Sunday, September 11, 2011


You asked for Puppy photos, I give you one better, lots of gorgeous little videos!

ABOVE:  all 6 playing

ABOVE:  Bruiser (L), Tulip (middle), Rhino (R) and later on Chico feeding.

ABOVE: Someone getting stroppy!  Can't tell who it is!

ABOVE:  That is Chico getting stroppy with Steve!
ABOVE:  Hee hee, Jackie I did tell you Chico was full of spunk eh?  You have a little live wire coming your way soon.

TODAY: ?  Not sure yet.  It's supposed to be a crappy wet day, so maybe I can get the guys to do a bit of housework?
Like cleaning the bathrooms... Steve's response to my suggestion?  "FUCK NO... I am not doing housework on my day off" !

I'm gunna read blogs!  I do masses of housework during the week, it's MY day off too.


I got up at 7am, fed the puppy's, then sat down and started reading/commenting on blogs.
Stew and Steve slept in.
It is now 11.45am and I am still sitting in the lounge, in my nightie covered in a blankie... yikes!
Got to get up and pee!  Busting.  I suppose I will have a shower and get dressed too...

So, I had a shower etc... got dressed even!
Then I read some more blogs till about 2.30pm ... then I got stir crazy and suggested to Stew we go out and have an ice cream.  Funny thing is, we are so in tune... he was thinking the same thing!
We went down to Mission Bay and had a Movenpick ice cream, cos they are the best in the city!

 ABOVE: although it was wet, the sea still looked nice. 

ABOVE: usually on a sunday there is a queue right outside the door and around the corner at Movenpick!  None today... are we the only people who think Ice cream is just as nice on a cold, wet day?

It has rained on/off all day, lots of wind too... but boy that ice cream was nice!
Home again now, and Stew is cooking dinner tonight. 
Simple fare:  sausages, mashed potatoe and coleslaw.  Should be nice.

End of Day:  well dinner was nice as I expected.  Having a quiet evening ... might have a spa if it's not raining.   Catch ya tomorrow.
nite nite.


  1. They are soadorable and how cute are those little barks.... have a nice day off I have watched 5 games rugby so far and looking forward to more today!!!!!!!

  2. Have a lovely day off and hmmmmm can we change Chico lol..... she is adorable and I can just see her wanting to play with Biscuits long tail. Countdown till the day we pick her up :-)

  3. Hey Chris! Thanks for including me in your marathon commenting session! Corby's eye: well, it will never be perfect, but we are basically doing "damage control" to make sure it can be as good as possible. It is an ongoing process that will take all of his childhood and, probably, beyond. He will wear glasses at the very least. We have a routine appointment with his specialist/surgeon this Wednesday, so hopefully they will say there's been an improvement, but with him being so very young, it's really very difficult to tell. But, as I said, it's our job to do everything possible to make sure the outcome is as good as it can be, going forward...

  4. Hey we are thinking if David can get of work, we might come up on the 28th as it is the twins birthday and will be nice birthday present to have Chico come home.

  5. Those puppies are ridiculously cute.

  6. Yes, the pups are so perfect and funny and sweet and all things nice. LOL

    I am glad that you took a day off! Wonder how long it would take for you to have a week off or a month off before someone took notice to see if you had died somewhere ??? LOL

  7. Thanks for all the cute puppy videos!! They are getting so big!!

  8. I would get absolutely nothing done around all of those little puppets! They are so cute- how old are they now?

  9. woooo I enjoyed the puppies videos. The pups really like to chew each other! It's really hazy in Singapore. But no ice-cream for me. (watching my weight)

  10. That picture of the sea is absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  11. I am so glad you like the sea wet. It would rather boring if it was dry!!!

  12. Hi Chris, glad you got your icecream. Just so you know, Movenpick have just opened a new store in the CBD, in the Westfield Downtown Mall on the Custom Street Side, just down from the Ferry Building. Enjoy!

  13. PS I love them too and this is going to make it harder to resist - I don't drive so can avoid the Parnell and Mission Bay ones quite easily but the new one, not so sure!

  14. Oh my goodness! Your puppies are soooo adorable! When they grow up, they are cute too...but if they could stay puppies, that would be awesome.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to pop over and for your sweet comment. Oh yes, we are soooo ready to join the world of granparenting. :o) Her pregnancy has been very good...wish we didnt live so far away!

  15. Puppies galore... enjoy them before they grow up and go off to college :-)

  16. Oh my, the pups are so cute! Thanks for sharing all the photos & videos. :)


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