Thursday, September 01, 2011


So, it's Speld day for Griffin....  so I'm going to drop him off at his Tutor's home then I'm going into Pukekohe to have a good look around their Harvey Norman store.

ABOVE:  a couple of cute wee videos of the puppy's ...  Jaxx as requested, the 2nd video is of Bee Bee standing up having a piddle!  lol

ABOVE:  AND I'll follow the videos up with a few photos of the pups interacting with us last night.  In the last photo Rhino is trying to bite Tulip's face off!  So cute.  (they have NO teeth yet)


Harvey Norman's in Pukekohe did not have anything different so it was kind of a waste of time going there.  But nevermind.
I am looking forward to going back to the Manukau store in the weekend and finalising our new purchase. 
It's a weird day today... really sunny one minute then torrential rain the next.  I'm not impressed.  I've got masses of washing on the line... grrrrr.  It will all have to be put through the washing machine again and hung on racks in the garage by the look of it.

BELLA: Yes, when we take delivery of the new lounge suite they will take away our other one.

I rang Godfrey's to see if our vacum cleaner was fixed and ready to be picked up.  The lady said 'YES' so we jumped in the car and went down to get it.  She brought it out from the back... WRONG VACUM.. Right brand, but not ours.  Seems she stuffed up the numbers on the docket.  Grrrrrr.  I was MAD... so just said: "So I drove all the way down here for NOTHING then?" and walked out.

As Harvey Norman's is very close to the vacum shop I popped in to talk to Fred to see if I could have the lounge suite I chose yesterday AND another 2.5 seater recliner couch the same as the other new one... and he said 'YES'... so that's what I am now getting instead of a bed for Griffin.  And I don't have to pay any 'difference' in price either, so I'm very happy.

Time to get me butt into the kitchen and start dinner now... beef stew and veges.

End of Day:  dinner was lovely... been watching tv and now... off to have a spa before heading off to bed.
nite nite.


  1. awwwwwwwwwwww they are sooooooooooo cute and the hands in the video are cute too HOW is Teddy? I bet cuddling the puppies is like holding wriggling fluff balls

  2. Their fur looks so silky soft now. They are the cutest. I wouldn't get anything done if I had those little pups to watch and cuddle!

  3. They are so adorable!!!! How will you ever give them away?

  4. Oh my gosh they just keep getting cuter and cuter :)

  5. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Could be a time for puppy cam!!!!

  6. When your new furniture is delivered will they take away the old?

  7. OMG I am so in love with puppies lol.....

  8. I'm very impressed with the toilet training. Took me forever to get my kids to use the potty when they were little. I have a friend whose kid wore night diapers till he was 11.

  9. Cute, cute!!!

    So pleased you didn't give up with the lounge suite:-) Good on you!

  10. At first glance, I thought the title of this post was "Puke of the day"

  11. Anonymous1:52 AM

    Loved the videos, they are getting so big! Before long you're going to have 6 little puppies running and peeing all over the place!! lol Won't that be fun!! lol Glad things worked out well with the lounges and what a Bummer with the vacuume cleaner!! lol...debbie

  12. Oh those puppies are adorable. Have fun picking out your new furniture.


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