Saturday, September 24, 2011


I got a very nice letter in the mail yesterday:

ABOVE: I will take that... Thank You very much! 

I said to Stew:  "My boobs are OK", his response?

"Yeah, I know"...with a naughty smirk!  *sigh*... MEN!

ABOVE:     FOR MARTINE:  Teddy last night... looking a bit scruffy, must book him into the groomer soon.

ABOVE:  Emily in her walker... the last one is so cute, we always seem to post the 'best' photos... but I couldn't resist this one.  She's so funny!

TODAY:  Steve has to work... Emily has gone home... so maybe just a quiet day at home?

Naaaa... can't see it!
We will no doubt go out for lunch... have a wander around a mall... just our usual saturday.

ABOVE:  I decided that rather than post masses of photos of the pups on the grass I'd just give you a wee video instead.

Feeling a bit sore this morning... but it's not that bad.  No major damage done.

Stew just said we have to go do the grocery shopping.  That man sure knows how to ruin my mood.  I better go and check out what we need...


Well we did the grocery shopping, it wasn't that bad... Stew did most of the lifting etc... after lunch we went down to Papakura and had KFC for lunch, it was the kid's choice.
We also popped into Steve's workplace to check out an item of kitchen furniture that Steve said he wanted to get me for my birthday.  Looks good, I gave him the OK.

Won't show you until I get it!

The pups had a really good run around outside this afternoon... and I trimmed around their eyes so we can see their eyes a bit better now that their hair is growing all over.  They are adorable.

End of Day:  Stew cooked a lovely dinner of steak and coleslaw... was yum.  Tonight we are watching the rugby, it's bound to be a good game:  New Zealand Vs. France.  I hope our All Blacks win or Stew and Steve are going to be so pissed!
nite nite.


  1. How is Coco doing now that babies are leaving the house? Hope she is ok. Glad your mammogram came out all right as well. :)

  2. Wait wait WHERE are the puppy shots Emily has the impy ish little grin she is adorable I heard on the grapevine that there was 2 rows seats opened up for AB/France game but at $400 a seat and your view may be impeded by cameras people or anything else.

  3. OMG the more I see of the puppies the more I can't wait to pick up Chico on Wednesday :-)

  4. I got one of those letters too - cool, isn't it! I am glad you and the baby are okay after your fall. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Pups are so cute, just little balls of fluff!! Congrats on your mamogram!! excellant! ...debbie

  6. High Five ont he mammogram!
    xo jj

  7. Congrats. on your breast test! Bet that took a load off! Nice to know that Stew appreciated it. : )

    That little Emily is so precious! And of course the pups are too- so I guess your house is just eat up with "cute"! LOL

  8. That must be the best letter in the world to receive!

  9. emily is too darn cute glad you are ok, could you pick some things up for me too when you are out:)
    love ya

  10. The pups are so cute, and have gotten so big!!!
    That picture of Emily is so funny! I love it!!
    Grocery shopping is no fun!!! LOL.

    God Bless~

  11. The puppies are so cute, I know we all go on about them, but they are. How sad are we going to be when we say goodbye. I can't believe how much they have grown. Thanks for the photo of my boy Teddy - still a handsome devil ! Martine x

  12. Somehow, I'm not surprised, I knew you didn't have cancer.

    The dog pics make me laugh, he doesn't look like he gives a rats ass if you take him to the groomer or not. That's a don't-mess-with-me expression if I ever saw one.

    And the baby pics are just the opposite! Emily looks like she wants to laugh and play all day!

    You should turn Emily loose on the dog!

  13. Good to hear that your boobs are A-0kay...with both the mammogram people and with Stew:)

  14. Wicked news Chris. No matter how positive we are, the all clear is a weight of our minds ah. I am so going to miss catching up on the puppies. They are beautiful. Guess it's a happy house for you too aince our marvellous AB's won!

  15. That's very good news indeed!


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