Tuesday, September 06, 2011


As I mentioned the other day, I had a Skype conversation with Russell (eldest Son) and Tess his partner the other night, and got lots of snapshots of Sienna, our youngest grandchild...

I just have to share!  She is just so beautiful...

ABOVE:  sorry for posting so many, but I simply could not narrow it down to just two or three nice ones!

TODAY:  definitely picking up the Holden Viva for Stew today.
Then we are heading over to Onehunga Dressmart to find shorts for Stew and Black work pants for Steve.
No doubt have lunch over there too...


ABOVE: we are now the proud owners of a Holden Viva.  NOT named Kermit.  *sigh*... no one wants that name but me... so we have to choose another one.  Maybe it will just be called 'The Viva'.. how bloody original.  pfffffft.

Anyway, after buying the car we went over to Onehunga, where I got some summer clothes and Stew got some shorts.  Steve found only one pair of good black pants for work, so we stopped in at Farmers in Manukau on the way home for another pair.
Oh, and we had the most AWESOME lunch at a restaurant in Mission Bay....

ABOVE:  from Masala Restaurant, a Tandoor platter.  We shared a platter (OMG it was delicious) then we all had Butter Chicken... the guys had medium and I had mild.  AND that was fantastic too!    Totally stuffed for the rest of the afternoon now... but it was worth it!

Off now to toss the chicken that is marinating in a Teriyaki marinade for dinner.  NOT that I can even contemplate dinner right now.

ABOVE:  there is nothing like dinner by candlelight... no power sucks, at least the dinner was cooked before we lost power.  I missed the start of Coronation Street!  

ABOVE:  see the big black area?  That's where WE live. 

Luckily it wasn't out for too long,  as neither kid likes going to sleep in the dark. 

End of Day: a really neat day in all.  
nite nite.


  1. All the grandchildren you show are so beautiful . I know all babies are lovely really but thankyou , I for one just love seeing them all .

  2. such a cutie patootie :) !!!

  3. Isn't skype wonderful for catching up with people :-)

  4. Sienna looks beautiful and Russell is a darker version of Steve how funny

  5. Boy! She certainly looks like her parents. I loved the one with her and her dad smiling !

    Can't wait to see your new "ride" in person! : )

    We are getting boo-koos of rain over here, but we need it . It is suppose to be like this for 3 days. But way down the opposite direction in Texas I saw they were having horrible wildfires and a Mother and her 18month old baby had been killed this morning .

  6. Tess looks as though motherhood is really comfortable for her - I know I don't know them but they look very happy and proud, as they should be. i hope parenthood is working out well for them! I will never accuse you of posting too many photos of puppies or grandchildren Chris!

  7. Aww what a wee cutie.

  8. She is beautiful!

    Isn't it great that even though you can't visit her, you can see her in 'action' via skype.

  9. No, don't narrow down the pictures! She's a cutie pie.

    Viva just doesn't sound as cute as Kermit.

  10. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Hello :) its steph, jaxx's daughter, i was wondering if you could take some more photos of just chico, because mum takes stink photos :p lol.

  11. What a cutie patootie!! You sure make some pretty babies/grandbabies :)

  12. Any idea what happened to the power? Glad dinner was ready!

  13. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Our car is gold, so we call it Nugget, so you could call yours bullet since it's silver! WOMBAT

  14. Anonymous2:14 AM

    Love the Skype photos! Very cute! Sounds like everyone found Something on the shopping trip! What caused your electricity going out?? Bummer!!...debbie

  15. You do have some beautiful grandchildren! No wonder you couldn't only post one or two pictures.

    The new car, which I think should be called Kermit!, looks great in your drive.

  16. OMGosh, that chicken looks AWESOME!!! Anyway, is that your house in the pictures? Freaking gorgeous! I agree, Kermit was a perfect name. I demand a recount.

  17. Cute baby! Lately, there seems to be a lot of babies and puppies in your life.


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