Friday, September 23, 2011


SO,  I knew the day would come when the puppy area would take over most of the Family Room... and it has.

ABOVE:  now we have three clearly defined 'areas'... sleep, play and poop.  Here's hoping they have learnt enough over the past few weeks to tell which is which.

Although I know it is going to be hard parting with them (except Kiba), I will enjoy having my room back to normal I must say!  And not smelling puppy poop all day long!  Not the nicest smell ... but in saying that... I am quite positive we will do it all again in about a year!

Having Emily has been delightful too... but I'm glad she's going home tonight!  I miss uninterrupted nights!  AND sleeping in a bit!  What with her and the pups I am getting tired!  It's not the same in ya freakin' 50's I have to admit.

When I think back to when I had all 6 kids at home... (10 yrs and under) I don't know how I did it!
Except, I WAS 20 years younger!

Anyway, enough yakkity yak, got to go feed 6 pups, one infant, and make lunches for B, G & S.

AND THEN... Brylee and I (and Emily) are off to see some Psychologists at Whirinaki Mental Health Services.  OH Yaaaa.  Brylee's school teacher thinks Brylee has serious self esteem issues which she thinks is down to her feeling abandoned by Lacy.  What the hell would she know I ask you? 

Brylee is fine.  Yes,  she struggles to make friends and maintain them... but to ME it's down to her personality.  With Brylee it's got to be HER WAY or FUCK OFF.  No wonder she can't keep friends! 

Doesn't matter how much we talk to her about BEING A NICE PERSON will get you friends... she still does the same shit over and over again.  We have seen it with her interactions with Griffin and her cousins.  Ain't rocket science people.

I am doing really well with being careful what's going in me gob... so what does my ever so loving son do last night?

ABOVE:  he came home with two blocks of chocolate and stood in front of me and asked me if I wanted any!
I said 'NO' of course, so then he stood in front of me and did this:

ABOVE: he rubbed them on his nipples!  What a shit.  A cheeky shit at that.


Been there, done that... and I tried to be NICE.  I was completely open and honest about why I feel Brylee struggles with relationships ( down to her PERSONALITY)... bla bla bla.  They asked me all sorts of questions about Brylee's history... family shit....

A MALE PSYCH NURSE spoke to Brylee in another room... and he came back and said "Wow she can talk can't she?" !!!

DOH, we know, we know.  It's all about Brylee in our house... well in her head anyway.

Seems all she bleated on about was how NASTY Griffin and Steve are to her, and how she wants a lock on her bedroom door so Griffin can't get in her room!  WTF?  He virtually NEVER goes in her room cos on the rare occasion he does she screams the house down.  

I knew I would come away from the meeting cross, and I have.

I am over so called 'experts' butting into my life and the life of my family.   We are doing no wrong so butt out.  I DO know what I am doing when it comes to raising stroppy little madams.  I've had a few of those already!

Hee hee, I couldn't help myself:  I just had to ask both the Psych people how many kids they had?  Apparently NONE at all.  Hmmmm... what did that tell me?  Theory is all very well, but try actually RAISING  a few (or 8) then tell me what to do...  mmm OK?  They both laughed.  I was SERIOUS people.

Right, now that's done... Emily and I are home, Brylee is at school... and my tummy is telling me it's almost lunch time, so I'm outta here, must get some food in me gob.

It's been a busy afternoon... I finally got the pups out on the grass this afternoon!  The weather was so nice I thought, why not?  I know Steve wanted to be here to see them on the grass for their first time, but by the time he gets home it's gone cold out there.

I got some really lovely photos of them all... will put some on the blog tomorrow.  I sent some to the new owners of Bruiser, Rhino and Chico... I hope they like them.

I decided to carry Emily outside too, so I picked her up while she was in her walker... and as I stepped out of the doo  the rubber matting on the concrete slipped out from under me and Emily and I went over for six!  

Luckily (as we always do) I managed to save the baby from harm... but did in me right knee in the process!  Lost lots of skin... OUCH!  I got a huge fright, was so, so scared the baby might have hit her head on the concrete!

Thank god she was OK!  I felt so bad I rang Stew to just de-stress.   Looking forward to him coming home so I can relax a bit.

ABOVE:  Diet Coke and Tipple, just what the Doctor ordered~   mmmmmmmmm....

There have been some really nice comments today, thank you.
LEIGH:  very well thought out comment, thanks.

End of Day:  feeling a bit sorry for myself.  My knee, toes, inner thighs (I did the splits when I fell) and my right arm are all sore.  *sniff*  Going to have a quiet night with a couple of drinks to wind down.
nite nite.


  1. B reminds me of Chris when it comes to friends, finally I think he has learnt how to keep friends well most of the time. It took him this long though mind you. You wont know yourself with 3 puppies gone, I hope the other two girls find nice homes soon else you might have to keep them lol.....

  2. I agree with the comments you made about Psychologists. Growing up being adopted, if there was any time I was feeling blue, or having a rough time, and I used a Psychologists, as soon as they found out I was adopted, that was the answer.....I had abandonment issues. Which is quite stupid as I actually think it was the best decision my birth parents could have made.
    Don't let them lead her thoughts down a road that shapes her relationship with her mother in the long term. (I say this knowing full well you never would)

  3. Good luck with Brylee, Siobhan has trouble making friends it is just her personality, it is also girls at that age.

    At least Steve kept the wrapper on the chocolate whilst rubbing it all over himself :-)

  4. I didn't want the chocolate either, until I saw what he did with it ha ha!

    Whittakers should use him for their advertisements, bet you 10 to 1 that sales would go up!!! :D


  5. LOL what a goofy boy :)

    Jessica has a hard time with friends too. It's hard to watch!

