear that you have found a WW meeting that is so warm and welcoming. Wish I could find one of those down our way.

    Silly me felt really sad today seeing Chico head off into the big wide world - even though her new family look like very lovely people. I remember the day we got our two kittens a few years ago - they looked so little and vulnerable, and I almost felt mean taking them away from their Mum. How's Coco doing tonight? Have Coco and your other furr babies realised that one of the family has gone?

  20. It makes me smile to think of you crying from being happy.

    Glad you found a group you like.

  21. Nice to hear you finally found a meeting that works for you. How sweet is Stew. Hope it wasn't too tough saying goodbye to the pup.

  22. Wow! That picture of Bruiser makes him look enormous! Almost like a Saint Bernard puppy!

    Glad that you survived Chico's leaving. I am sure she will love her new family - she will get so much attention and love!

  23. love that pup and the new forever home how cool to get to watch him grow through blogging :)
    love that you found a group you like that will make going so much better and easier.
    love n hugs

  24. Scott is like that with dates although I don't get flowers! Lucky you :)

    I'm glad you found a nice meeting place, that's awesome!

    Goodbye to Chico!

  25. Hi Chris - I discovered you blog a few weeks ago and just love it! You are such an incredible woman. I don't know how you squeeze wo much into a day. I have just loved watching your puppies grow up. Kindest Regards, Karen

  26. Beautiful flowers. You are lucky to have such a thoughtful man in your life.

    Good luck to Chico! Sounds like he got a good home.

  27. well coco and her 'boyfriend' sure did make adorable babies. Sooooo tempting to find an excuse to buy one as I've always had two dogs but now only have Jazz (after my spaniels quality of life deteriaoted last winter and the vet thought they were throwing up (and losing weight) due to cancer, so had to be put to sleep at age 13 years).

    Which ones still don't have homes?
    I'm sure my wee Jazz would love a wee companion to keep her company again as the cat probably doesn't cut the mustard as an ideal companion for a playful toy poodle.


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