Friday, September 02, 2011


I told you all the other day about needing to buy another car for Stew (Husband) to get him to and from work eh?
Well we have been working on getting the finance in place so we could do that.  It's looking good!  So maybe that is our three in a row of good luck?

Shame really, cos I would have much rather won LOTTO as our number three.  But still... at least we don't have to worry about how the man will get to work now. 

We still have the company car for another month or two, so I'm thinking Steve will be able to use Kermit the Viva in the meantime?  Will have to look into getting him listed as a driver on our insurance me thinks.  He already uses my Highlander on and off...

TODAY?  Well.. I'm not sure!
Perhaps I could have a go at putting those darts in the apron I made the other day to make it fit better?
Then maybe start on a wee girl's dress!  Now there's an idea...


I just spent 40 MINUTES on the phone organising insurance for the new car!  OMG... 40 bloody minutes!  AND it's going to cost an arm and a leg to insure it.... As Stew just said ... we need to look around and get prices on an alternative insurer as the one we are with now is SO EXPENSIVE!  It's going to cost over $100 A WEEK to cover our home/contents/and two cars.  *sigh*
I know it's a necessary evil... but still... 0ver $100 a week is daylight robbery!

ABOVE:  There is just NO WAY all the pups can fit along Coco's body now to feed.... so this is what they do!  That is Bruiser lying over Coco to feed!  Too funny.  I'm going to start trying them on Pro Plan Puppy food in a day or two... they will probably need it very soon as Coco is feeding them less often.

JAXX:  yes Coco will have another litter, but not for a year or so.  She will need to build up her condition again before we think about making her go through all that again.  It takes a lot out of the Mother dog to grow,  then feed pups.

As we have thoroughly enjoyed breeding (so far) I don't see why we wouldn't do it again!  It's been magical really... a really neat experience for the whole family.

Teddy still does not have much to do with the pups, he sniffs them but when they try to interact with him he backs away.  I think he's scared of getting 'told off' by Coco!  lol   Once the pups are running around in the family room I think we will have to monitor how he takes to them... he can be a bit stroppy ... so better safe than sorry.

Stew's use of the Company Car was not 'free'.. he had a large chunk of money taken out of his salary every year to cover the costs to the company.  Now we will be getting that money 'back' in the form of an increase in his pay. (that will cover the cost of purchasing the car and running it)

The car we are buying will be our own, not just for getting him to and from work... so we do not expect to 'charge' the company for his using it to get to work.

We will certainly investigate other insurance companies... Tracy thanks for that info.
It certainly is NOT the right time to be switching insurer's, but we will be looking into it to make sure we are not paying more than we need to.

TINA: Hindsight is a wonderful thing eh?  We got Teddy 18 months before we got Coco, and we had him NEUTERED as we did not want a 'humpy' boy dog as we had babies/toddlers in our house often.   Ikkk... humpy dogs and babies?  I think not.

End of Day:  Spare ribs marinated in Sticky Rib Marinade for 24 hours.  DELICIOUS.  That is all.
nite nite.


  1. O Chris,
    I have been playing -catch-up with your blog too since life just plain ran over me once again- but when I read the post about sitting naked on the set out front of their business I about fell off my chair laughing! LOL that is a good one and it takes courage like that to get the attention of some of these guys!

    I don't know if Diet Coke Rocks - But - I do know that YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Go to an insurance broker Let them do the work & they get paid by the insurance companies
    Mary H

  3. That is a ridiculous amount of money for insurance!! We pay $580 for our house contents, $474 for the dwelling insurance, $400 for my car. Stu's is a work car so not sure how much that would cost but even if it is $1000 our total is only $2454 max a year. We go through an insurance broker (ACM Ahlers) who find the best policies for us.

  4. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Puppies are getting cuter by the day! I noticed in wednesday's post where you said Steve's new job is at a furniture store...hope it's not Hardly Normal! Do you have one of those websites in NZ where you can go on and compare all the insurance companies prices? WOMBAT

  5. Lol poor coco..... Bet she can't wait till they are being helped being fed. Are you planning on letting coco have another litter??

  6. Anonymous1:19 PM

    And tell them if he has to use it for work as work has to pay the increase in premium for the private vs business use (other than just driving to work)
    Mary H

  7. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Yep. Go to a broker. You must be able to getba better deal than that!!

  8. Stews car will not have to be insured for business use if he is only using it to go to & from work.

    Insurance certainly isn't cheap but you can get quotes from other insurers, I don't know that a Broker (and I am one) is necessarily the best bet just for house, contents & car insurance, they have limited underwriters they can use (and they are not usually the cheapest). You could look at taking higher excesses on your house & contents, also, exclude drivers under 25 on one vehicle & the other one is the only one Steve (or anyone under 25) can drive.

    If you like I can do some quick pricing through the companies we use but be aware that insurance premiums are rising very quickly at the moment, I have just had notice of another 15% increase from one company from 1 November.

  9. Wow, that is expensive stuff! Good thing Steve doesn't need a car yet...

  10. that insurance is SO high, mine is around the same as Lyndas'.

    Car One: Nissan Maxima insured for $12,000 costs $400 a year

    House and contents is $730 a year

    Car Two: VW Beetle convertable is insured for $8,000 and costs $760 a year because of the high risk of someone cutting into the softtop,

    then I have liability insurance in case any of my cows or animals get onto the road and cause an accident. Liability is for 1 million dollars and costs $352 a year.

    Your $100pw is way to high. Even my rental (which I was told was high risk as I need tenent insurance) is only $766 a year.

    Im sure you can get a MUCH better price then what you have been quoted.

    I'm with AMI for all my insurance except the tenent insurance which is covered by Lumley.

  11. The puppied are so big already! And too cute :)
    May I ask why didn't you choose/let Teddy to father Coco's puppies?

  12. Shit insurance companies they will be raking it in, and I would definately be ringing around. Puppies too darn cute.

  13. Spare ribs in a sticky rib marinade for 24 hours? Can not see how they could be anything but delicious... Have a great weekend, Penny xo

  14. The pups are getting big. I feel so sorry for Coco.

  15. $400 a month is too much. Should be $400 a year

  16. Insurance is expensive here as well. Good luck finding something reasonable. Have a good weekend.

  17. Oh, thats understandable!


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