Monday, September 05, 2011


Kelly visited yesterday with our Granddaughter, Rena.
Now usually when they visit it's a bit of a 'trial' for us,  as prior to yesterday Rena really didn't want anything to do with us... and would cry when we even looked at her!

BUT... yesterday she was a changed wee girl!
We had kisses and cuddles without tears, it was so nice.

Now of course I took a 'few' photos, so here we go!...

ABOVE:  CLEARLY... she takes after her Grandma in the looks department!   ha ha ha!

ABOVE:  she wasn't that keen on sitting next to Steve, but she let him lie down on her lap... and she scratched his face for him!  So Cute.

 ABOVE:  Checking out my jewellery... she ended up with my ear rings on her ears (see above photo) ... just hanging on inside her ears as she does not have pierced ears yet.

ABOVE:  we said "Where is your smile?"... trying to get a nice photo of her and Stew.   So with a child's logic... she pointed to her smile!   lol

 ABOVE: Stew got a lovely kiss goodbye... and I caught it!  Must say yesterdays visit was such a nice change from the past.

TODAY: Stew and I are doing the grocery shopping, and finalising the finance for the car.  All going well TOMORROW we can pick it up.


*sigh*.... so while I had it easy yesterday...I am not today.  The guys are still asleep, and I've washed and hung out 4 loads of washing, got the kids off to school and totally rearranged the pups pen so they have more room.

Once upon a time I could fit all 6 puppy's in one laundry basket, but not now.  I have to use two... and this morning Coco did this:

 ABOVE:  She got in the smaller basket with two of the pups!  It was so sweet.  The other 4 pups are in the white basket, Coco couldn't fit in there.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  here we have the enlarged puppy pen.  Now when we approach their pen the pups don't have to walk through the 'toilet area' to get to us.

ABOVE: I've been looking for a while for a nice towelling robe to put on when I come out of the spa.. I found one yesterday.  I'm very happy cos it ain't BLACK.  Hideous photo... got me hair up ready to get in the spa. 

End of Day:  it's been a nice day in all... hopefully all goes well tomorrow with getting the car!
nite nite.


  1. WOWWW... WHAT HAPPENED???? Good job Kelly and Rena for whatever it is!! :)

  2. Rena sure is a darling and your looks have come through .She is a real sweetie, bless her

  3. O yes, that little Rena is so precious. So glad your visit worked out better this time.

    I had to laugh at your 4 loads of laundry. I thought I would be slick today and hang out the sheets before the rain was suppose to come in this afternoon. I was keeping my eye on the window when all of a sudden buckets of water came pouring down. SO much for my good intentions and we are suppose to get Heavy rains for 3 days due to the hurricane Lee. Poot!

  4. Good to see you had fun with Rena. They are funny sometimes, they go through phases of being shy. She is very cute, love the photos of her and Steve and Stew. You look fabulously prepared for the spa and nice and pampered in that robe, hope you felt that way! Penny xo

  5. So glad to see Rena's mullet is growing out! :D

  6. She's got your eye's for sure very pretty litlle thing. wonder what made her change her mind and enjoy her visit, maybe Coco's babies had something to do with it too.

  7. Oh My Lord.... look at the eyes on that child!! Stunning!!!

  8. I am glad Rena has decided to stop being so anti social towards you all, it must have been a much nicer visit this time around.

  9. Rena has beautiful blue eyes and I'm so pleased the visit went well GOOD idea with the puppy pen and whelping bow part NOW seee you thought it would eb too big BUT no it is perfect.

  10. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Who has got Grandmas eyes then.

  11. That Rena is beautiful!!! I know it must have made you so much happier with smiles and not cries yesterday.
    Pups are so big now!! They will soon take over that room!!!
    Have a great day!

  12. Rena has definately got your amazing eyes!
    Poor Coco. She's a good mummy.

  13. What absolutely beautiful pictures of Rena! So glad that you had a nice visit with her. She looks like a real sweetie.

    Good luck with the car - my fingers are crossed.

  14. She looks so sweet. I hope when I have grandkids, they will like me too.


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