Thursday, September 15, 2011


Today I am taking Coco to Pukekohe for her grooming... and the puppy's are coming too.
I am putting the carry case in the back of my Highlander for the pups to travel in.

While Coco is being groomed Griffin and I will stay with the pups in the car... then I will drop Griffin off at his Speld Teacher's home, pick up Coco and take them all home before going back for Griffin.

It is going to be quite interesting to see how the pups travel in the car!  Hopefully no one gets car sick!  That would be a bit ikkk.

So it is going to be a busy day one way or another.

Steve is taking Brylee to school as Griffin, the dogs and I have to leave fairly early to get Coco to Pukekohe by 9am.

Last night we had the pups in the lounge with us again... it is so much fun to see them running around like mad things... they LOVE IT!

ABOVE:  This was Coco feeding the pups yesterday.... yes, she is under that pile of pups somewhere!

ABOVE:  I can hardly even remember the pups being this small!  Only 6 weeks ago!  OMG it is getting closer to them leaving home.... I am going to be putting the advert in TradeMe in the next day or so....

BLONDIE:  EVERYONE who works in the shop KNOWS all about Mrs Smelly Pant's farting... my god she stinks out the entire shop, it is VERY hard to not notice!
Job Sharing:  well that is exactly what I asked her to do... and we all know what happened due to that.
Yes, I am going to speak to the Boss and ask her to initiate 'counter duties job sharing' or I am going to have words with her.
I don't want Mrs Smelly Pants to feel that she has 'won' (especially as she LIED) .... that would just piss me off big time, so I am going to stick it out there for now.

What a busy morning!  Just getting everyone into the car was a mission!  6 pups, Coco, Griffin, Puppy food and water, bla bla bla!
But everything went like clockwork.
Coco got groomed beautifully (photo below), the pups were EXCELLENT in the car, they did not cry AT ALL on the way there and all morning... they did cry a bit on the way home, but that was OK.

 ABOVE:  6 sleeping angels in the car.  We decided to use the big crate as the travelling carry case was just a bit small... the pups have grown so much!

ABOVE:  everyone in the crate before heading home.  

ABOVE:  could she be any more GORGEOUS!  She is such a darling wee dog, so sweet and loving.

As it's been so busy already today I'm having a quiet afternoon.  Plenty of time later to do some housework,  though I have done 3 big loads of washing already today and hung it out....

Well it freaking well rained didn't it!  Luckily I had brought in the first three loads of washing (dry)... but I had hung out two more loads which are not dripping wet.  Pffffft.
END OF DAY: we had dinner at the mall tonight and did a bit of shopping... got some DVD movies from JB Hi-Fi. 
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Hope the trip went well with the pups! How big they truly have gotten! Their poor mother is almost completely covered up with them! LOL I wish I could have one of them! I'd love it. I have an 11 year old Pomeranian named Tillie who is my little shadow! Just love her as she is my true companion~

  2. Oh my gosh those puppies are so big now and Coco is sure swamped by them, they are growing well and look snuggly.

    As to yesterdays RANT, perhaps Mrs Trumpet Arse doesn't like change perhaps that little volunteer job is ALL she has in life perhaps she feels threatened by you but whatever it is DONT OWN her problem tell the Boss about the farting (maybe its a medical problem BUT point out the customers are noticing) and her lack of job sharing and maybe if your there for 3-4 hours you can swap after 2 hours BUT make it clear to her and the Boss that the current situation is untenable and compromise has to be reached.

  3. Are you serious? Someone is actually farting all the time around you?

    Poor mommy in the picture with all the pups! Haha. She loves it but it's funny when you see those pictures of her tired.

  4. Oh, did you mean she's just a mean person? Not that she's actually farting? Haha.

  5. Pups first road trip!

  6. I really wonder if Coco gets sore. The pups are so big now. Do dogs miss their young when they're gone? About Mrs Smelly Pants, it's kinda unusual to fart THAT much! It's possibly her food choices.

  7. Poor Coco!! That's a lot of babies on her lol

  8. Oh my gosh, look how those puppies have grown! It's so amazing to see the transformation of them from tiny little fur-balls to big, robust puppies. They are all so sweet...I bet they get snapped up in a nano-second!

    Good luck with Ms. Smelly Pants and the counter job, Chris. What a putz she is! I hope that things work out well for you and it doesn't become an unpleasant job for you because of all of her nonsense!



  9. OMG Coco looks so gorgeous.... she looks so much happier and not so tired looking now :-)

  10. Anonymous3:21 PM

    What a fabulous pic of Coc.
    Might have to try for a family photo while the ribbon is in
    Mary H

  11. Leigh4:39 PM

    which hospice shop is it? I might have to come in and then say in a very loud voice what died in here 'cause it smells like a dead rat!

  12. Oh she looks so beautiful... just like a mini makeover for a new mummy... bet she feels a million bucks too!!


  13. Oh my gosh Coco is so cute and beautiful looking now groomed again, the pups look laxed out and at least they will be car travelled and thats good for buyers.

  14. Coco looks gorgeous. What a very busy day you had, it sounds like the puppies enjoyed their outing.

  15. Coco's grooming turned out wonderfully! She is beautiful!

    Glad to hear that no one got car sick (which really would have been iick!) and the the whining was only on the way home!

    As for Mrs. Smell Pants. If I were there, I would go into the shop and slap her for you. What a nasty person. You have to wonder what has her self-confidence so low that she has to be that nasty to other people?

    Stand your ground, Chris!

  16. Glad to hear all went well with your puppy adventure. Coco looks lovely.

  17. Coco is just gorgeous, what a lovely photo.

  18. I can't believe how big the puppies are now! Wow! They're still just as cute though. Coco looks like a princess with the little bow and fluffy coat. Lovely!

  19. She looks gorgeous!

  20. O MY Gosh Chris,
    That Cocoa is sooooo beautiful!She looks too pretty to touch-like we would mess her up!

    And of course all the babies are precious. : )


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