Saturday, September 10, 2011


Check this out !...

ABOVE:  well... that silver fern is a darn sight bigger than mine!  That Hummer has been pimped out with the KIWI SILVER FERN in support of our All Blacks rugby team.   RUGBY WORLD CUP has started and the whole freakin country seems to have gone mad.  *sigh*

Last night was the very first game.   New Zealand ( the All Blacks) vs. Tonga
Oh by the way,  we won against Tonga.... 41 to 10.  

I feel very bad.  I have over 700 unread blog posts in my Google Reader list!  There is no way in hell I can read and comment on them all... so sometime over this weekend I am going to read the LATEST update from everyone on the list and delete the rest.  So Sorry, but life has been just too hectic lately, what with puppies, kids, housework, Speld, Gymnastics, Hospice, keeping MY Blog updated.... life is good but busy!  And there is just not enough time for everything... 

Hee hee, had to snigger to myself this morning as I lay in bed listening to Steve's alarm waking him up... he has to work today.   He's not bothered though as it means his first paycheck will be for 6 days....
I am thrilled as it means he can 'pay his own way' now.... and I will be getting 'board' from him too!  Yipee... more dollars in the kitty for me.

Stew is outside now sorting out all the packing that came with the lounge suite yesterday.  We are taking it down to the refuse centre sometime  today.  There sure is a lot of it!

Off now to hang out the washing, then I think we are going out.  It's a glorious day here today... not a cloud in the sky!

WE had a little outing, lunch out... picked up a new Leather Care Kit courtesy of Harvey Norman's.... then came home to do some housework.

ABOVE: as requested, more photos of the pups.  I took some cute little videos too, but Blogger isn't letting me upload them.  Pfffffft.

End of Day:  I had a quiet afternoon... while Stew did the gardening and mowed the lawns.  Having a nice quiet evening too... will check out some blogs soon...
nite nite


  1. The fern on that Hummer is CRAZY!

    BTW - I couldn't get the link to work on the video.

  2. I am loving the HUMMER now thats hardcore pimpage. "Our kapa haka kids are Officially welcoming Wales on Monday huge powhiri performance and dinner they are sooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous7:55 AM

    You gotta be kiddin'!! 700!! wow! You've got a great following!!Of course I love your Blog and love hearing about the puppies, all the mishaps, quilting, much fun!!...debbie

  4. You can't help but get swept up a bit in the rugby. We even got tickets to a game on Sunday.

  5. What is the background on the name All Blacks. Where I live in the US rugby is almost unknown. I'll be happy to root for your All Blacks if you'll root for my Phillies in the baseball World Series.

  6. I've never seen a Rugby game.

  7. Lucky you having a lovely day yesterday we had summer today winter is back :( Have a lovely weekend

  8. Love the new lounge suite...

    Beautiful day here today, enjoy yours :-)

  9. Chris, don't feel you have to comment on everyone's blog all the time! I love comments too but you have a life after all. Take care and enjoy the wonderful Auckland weather. And yay again for Steve!

  10. I think the doggies are so cute - everyone just wants to love them and hug them....Did I mention that I love them!

  11. I am eternally grateful that Tom isn't into watching sports on TV at all. Well, he might tune in to catch the cricket scores now and again during summer, but that's it. PS: if it's any consolation, he is joined at the hip with his computer and I find that EXTREMELY irritating! He take the stoopid laptop into every room he goes in. He even looks at it while he's feeding Corbin!!

  12. Your fern is different and cooler.

    Just because someone comments on your blog, doesn't mean you are in debt.
    Everyone likes to get comments, and it's nice you want to comment back to everyone who comments on your blog, but you don't owe and shouldn't feel bad.

  13. The puppies are looking great! I like your new furniture. Don't think it's too dark, because the room is so nice and bright.


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