Monday, September 26, 2011


 ABOVE:  Rena yesterday at the mall in Hamilton.  Apparently a hairdresser did THAT to her hair?  It really does not look good.  Poor kid is all I can say.  I hope 'whoever' did that NEVER does it again.

ABOVE:  aaa haaaa, look who's reading my pretty pink Kindle!   He started reading one of the books yesterday in the car and I haven't had it since. 

ABOVE:  you can read their minds... "Let me out of here!"

TODAY: housework.  Full stop. End of story.  I hope it's fine so I can put the pups outside while I wash the floors and air the house.  It stinks.  Mabye my nose is sensitive, but it just smells like a kennel, can't think why!   Ikkkk....


It's 11.30 and I still have not finished vacuming the house... but all the floors are washed, there's 3 loads of washing out with about 2 to go... last push to get the vacuming finished....

Woo Hoo.. my new 'thingee' arrived!...

ABOVE:  dropped off by a very nice lookin' delivery man I must say! 

 ABOVE:  there it is!  I'm not sure where it will go yet, or what I shall put in it... but it's going to be handy I'm sure.

ABOVE: The little darlings playing in and around the travel crate for Grey puppy.   There are three of them inside it !  So damn cute.

`End of Day:  having computer issues.  My main PC keeps freezing so I've been using my laptop/  Last night it completely died... so now I'm reduced to using a teeny, tiny 'spare' laptop.  I've lost all my favourites... I'm taking my laptop to the computer Doctor tomorrow or Wednesday, so until then I can't visit any of the private blogs (Anne, Lose2live, etc) as I don't have the address's.  Bugger.
And as life is hectic right now I'm going to refrain from even trying to catch up on blog reading.  I love ya all... and thanks for still visiting me.
nite nite.


  1. A HAIRDRESSER did that? And got paid? She's so pretty... she didn't deserve that, tellin ya...

  2. Lovely and fine here, 3 loads of washing out - hope it is nice up your way :-), as for the haircut, it may have been a hairdresser, I remember Steph had a haircut from a hairdressers, that looked as bad as that.... I complained but was to scared to let them try and give it a go to get it right lol.....

  3. If a hairdresser did that to my child I would be expecting it to
    # 1 Be free (as there is no way I would pay for it

    #2 and secondly I would expect a senior stylist to do a tidy up job in six weeks to try and put it right.(wouldn't let the original person go never it again)

    #3 then I would warn all and sundry to stay well away from any salon who had staff who turned out work like that.

    Poor Rena, fortunately she is still young and won't be too aware of what has happened but I know I would have a VERY distressed daughter if anyone did that to my teenager.

  4. You better get him a Kindle! With a brown cover!

  5. Oh that poor wee girl. Happy Elf Mom is right she is such a pretty wee thing, and to have a haircut that looks like some fool has put a bowl on her head is completely unfair. Your daughter need to go back and demand that they correct it.

    She is too young to remember, put photos last a lifetime.

  6. rena is adorable even with that bad hair cut... i would fight for my kindle! love the pups trying to get out and totally understand the nose issue! we cleaned today mike swept the ceilings and did all the fans I steamed the floors and got them all celan again... cant have dirty floors with babies around crawling on them! ICK!
    not at grandmas house anyway! love ya!

  7. Sounds like you might have to buy Steve a Blue Kindle! :)

    A hairdresser did that hair cut? I bet her Mom could do a LOT better-and a grandma could too.

    I'm right there with you with all the work-whew. Too much work and too little of me to go around -plus, I got invaded while I had the door open. Bugs! How awful! : (
    Hope you have not had that problem!

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  9. I'm not sure who cut Rena's hair, but believe me, I got some WOEFUL haircuts by *professionals" when I was a kid. It can happen!!

  10. oh i like "it" - was thinking of getting one of those when I first re-did my kitchen too. very nice....

    the puppies aren't really puppies any more are they!! Huge....

  11. OMG, that is how I used to get my hair cut when I was a little girl, and that was a long time ago.

    Didn't Rena have a bad haircut some time ago.

    What did her mother say, Honestly, I would give that hairdresser such a serve. I think that next time Rena gets a haircut you should taker her and watch every hair that is cut from her beautiful little head.


  12. Chris

    You need to cut Rena's hair, you would do a better job. Not long till Chico goes to his new home. Hope you are coping well. Do you think Coco understands what is happening. Oh dear I think we are all going to be sad but the darling little puppies are going to good homes where they will be loved. My little guy is on my lap , it is damn hard to type with a dog on your lap. Again i have to remind him that he is a dog, he fails to understand. Kisses to Teddy and thanks for the picture - you know how I love him.

  13. Anonymous8:17 PM

    I remember that some time ago Rena had a haircut with similar "handwriting". I suspect that her mom is practicing on her.
    Mary Ly

  14. Boy those puppies are now DOGS not puppies and soon you will be down to half a litter..... try not to fret.

  15. I could do a better job of the hair cut than that!

  16. Poor Rena. She has a haircut only a mom/dad can give. (for free) The hair dresser needs to go back to hair dressing school.

  17. Yikes! Thankfully, hair grows and she will probably never remember having that cut.

    I say knock Steve on the head and get your pretty pink Kindle back!

  18. UGH that used to happen to Jess all the time with the bangs. I started to just do it myself because that way I could at least make sure they weren't that short (even if they might be crooked lol)


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