Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I am worried... I could have tried much harder this week.  I didn't change too much, and therefore I am probably not going to do that well.
I expect this:

I still need to work on changing the bad habits that came back.
Work on changing FOR GOOD.
Getting off the yo-yo dieting, merry go round.

I will.  I know I will.  And as long as it keeps bugging the shit out of me, I have to keep trying.

After weighing in at Weight Watchers, I'm meeting Beastie Girl for lunch again.  That's something nice to look forward to.

ABOVE:  two super cute photos of Chico.... after her bath.  Jackie in Rotorua is going to be Chico's new Mum from next Wednesday!  OMG, that is not far away now. 
I better start toughening up!

I think Coco has finally stopped nursing the pups.  How do I know this?

Because for the past two days the pups have been waking up at around 6.30 and howling!
I drag myself out of bed and make their breakfast (puppy pellets soaked in hot water), you should see them hoe into the food now!
I was concerned before that Coco would still be nursing them when they left home!  Not any more.

HAND ON ME HEART... for the first time EVER I can say I was stunned with my weigh in !!!

  ***  I   LOST   3.5   FRIGGIN   KILOS   !!!!! ***

I really don't know how that happened?
Maybe I was subconsciously watching portions?  Cos I sure in hell wasn't THAT good!

Bloody hell, imagine what I can do if I really put my mind to it!   Well... we will see next week!

End of day:  there is no rest for the wicked.  I must be VERY wicked.
More on that tomorrow.
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:01 AM

    Good luck Chris on your weigh-in. I am trying to lose weight also, and I have a big amount to go. I've not been a yoyo dieter...just didn't bother to diet. Now I have the big bill to pay. :}
    I think the most important thing for me is to stop eating after supper, and to have supper early! sigh~ I'm trying really hard.

    I'm sure you'll make your goal!

  2. Good luck on your weigh-in , I know it is so very hard.Seems like it is an uphill battle all the way with weight.

    AAAAHHHHH Man! Just one more week to enjoy sweet little Chico! That was the one that DH talked me into letting go of and I deeply regret it.But , I am thinking positive with yours - she will get a perfect new forever home because she is a little angel.

  3. Hi Chris,

    I've got something on my fridge that might resonate with you.....

    Take a compass, not a watch as the direction you're heading in is much more important than the time it takes to get there.

    You'll get there!

  4. I am so excited to be getting her, it is really perking me up and I promise to look after her and give her so much love :-) - Good luck at weigh in and have a great lunch.

  5. Good luck at WW.

    At least you know Chico is goung to a goid home and I am sure her new Mum will blog frequently so you will be able to see how she us getting on.

  6. GL on your weigh in! I should go back to WW too.

    We'll all be crying when the puppies are gone! At least we can watch Steve's :)

  7. Natalie, I really like that. I need to remember that myself. Hope it resonates with you Chris! and good luck with weigh in... Penny xo

  8. Oh dear me, how are we going to cope with the puppies leaving. It gives me great joy that Hippygal is going to get one, I used to read her blog. I will be so very very sad when the puppies go to their new homes. Poor Coco ! Martine xx

  9. Good luck for the weigh in, and one week GOSH try to keep busy busy busy, but the upside I get to see Chico cause she will be closer to me!!! yayayayyyyyyyy if I can't have a puppy i can sure go visit one eh!!!

  10. Well, good luck at the weigh in.
    I like a cereal called All Bran Bran Buds.
    I think it might help you loose weight if you want to try it.

  11. Bloody wonderful loss there :-)

  12. Well done Chris. Great effort.

  13. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Maybe all the exercise @ the rugby.
    Standing up Sitting down Walking to the train. Could be the spa
    Well done you put some money in the jar
    Mary H

  14. Wow! That would've been a big surprise - I just about fell off my chair when I read that! Go Chris!

  15. Congrats on losing weight. This the best kind isn't it? When it came without you going hungry.

  16. Well done on today's result :)

  17. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Good job!! That's awesome!!

  18. Go girl!! You did brilliantly, keep it up!!

  19. 3.5kg that is frickin amazing. Well done.

  20. Wonderful weigh-in! Congrats

  21. thats awesome! congrats and keep up the good work!!!!!

  22. Well done on the weigh in.


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