Monday, September 19, 2011


I bathed the puppy's for the very first time yesterday.  What a mission!
I did three then had to stop as they all got the shakes REALLY  badly, especially Chico, who was shaking so hard she could hardly stand up!

I freaked out to be perfectly honest!  I was scared one of them would die of fright!

We ended up wrapping them up and just holding them close for ages to settle them down, which thankfully worked.

ABOVE: the first three to be bathed.  I had to take a break after doing them as I was so worried for them!

ABOVE:  the other three were much better than the first lot.   In the last photo I stuffed up me little 'Copyright' logo... put two on!  derrr.  Still learning how to do it!
I'm trying to make my photos safe from poachers!   lol

TODAY:  Taking Griffin to his Speld lesson early this week, as  his class has a trip on Thursday and he can't go to Speld that day.   So no doubt I will sit in the car and read on my Kindle!   I love my Kindle!
I ordered a pretty PINK cover for it from Amazon and I expect it to arrive any day now.

Once I'm home again it is wash the floors day.  Yaaaaa.  Can ya hear the joy in me voice at the thought? 
 Ahh huh... I thought so.

I'm making lunches... still in me nightie I might add.. and there's a knock at the front door.  BUGGER!  Have not even washed me face yet... oh well... I open the door and guess what arrived?

ABOVE: isn't it pretty?
I must be going soft in me old age.. while I LOVE blue, I'm loving pretty pink too!  Now my kindle's screen is safe from damage.
Oh and yes, I did end up getting it from Dick Smith's.  I got a phone call only 3 days after ordering it saying it had arrived.  I've had lots of fun 'playing' with it... getting to know how to use it...and of course ... buying a few books!

Ikkky day.  Cold and wet.  Spent an hour and a half sitting in me car reading on me Kindle while Griffin has his lesson.  I was freezing... then too bloody hot, then freezing... you get the drift!  Friggin hot flushes.  Pfffft.

Home now, got washing drying in the drier... more dripping wet on the line. 
Dinner tonight will be Nachos, that should make the family smile.  Me?  Not nachos!  I have not been VERY  good this week, so am not expecting a huge loss at weigh in tomorrow... but hopefully a little one.

MARY H:  yes I was serious actually.  Personal photos on my blog have appeared elsewhere without my permission. 

End of Day: another busy day... the pups are needing more attention now... and you would not believe how much poop 6 puppy's can produce!  What fun.  lol
nite nite.


  1. Am glad my little Chico is alright, I would freak if something happened to her and we don't even have her yet lol....... When did you get your Kindle, was it from Dick Smith in the end ??

  2. AWWWhH - they are so sweet. You are doing such a wonderful job with them. I know it usually take me two hours if I do all of mine -but that does include the holding and loving after the bath.

    How nice that you enjoy your kindle! I would like to see your pink cover when you receive it.

  3. Awesome, I am seriously thinking of getting something like that, cause with my arm I find book reading hard, turning pages holding book open etc.... maybe Father Christmas might be nice to me this year lol...

  4. Leigh9:34 AM

    you know there are heaps of free books you can download too? just search free ebooks on amazon

  5. I love my Kindle too. I take it everywhere with me - so light and compact.

  6. Awww they are so stinking cute!! I probably say that everyday but they are lol.

    I love pink :)

  7. Oh and I've been adding my name to my pics too. I've been looking at my "stats" and seeing things in some weird places so I want to at least put my name on them to discourage that a bit.

  8. Anonymous4:07 PM

    You're not serious about poachers on your blog ru?
    Mary H

  9. Aww, the puppies are so darn cute. Glad they warmed up and cuddled for a while.

    LOVE the new pink Kindle case. I'm a big Kindle fan. ENJOY.


  10. sorry to be thick wat is a kindle???

  11. I had that happen on Facebook. Luckily by someone I knew, but I was very surprised to see them all on their page!

  12. The puppies are more and more gorgeous a seach day passes, The puppies had the shakes and shivers!? lucky they had warm cuddlers to cuddle eh lucky.......

  13. Anonymous10:40 PM

    You are doing such a lovely job with the pups they are so beautiful.

    We have one called Zara she is nearly 14 and so loving and docile, and not so well.....and one called Suzie who is 18 months old who loves cuddles but is a little so& so full of the joys of spring as they say , they are both champagne /white, and

    GUESS WHAT.... on the 1st of Oct we are getting a black/white 8 week old called Bliss,. we have had Shiddies for 26 years now and the lady who we get them from is retiring so this will be her last litter, so with Zara getting on we thought why not.

    One question though , if you don't mind me asking I see you said you are only allowed to keep 2 dogs , so god forbid you cannot find homes for them all what happens. we have no restriction over here UK. that I know of.

    Do hope Steve is enjoying his new Job,

    Us brits always talk about the weather here and in a nut shell it is bloody awful wet/cold/

    joanx UK
    PS sorry it is so long.

  14. Why did the dogs need a bath anyway? My dogs hate it beforehand, but love it during and after the bath. Garden hose, back porch...
    I have the same Kindle cover, but brown, my wife has the orange.

  15. Anonymous4:42 AM

    Did you think about getting your hair dryer out? We used it on our kittes to keep them warm so they didn't get chilled. works great. Pups are so darn cute. Will hate to see them all go!!...debbie
    PS I like your pink Kindle holder!

  16. my kindle cover is brown and identical i love it... love the pups baths glad they all survived it and that you did too!


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