Sunday, September 25, 2011


*SIGH*... not much planned for today at all.
It's supposed to be a wet, miserable day.
Probably a good day to do some housework.
The garage has become the dumping ground, so it's the first thing on me list.

Until I have something else a bit more riveting to post, I give you puppy's:

ABOVE:  Chico, Jackie's wee girl.

ABOVE:  Miss Sassy Pants:  TULIP... no forever home yet...

ABOVE:  Chico again.

ABOVE:  Grey (Rhino) ... off to Wellington in 5 nights time!

ABOVE:  Grey puppy again...

 ABOVE:  Tulip again...

ABOVE:  Steve's wee boy, Kiba.  Soulful eyes.

ABOVE:  Miss Aloof, Purple puppy (Bee Bee).

ABOVE:  Bee Bee again.

Off to tidy me house....

I got up this morning to find 2 of the puppy's had climbed out of their pen ... and the other 4 were clamouring to get out too.

*sigh*... so I fed them all, cleaned up their bathroom, let them run around for ages in the family room and lounge, then fixed the pen so no one could get out.

I have had something on my mind for a while now.  Steve is NOT going to like it.... I think I will list Kiba for sale today too.
It's not that I don't love him, cos I do.  It's because Steve is hardly here now to look after him and I can see all his care being done by ME.
I don't actually WANT another puppy, having to go through the 'chew on everything' phase, the piddles and poops on the floor... worrying about him while I'm out, having THREE dogs to put into  care when we go away... the added cost,  bla bla bla.

So when Steve gets out of bed I am telling him.  
Hmmmm... I wonder how he will take it?

Well... it's done!   Steve knows and said he was fine with that!  He really surprised me actually, I  had expected him to pack a right shitty.  So glad he didn't.  He must be more mature than I gave him credit for.

Remember how I said Steve had his eye on a piece of furniture for my Birthday next month?
Well he just couldn't wait, he's gone to buy it right now!

It will be delivered tomorrow.

I decided on the spur of the moment to suggest we go to Hamilton for lunch.  So we did.  We had a nice lunch at the Hamilton Workingmen's Club, then met up with Kelly and Rena at Chartwell Mall for a wander around. 

Found a few things for Christmas... then came home again.

Nice way to get out of doing any housework I suppose.

But it does mean it's all up to me tomorrow.  Oh well, I can get so much more done without distractions like kids and men...  lol!


End of Day: tired.  Might just have a spa and go to bed.  
nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Great puppy photos! love seeing them. They are so so cute!...debbie

  2. Steve is going to kick your butt and you'll just have to take the beating and sell the pup any way! (I don't mean literally kick your butt, figuratively speaking.)

  3. Those photos are just cutey potutey they are the sweetest things. I do hope Steve takes it well, kids and pets and If he should leave your place who gets lumbered with extra pet care if he can't find a pet friendly flat always the mums and dads I know my friend here she has her sons 2 cats a dog and fish lumped with her AS her eldest son is SELFISH!

  4. they are so adorable!

  5. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Post the vid on trade me It is special

  6. Hope Steve takes it well, can fully understand where you are coming from..... we have finished puppy proofing outside now so we are all now ready for Chico :-)

  7. The pups are so perfect as was Steve"s reaction. He is such a perfect son.

  8. I am glad Steve took the news ok. I guess he could see the sense in the decision, this way he gets the company of the 2 dogs with none of the cost or responsibility of actually owning them.

  9. Good choice about Kiba. If Steve ever goes flatting it is incredibly hard to get a place that takes pet and you know who would be left "holding the puppy". Now to sell that handsome little boy :) (and no, we don't want a dog)

  10. Sounds like Steve knows it was the most appropriate solution, and you and Stew get to be proud of your grown up mature son! He clearly loves them and obviously cares about what is best for them. Credit to you for raising him well. Maybe next year he will be in a position to take a puppy when you breed again?

    Have a great evening, Penny xo

  11. Good responsible decision about Kiba, I'm glad Steve thought so too. The last thing you need is a third dog.

  12. Kudos to Steve for understanding and how nice of him to get you something for your kitchen :)

  13. Back from my 2 week hols early hours Sat,. but just had to come and see the puppy's , it seems I made an error , should that be poopies .

    Congrats,. on the weight loss


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