Thursday, September 29, 2011


When I arrived at the Hospice Shop yesterday morning I was greeted by a huddle outside the back door ... the Boss and three of the volunteers were standing there talking.   I joined them and was told I could not go inside yet as 'The Volunteer's Manager'  was inside talking to Mrs Smelly Pants!

I asked "What about?"

Seems SOMEONE (NOT me!) had laid a complaint about her farting and being so offensive as to do it in front of staff and customers!

I was gobsmacked!   I was ABOUT to do just that myself, but someone beat me to it!

Once the Manager left we all went back inside and pretended to know nothing about it!

Mrs Smelly Pants was quiet, and for once did NOT fart!   So one has to wonder.... did she manage to 'hold them in'?  or was she just not full of wind yesterday?   lol

The V.Manager said she was going to keep a close eye on the 'situation' and probably 'manage' Mrs Smelly Pants out of the job.  Nice.

Today: Taking Griffin to his Speld Lesson.  I am not going to Pukekohe today, I will just read on my Kindle I think. 


Yaaaa... Jackie (Hippygal) just let me know that Chico had a good night!  Apparently she only cried for about 5 minutes then slept all night!  How lucky can ya get?  Most pups cry for hours when first taken from their litter/Mum.

CLEARLY I have raised well adjusted puppy's!  ha ha ha.

Do you believe in 'fate'?  Well I do.

I had planned to read my kindle while Griffin had his lesson eh?
BUT NO, I decided on the spur of the moment to go into Pukekohe and have a walk.

I stopped at my MOST favourite shop in the world (apart from fabric shops that is!)... 'The Complete Garden'.  And wouldn't you know it... they were having a '2nd's and Damaged' sale out the back!

So I wandered out the back. (Well come ON! who wouldn't?)  There were two gorgeous wall clocks out there (I've had me eye on those clocks in the shop for ages),  and both were heavily reduced.

Normal price :  $389
One was $200 as the clock was not working.
The other was $115 as it was missing one of the clock's hands. 

So... I said I would have the cheaper one to the Sales Lady,  and we proceeded to take it up to the counter.  But before we got there I noticed the missing hand was taped to the side of the frame.  The Sales Lady said it was still only $115 as we had agreed the price already.  SCORE! (I love that sales lady)... I'm sure Stew or Steve can fix it!

ABOVE:  so, what do ya think?  I LOVE IT!  The coffee mug is there to give you an idea of how big it is.  It is made of solid metal.

ABOVE:  the 'missing' clock hand.

ABOVE: oh and I got these two darling serving dishes from the Hospice Shop beside Griffin and Brylee's school this morning too.  NOT the shop I work at.

So, I think you could say I've had an EXCELLENT day so far.

This afternoon I have to take my Highlander (vehicle) to the Dealer as it is flashing a warning on the dash about the Vehicle Stability Control.... *sigh*... I'm thinking it is still under Warranty though.  Fingers Crossed!

This day just gets better and better!  The repair to the electronics in me car was COVERED BY WARRANTY!  Yaaaaa hoooooo.   No cost.    I am taking it back on Monday to have one of the little indicator lights replaced though... it needs to be done for the Warrant of Fitness.  But that's fine.

I also got a phone call today that made me go "YES !"... but I'll save that little gem for tomorrow!  hee hee.  A Hint:  I was proved RIGHT.

End of Day:  I couldn't have asked for a better day .... hopefully tomorrow will be good too.
nite nite.


  1. Thank goodness someone stepped up and you didn't have to be the bad guy. It was high time someone talked to her!

  2. You will be pleased to know that Chico had an awesome night, about 5 minutes of crying when first put to bed then nothing else for the rest of the night :-)

  3. Awwww... Chico looks awesome in Hippygal's avatar there... Glad someone is talking to the smelly lady. She sounds rude really from your past descriptions of her. :(

  4. It looks like the Hospice shop will be a much nicer place to work now.

    Yay for Chico having a good nights sleep, I am sure she is going to be so happy with Jaxx.

  5. She farts everyday? Or was it just a bad day?
    This is hilarious.
    I guess she thought nobody would know it was her.

    Remember the golden rule of farting "He (or she) who smelt it, dealt it!

  6. Have an Iphone 4 so a flash phone lol....

  7. Must be awful for the V mgr to have to talk to someone about farts! I don't think I could ever do that. When I was in school, I had a classmate who sat in front of me with horrid breath - it gave me migraines. My bff urged me to tell the horrid breath about it but how could I? So I endured it till we left school. The worst part was she would come very close to your face when she speaks to you.

  8. Absolutely love the new clock!!! Bargain!! ...Wish I had one actually... LOL. I am having a big new piece of furniture delivered tomorrow, so stay tuned xxx

  9. Whew! Great news about the fart lady.
    Your clock is gorgeous.

  10. The clock is beautiful, and a great bargain. You will be patting yourself on the back for waiting. It sounds like an awesome shop - maybe one day I'll get there and check it out.

    What a fantastic day so far!

    Penny xo

  11. Sounds like a perfect day for a perfect gal! : )

  12. What an awesome clock !!!

  13. So pleased Mrs Trumpet arse has been reprimanded about time, I LOVE the clock what a bargin, Yay for Chico and Jaxx.

  14. I love love love that clock!!

    What a great day you had, can't wait for tomorrows update.

  15. Gorgeous clock. Glad to hear that the day was A+ all around :)

  16. Wonderful day indeed. Enjoy your new purchases. Glad to hear the pup is doing well.

  17. The clock is absolutely gorgeous. What a great find. Well spotted! I like the serving dishes, too.


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