Monday, September 12, 2011


I've been thinking for A VERY LONG TIME about getting an e-Reader. Dick Smith (Electronics Retailer) had signs all over their stores and website about finally having the Kindle in store.

So, I read up on the Kindle, decided it was what I wanted and we went down there on Saturday to get one.

There were signs all over the store.... BUY YOUR KINDLE NOW!

ABOVE: that's the Kindle... looks neat eh?  So, I ask the guy to sell me one, thanks. 
He goes out the back... and comes back with nothing in his hands.
Seems they have sold out.  EVERYWHERE. 
Grrrrrr.... I have to pay a deposit and WAIT.

I'm not that good at waiting... just ask Stew!

I told him I would wait no more than two weeks, as I could order it online and have it much sooner.  Hmmmm.  As we paid a deposit I suppose I do have to wait.  Dumb move that.

TODAY?   Housework.  How bloody thrilling.

Oh and I need to start typing up an information sheet for the puppy's new owners... stuff like what they are eating, how often, immunisations needed and when... just the usual stuff.
I also want to make up little packs of puppy food to go with them, so they don't get upset tummy's with different food.  I might even add a small square of blanket from their bed too.  They are sure to fret something rotten when they leave home.
I'm going to fret too I think.

OH and I need to start thinking about the wording for the advert on TradeMe too.  Must be prepared I suppose. 

It is still about 3 weeks until the first one will leave 'home'... my stomach is churning at the thought! 

Last night I decided it was time to put the Dog Carry Case in with the pups.  This is to allow them to get familiar with it before I have to put them in it when I take Coco to Pukekohe on Thursday for her Grooming. 

I can't leave them home for that long on their own as we won't be home until 1pm due to Griffin's Speld lesson following on from the Grooming.

 ABOVE:  clamouring to get in it!

 ABOVE:  'Purple' looks very comfy in there...

ABOVE:  Chico checking out how tasty it is...

ABOVE:  at the end of the night the pups curled up in a corner and Coco checked out the case...  but she didn't sleep in it either. 
Never mind, it's there now.

ABOVE: a cute wee video link, two little boys singing/dancing to Bruno Mars. 

End of Day: I spent a good deal of time this afternoon trying to get good photos of the four puppy's I have to sell on TradeMe.  Talk about a mission!  Wriggly little buggers.
Having a quiet evening hopefully.
nite nite.


  1. Love love love my Kindle. Got mine direct from Amazon, very quick delivery! Give it a go x

  2. I still haven't gone the way of the e-reader. I can't let go of my precious library books!

  3. I have had my Kindle for almost 3 years and I really love it....just have to be careful about spending too much. It is great for travel and for instant gratification. I love seeing a book I want to read and being able to get it immediately.

  4. The pups are so precious and it looks like you have covered all of your bases -even down to that "wounded heart" you still might have to face.I only let one of mine go out of 5 and I have lived to regret that . It is a different experience having a furfamily of chihuahuas than bringing home dogs from different sources & I can truly say it has been a blast! So much laughter and love .

    Sorry about your kindle. They are popular over here too. My daughter-in-law has one my son got her for Christmas two years ago and her best friend also. They tell me how nice they are and also many free books to play with too.

  5. Chris no! Don't get your Kindle from Dick Smith, get it direct from Amazon. Especially if you don't like waiting. I got mine from Amazon and it was in my hot little hands FOUR DAYS later, and I live way the heck in the back of beyond, ie rural Central Hawkes Bay. Brilliant service.

    Also it's a little cheaper getting it from Amazon, even including postage. I got the model with both WiFi and 3G and I'm glad I paid the extra as the 3G is very useful.

    I love my Kindle and haven't had a moments trouble with it. Email me if you want to know more - my address is on my Blogger profile.

  6. Bugger about the Kindle thing, I am like you and hate waiting. I could never say goodbye to the puppies, hence why I could never breed. I would keep them all.

  7. Foodtown also advertised the Kindle, not sure if they still have any though. Still just think how excited you will be when it arrives :-)

  8. I bought an iRiver Ebook Reader. Same concept. They are good. You can download all the old book titles here for a one-off price:

    but a lot of other websites have plenty. Be careful though, because I spent some money on a few titles to download, only to find I could only read them through adobe reader and not put them onto my ebook. Another suggestion is downloading a program like Calibre, which converts PDF files into epub, which enables you to enlarge the type font better.

    Good luck!

  9. Good idea putting the cage in there with the pups, I do hope you all don't cry do much when they leave home. LOVE LOVE LOVE the video of the lazy boys dancing and singing.

  10. I got a Kindle for my birthday! I love it! It's just like reading a book.

    Hope you love it more and more!

  11. Anonymous1:19 AM

    got my kindle last christmas ordered it from amazon it was here in 3 days do get the one with 3 g wifi its worty of the extra dollars... i still have my library of books too and add to it on things i really want... I love getting the free books from and there are many other places you can get free books too. I also got the hard leather cover and am so glad i did with babies around... you will LOVE IT!
    those pups are amazing and oh so cute!
    love ya hugs Laura Peach

  12. Isn't that the way it always is? Huge advertisements to encourage you to buy and then . . . they don't have the advertised item!

    The puppies are still adorable!

  13. I can't commit to the e-reader, still love having an actual book. Enjoy yours. Looks like you had a good weekend. Have a good time keeping up with those puppies.

  14. So, you are thinking of re-joining weight watchers? Me too. I went today for the first time in ages. I am right on track with points all day. Enough allowed for 1 cookie and milk later. You should join too, and we should try to lose 20 pounds by Christmas. (Is that too much?) By the way, my name is Christine. I live in Minnesota. I have a Shih Tzu named Hagrid. I know you will write adorable ads for the pups. I am a sucker for the ones spoken from the dogs perspective. "I am PURPLE. I love to cuddle, and chew on my crate, I am shy, energetic, blah blah blah." Good luck!

  15. christine12:20 PM

    OH! And as for kindles.... Can you sell or trade those books when you are done? You don't save a ton of money buying e-books. Don't know if I would just want them to sit on my gadget until the end of time. I am waiting until the trading situation is worked out. Or some electronic version of is available.

  16. Anonymous2:54 AM

    Shoulda' got a Nook!!...debbie


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