Saturday, September 17, 2011


First thing this morning we are all heading out to DressMart in Onehunga ... Steve wants to buy some supportive shoes for his work, and the girls from Wellington want to have a look around too.

Then we are dropping the girls off at the train station so they can meet up with a girlfriend in town... at that point we will no doubt go to a mall for lunch.

We are meeting up with the girls later on and going to the rugby game at Eden Park.  I hope it's not raining, if it is I ain't going!  Steve can go instead.

As I said last night, here are some new photos of the three pups still for sale:

ABOVE:  I cannot believe how HARD it is to take photos of puppy's! 



What a lovely morning we have had.  We all piled into my Highlander and went to DressMart in Onehunga, the girls had a good look around and Steve finally got himself some really nice shoes.
We then dropped the girls off at the train station so they could go into town and we went over to Mission Bay and had lunch at Masala Indian Restaurant again.  It was lovely.

There was a man standing outside an eatery with his Bearded Dragon on his shoulder, and he let the kids have a turn:

ABOVE: Griffin thought is was awesome, while Brylee didn't really like it... I think she was worried about being bitten.

ABOVE:  Steve's new 'dress' shoes.  He loves them... the twit even caressed them on his cheek... lol!  He got some really nice black Nike sneakers to wear to work too.

Killing time now until Stew and I head into town for the rugby game... we are going on the train as far as I know.

AND YES, I am going... rain, hail or shine.  Everyone has been telling me I HAVE TO GO... cos I will love the atmosphere if nothing else.  *sigh*.... I better enjoy it or all you buggers are in for it.
And I am not nice when I am cold and crabby.  *sniff*


HI to GLENYS from Aussy, nice to 'meet' you.  Thanks for the lovely email... your wee Bella is adorable ... of course!  I can see she is a much loved wee dog.

End of Day:  as I have no intention of blogging when I get home, this is 'it' for the day.  I will tell you what I thought of the rugby TOMORROW.  Have a nice evening all you lucky buggers who get to sit in a nice comfy lounge chair watching the telly on ya big screens.   Think of me if it's raining, and poor Stew who will get to listen to me bitch.
nite nite.


  1. And I say go the RUGBY!!!!! I have watched nearly every game I'M LOVING IT!!! Can't wait for Wales Samoa tomorrow of course I will post photos of us dressed up to the nines!!!!

  2. I hope it stays dry so you can go to rugby.
    I'm glad I'm not able to get one of those pups...they are all so cute it would be too hard to choose.

  3. I hate to see them go- they have been SO much fun and you are right - it is terribly hard to take a good picture as they are too full of "wiggles". LOL

  4. Enjoy the rugby. It should be a good game. Everyone is right about the atmosphere it is completely different.

  5. I hope you're enjoying your night out and that the weather is being kind to you!

    Love Steve's shoes ... hehehe ... nice "Canterbury" colours :))

  6. OMG you're at the Ireland/Aussie match? I am so jealous I could just CHOKE. I was at a friend's house in Mt Eden and as I left to get to my car, I heard the roars from the gave me such a LONGING to part of the roaring group!

    Also, if you meet Ireland's number 5 - tell him to give me a call, would you? hehehe.

  7. Ha... now don't say you didn't enjoy THAT rubgy match!!!!! Bloomin magic :)

  8. I bet ya glad you went now WHAT A GAME we yelled and screamed the house down when Ireland WON go the Irish!!!! Hope you enjoyed it.

  9. You lucky witch for being there for that game. I am very very jealous!!!!! You will have had the best time ever!! :-)

  10. Anonymous2:03 AM

    The pups are darling! I'm sure you won't have trouble selling them. Steve's shoes are something else! Never seen anything quite like them! ...debbie


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