Sunday, September 04, 2011


First off, Kelly and Rena are visiting.  We haven't had them here for a while as we didn't want an inquisitive 3 year old near the would have been too stressful for Coco.
As it is we will have to 'fence off' the pups from Rena,  as I'm sure she will try to touch them!  We can't have that as they are still too little.

Then after lunch we are expecting Jaxx from Rotorua to visit ... she is picking her girl puppy!  I am so happy she is going to adopt one of our pups... at least I will be able to see how she (the pup) is doing on Jaxx's blog!

I wonder which girl she will pick???
Quite exciting.... and I know Jaxx is very excited too.  

And that's all we are expecting to happen today!

As promised yesterday, here is an up-to-date photo of the puppy's Dad, Mac:

ABOVE: this is Mac.  He's a fine specimen of a boy!  And he has a really lovely nature... very friendly.

ABOVE:  here we have Rhino (Grey boy) thinking about how to get out of the box!  It won't be long before we have to shut that door!

I am going to start referring to the puppy's by their 'colour' again.... the breeder yesterday said it makes it harder to sell them if they 'seem' to already have a name!  So, back to colours when referring to them.  (in our home they will still be called by the names we gave them)


I got out of bed (finally) just as Kelly arrived!  hee hee.
It's Father's Day here today, so because it's so hard to buy ANYTHING for Stew we went down to the Mall so he could choose something.
But... Steve rang and said Jackie was due to arrive so we headed back home ...

Jackie and her Husband David arrived and after much discussion chose Pinky as their new dog.
I'm sure if they could have, they would have taken her home right there and then!

ABOVE:  Jackie with Pinky (no new name yet)...

ABOVE:  me and Jackie and Pinky (asleep, bless her heart) ... Coco never left Jackie alone while she had her puppy!  Super protective she is, such a good mummy dog.

Now that our visitors have left I really should do a bit of housework... Steve and Stew have gone down to Rebel Sports, Stew thinks he will get some shorts for summer and Steve needs a couple more black trousers for work.  WORK!... he starts this Thursday!   I can't wait.... he is going to be so much happier having a job.

ABOVE:  so's Fathers Day... and Stew got up and fed the kids breakfast, then he put a curry on in the crock pot and hung out the washing.... and now?  He just bought ME flowers!  What a man eh?

End of Day:  Stew's curry was WONDERFUL!  What a treat not having to cook on the weekends.
Our son Russell and his partner Tess were on Skype tonight so we got to have a chat and see our youngest Granddaughter Sienna too.  She is the most adorable, cute, smiley little baby!
I took lots of 'snapshots' and will post some of them in a couple of days. 
nite nite.


  1. awww I like the names :)

  2. Geez this photo shows how much they have grown.. wow. It's gonna be hard to see them go .. its so sad. I'll miss them on the blog!

  3. Gosh the puppies sure look like Mac and I hope the visit with Rena goes well for Rena and puppies. Jaxx will I'm sure gush over all of the puppies.

  4. O, they are so sweet and Mac is so lovely and you can tell he has a lovley disposition.

  5. Thank you for a lovely couple of hours and lunch. Really enjoyed meeting you finally :-)

  6. Yip can comment using the phone :-), and we are thinking of naming her Chico.

  7. Agreed, Mac is gorgeous! As is that little one [Rhino?] looking over the gate!

  8. Not orange flowers luckily... LOL

  9. Happy Father's Day Stew! You are right Chris, he is a real catch!

  10. Boo, so my plan to get steve to babysit while you guys went out to dinner obviously failed. And did Dad get the money I gave to Kelly to give to dad for Father's Day?? I've had an epic fail for my present to Dad. That sucks.

  11. wat a man indeed u got a good one there Chris hugs

  12. Awww your hubby is great, cooking dinner & bringing you flowers on Fathers Day - not that you don't deserve it.

    I am glad you got to chat & see the new Grandaughter over skype.

  13. I love the pic of Jackie with the puppy resting on her chest. So adorable:)

  14. Anonymous12:55 AM

    I bet your friend can hardly wait to get her little Pinkie home!! So now you have 5 left to find homes for? I bet you'll have no trouble, they are sooo cute!! Happy Belated Father's Day! I think it seemed like it was Mother's Day!! lol...debbie

  15. What a man, your Stew! I'm pretty much feeling nervous about Pinky leaving. So weird huh?

  16. Ah !!! now all is revealed ! I kept wondering why the pups were coloured and coco white .


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