Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Look who got dropped off last night to spend a few days with us:

ABOVE:  Emily!  She has a nasty cold and mild conjunctivitis, so can't go to daycare... so we have her! 

ABOVE:  Meeting the pups...

ABOVE:  Emily thought the pups were very interesting...

ABOVE:  She just wanted to get her hands on one of them!  That's Kiba in front of her, Steve's puppy.

ABOVE X's two:  Steve getting monstered by the pups... one latched on to his ear and he let rip with a squeal!  ha ha ha

ABOVE: Grey had a good go at eating my computer desk... later on there were about 4 of them giving it a go!

ABOVE: Emily getting her nappy changed, she was crying quite loudly and most of the puppy's stood staring at her... probably wondering what the hell was that noise!

ABOVE:  the pups love investigating strange things... and the baby's wipes were irresistible!

Today... well clearly I won't be working at the Hospice Shop today!  I think Emily and I will go... SHOPPING!  lol


Two things I forgot to mention yesterday!
Lunch with 'Beastie Girl' was lovely, we get on so well!

AND... Grey (Rhino) is SOLD!  He is going to a lovely family down in Wellington.  We are flying him down end of next week.  *sob*   I am worried about how he will handle the trip, but I am fairly confident Air New Zealand will take care of him.

Now we just have Purple (Bee Bee) and Yellow (Tulip) to go.

Emily and I are heading out soon to pay some bills ... and pop into the Hospice shop to let them know I won't be in today. 

Wee Emily and I had a lovely time shopping.. we visited the ladies at the Hospice Shop and picked up a few items of clothes for Emily.... then we went to the Mall in Manukau and I finally paid off my Farmer's Account (and I never, ever intend to use that card again!  I am chopping it up).

Then we went to the bag shop and paid some money on my Lay-By luggage... and I saw some really NICE  Guess Handbags that would match my new luggage.

Well, Emily INSISTED I have a really good look at them while she charmed the sales lady... so I did!

I found one I really liked and Emily INSISTED I buy it!  I got 30% off it as we had joined their Loyalty Club recently.  So although it was a nasty price, I got lots off !

Emily was so pleased I listened to her.  So am I.
ha ha ha!

ABOVE: my new handbag.  You can never have too many handbags ... RIGHT? 

After there we went to the supermarket and bought some salad stuff for my lunch and some baby food and new bottles for Emily.  Pretty pink bottles with handles!
Might show ya tomorrow.. I JUST KNOW you wanna see 'em!

MARY H:  Ahhhh,  NO shoe shops today!  Emily DID want to look at diamonds, but I had to tell her no, as Grandma already  has enough of those.  And we didn't want Granddad to have a heart attack today!  lol

I had a very healthy lettuce/smoked chicken salad for lunch.  I'm very proud of myself.  It was pointed and I tracked it.  Tick. Tick.

I think I'm mad, a right nutter!
When I have more than enough to do around the house, what with puppy's newspaper needing changing, numerous loads of washing to put out and get in, baby to look after, vacuming desperately needed,  yadda, yadda, yadda.... WHAT do I decide to do?

Sort through all our books and make piles to go to the hospice shop, a pile to donate to the local Pottery Club, and of course a pile to chuck out, then I move a few shelving units around...  so now?  I'm knackered! 

Oh and have I ever mentioned that my house now smells like a dog's kennel?  No?  WELL IT DOES.  8 freaking dogs in the house.... puppy poop seemingly never ending... yep, it's joyful!  At lease the pups only poop in their pen.
That's something to be happy about I suppose.

TINA:  each to their own is my motto.  What you do in your house is your business, what we do in our's.. is our's. 

END OF DAY:  a really busy, but enjoyable day.
I'm still on track and feeling for the first time in years that YES, I can do it again.  Only this time I must make changes FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.  Clearly I cannot eat how I WANT TO, but how I NEED TO.
nite nite.


  1. Gosh the puppies are so big already!! Have fun with Emily :)

  2. The puppies are so adorable. It would break my heart to let them go!

    Enjoy your day!

  3. The puppies and Emily are just gorgeous AND Steve makes for a good chew toy, little puppy teeth are very sharp.......

  4. Anonymous1:15 PM

    That is hilarious Think someone needs to have a wee talk to Emily about her spending habits TG she didn't take you to the shoe shop.
    Or did she?
    Mary H

  5. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Gee I wished I looked that happy with a bad cold! Got one now actually. My husband can't understand why women need so many handbags. I just say it's a girl thing, we have so many to chose from and men are just jealous! WOMBAT

  6. Hey! I just realised I can't meet you for lunch on Tuesday next week as I'll be in Wellington! I'm back on Friday day on the 30th though, so perhaps then, the weekend, or just on tuesday as usual?


  7. Anonymous2:25 PM

    The puppies are just beautiful! If I lived in New Zealand, I might be forced to get one! So cute. Emily is growing up fast!...debbie

  8. Well, Emily is just a delightful shopping partner.

  9. I don't know that you will be allowed to go shopping with Emily again - she is obviously a bad influence :-).

  10. Puppies are adorable, Emily is just perfect. Excuse me for saying but for me it is hard to see the picture where Amanda is with street boots and Emily is on the same floor without blanket or other protection. That's something I never did with my kids.

  11. No doubt :)

  12. LOL at Tina's comment. Oh dear. Best not come to my house - it is very tidy and very clean but yes, shoes are allowed inside. Kid's immunity trives on such stuff!!

  13. I didn't say anything about allowing shoes in the house :) I only mentioned putting babies face so close to the same floor.
    And no doubt - everyone does what she thinks is best to her baby :))

  14. Well I reckon you could go out for the day and leave the baby to take care of the pups and the pups to take care of the baby and things would be just fine!

  15. Luv the handbag! And the puppy smell will not be so bad in a couple weeks when the last two pups are out. It will be so odd having that whole living room to yourselves. :)

    PS I am guessing you are putting labels on each pic b/c people are stealing them and reposting?


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