  6. Anonymous9:27 AM

    ha ha ha your son is hilarious!! Naughty but hilarious lol

  7. Rubbed them on his nipples! Classic! Well, at the very least that should make the chocolate seem *less* attractive. PS: Tom did the same thing last night: came home with two blocks. Arrrrgh.

  8. Anonymous10:25 AM

    I hope you'll be a little open to the psychologist for Brylee. I was in therapy for a year and it was the best thing I ever did for myself, ever!! You'd be amazed at what they can do. The puppy area is Great!! Good thinkin'!! Shut your eyes, don't look at that chocolate. lol...debbie

  9. I do strongly urge you to keep going with the psyche assessment, though, Chris. You may be too close to the real issues. I know girls are a pain in the A to raise, but there could be other issues, which as a parent you wouldn't be able to pick up. Sometimes it needs an outside party to find out these things. It's also better for her to feel she can talk to someone outside the house who won't judge her. Keep it going, and see what comes of it. If nothing else, they can give her the tools to deal with her anger. After our holiday it's back to therapy for my little miss, I can tell you!

  10. No surprises there then, the shrinks couldn't possibly accept that some kids have different personalities just because that is how they are. You & Stew are doing a great job of raising the kids, Brylee will be just fine, she will either learn herself what she needs to do to make & keep friends or she will just be one of those kids who doesn't have heaps of friends - neither option is going to kill her.

    As for abandonment issues, I am was adopted because my birth mother was not able to look after me - best thing that could have happened, I was raised in a loving stable family by parents who wanted & loved me - just like Brylee & Griffin, if anything we should all have feelings of superiority because we were CHOSEN - everyone else just got the parents they were born to - so there lol.

  11. Yes, I agree- your dear Steve should be hired to advertise for the company!He is quiet the creature - just from him you can see you do a wonderful job raising kids!

    O - and puppies too! :)

  12. Anonymous2:10 PM

    I'm with you Chris they are just b..shit. Sorry but they are.I am sure some people get lots out of them etc etc but me it is a waste of time. They need to get their heads out of their books & get a real life experience.
    Hopefully the gym will help her sort out her me me me issues being part of a team makes you have to get on with all sorts & listen to the coach etc etc.
    As for Steve what a shit He will get his payback no doubt
    Mary H

  13. I am so behind on blog reading, the puppies have grown so much and are adorable!!!!!

  14. Chris, do what you think is right. After all you have raised a bunch of kids and they turned out okay. Updated my blog and changed the name -

    So will update regularly. I know you frantic trying to be wonder woman. Give Teddy a kiss for me. I would love a photo of him. Martine x

  15. So glad you are Ok after the fall.. and even more glad the Emily is ok! It's just the greatest fear that they will get injured while in our care. Won't it be strange going back to two dogs and just one pup - will be nice though for them to get thier new homes.

  16. Leigh6:07 PM

    One of my kids had trouble at school playing up and not good making friends. Was told it was because I hadn't bonded with him as he had a difficult birth. I said Bull Shit. Was because he was very clever and was bored in class, he didn't get on with other kids as he was more mature and they resented him as he was clever. We moved him up a year at primary, and then was moved up again in some subjects at high school. He was a different kid within weeks of the first move, as loved harder class work. The friends things took a bit longer, but he really blossomed socially at high school. Today he is a great young man, makes friends easily and still is in contact with high school friends too. He has his degree and has a very good job in Aus. Sometimes kids just go through shit times, they do come out the other side, you just have to be there for them and on their side, which I'm sure you are. No ones a perfect parent we all do the best we can, but I hate how these 'professional people' think it's always the Mothers fault. Pretty rich these people telling you what to do and the have no kids! Thay know nothing then do they, it all changes when it's you own kid, and you don't know that til you have your own. Anyway rant over, but I'm with you Brylee has to learn how to keep friends herself, she will when it is important enough to her.

  17. I am glad Emily didn't get hurt when you fell. It gives you such a shock but so many of us have arsed over while carrying kids. Have a nice relaxing evening - maybe a spa would ease the pain.

  18. Hope your injuries heal quickly. Have a good weekend.

  19. Oh Chris, so glad you are both ok, I agree, a spa would help ease the pain and bruising for you, you poor thing. (HUGS)

    Hope you can relax tonight and feel better tomorrow..


  20. I do hope the baby and you are feeling alright it gives you a scare alrigth THAT STEVE if he did that to me I would have held him down and eaten the choccy off his tummy whilst HE WAS HOGTIED!!!!!!!

  21. I think your 'ever loving son' maybe should visit the psychologist too!

  22. the pups are too cute...
    hope you popped steve right on his teasing head! LOL.. he is too funny I think you might should knock him over and take that candy from him...
    as for brylee... well been there done that girls with tudes eventully adjust she appears to be one happy healthy gal keep on like you are... you are a great mummy.
    glad emily is ok and hope you are too falling is just bad and painful!
    love ya big hugs

  23. Awww I hope you are feeling better! I fell once holding a little one and hurt for 6 months. I was convinced I broke something.


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