Wednesday, September 07, 2011


They have freaking teeth now...

ABOVE:  I sit in the pen with them often, and they use my toes as teething bones!

ABOVE:  now that they have baby teeth coming through, it's not that much fun for me!    But they are all so damn adorable I really don't mind... too much.

ABOVE:  Chico, (formerly Pinky) is just so sociable!   The minute I get in the pen she is in my face.... and wee Tulip, behind her is a friendly wee girl too.

ABOVE: Chico getting a tummy rub.  They all love a good tummy rub.

ABOVE:  Up close and personal with Chico.  She has such soulful eyes.

TODAY:  off to work at the Hospice Shop.
Stew is back to work... and today is Steve's last day as an unemployed guy!  He starts work tomorrow!

It was wonderful at work today!  Mrs Smelly Pants was away sick.  So I worked the counter by myself, which was lovely!
I found only two treasures at the shop today:

ABOVE:   one treasure was this shallow muffin pan, perfect for feeding the pups!  The other thing I won't put on the blog right now as I want Stew to see if first.

ABOVE:  this is where both Coco and Teddy sit and watch the puppy's all day!  
Last night the puppy's were making a lot of noise playing with each other and Teddy growled at them... so I'm not too sure how he will be once they are all running around in his 'territory'.... I think we will have to keep a very close eye on him.

Right, off to make some lunch for Steve and I...

Too funny!  When we took our vacum cleaner down for repair, the technician (a Korean Man) came out and said in very bad english " Maybee it bwoke?  I fix tomorrow"... 
So, Steve went down this afternoon to get it as it was ready ... and the same man came out from the back with our machine and said "It not bwoke now, gorbye"... Steve could hardly contain his laughter apparently.

I just heard from Fred at Harvey Norman's ... after ONLY 5 days he has our new lounge suite!!!    He is going to deliver it on Friday... I am gobsmacked!  Talk about excellent service. That Fred is a miracle worker.  I am going to give him a gift pack of my cards as a 'Thank You' from me. He deserves to be thanked for all he's done for us.  AND having to put up with me!  lol

End of Day:  another day done and dusted. Looking forward to a spa soon, then bed.
nite nite.


  1. You might have to wear some slippers in there or lose a toe ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing the babies with us! They certainly are adorable! I'm glad that everyone is back at work now.

  3. Awww, Chico just melts me heart.

  4. Anonymous11:18 AM

    The puppies are just adorable!! I love seeing them change. Can't wait till their hopping around and getting into trouble!! lol They're beautiful pups. Are you keeping one?...debbie

  5. Oh, that is so precious!!! What great pictures! I've always wanted to experience my dogs having puppies but it'll never happen because they are fixed. Boo hoo!

  6. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous the pups and toes!!!!! haha

  7. I love the muffing tin idea to feed the pups that's a brilliant idea.

    Can't get enough puppy pics - they are so cute :-)

  8. oh they are just so cute.

  9. Oh, those puppies are about the cutest things. Now that they are getting older, you can really see their "personalities" coming out in their faces. So sweet! And puppies always love to chew on toes and fingers...and those little baby teeth are sharp!

    Cute idea with the muffin are very ingenious!



  10. O MY! They are just getting prettier by the day, if that is possible.

    I bet they love chewy bones with a little "meat " on them. LOL

    That muffin pan is such a neat idea! What a wonderful start you are giving them.

  11. Anonymous2:25 PM

    OMG they are getting big. I love the little white tips on all their tails
    Mary H

  12. With all the love you have given them they are all going to be good friendly pups. Whoever gets them is going to be very lucky.

  13. Teddy is just letting them know who's boss. Coco probably thinks that's sexy lol
    Can't anything be done about smelly pants? Have you complained? If you are happy to do the shop yourself, they might be happy to 'retire' her. She's got to be scaring potential treasure hunters :o/

  14. The muffin pan pic is the cutest! What an adorable idea. I just love these pictures, they totally cheer me up!

  15. Oh, I remember the sharp little puppy teeth very fun when they really chomp down, but I do love their puppy breath!

  16. They are cute and yet another reason why my son is like a puppy. Sometimes he goes around biting his brother and sisters.

  17. Them aint puppies anymore, thems little dawgs!

  18. Those pups are adorable. Can't wait to see the new lounge set. Hope all goes smoothly.

  19. Chris! Dont be a tight arse! :) Get Fred a case of beer AND your cards!! Over here there's no way you'd win that one!

  20. Oh the puppies ,puppies ,puppies, I love them I see you are in New zealand so I know that will keep me from buying one. also I have 2 which my husband said I cannot even have an ant lol Are they ShihTzu's the mother looks like she is a maltese or poodle ? I am a WW member also Im considering stomach banding just cannot get into it so hard so I hear you for sure. Nice blog I feel like I know you ,just a funny lady. Debbie kelly


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