Thursday, September 08, 2011


So... big excitement today as No' 5 (Steve) finally heads off to work.
I hope his day goes well and he enjoys being out working again.  I know I will enjoy it!  I get my main computer back!

Remember me saying I had found two items of 'treasure' yesterday, one of them being the muffin pan for feeding the pups?  Well here is the other treasure:

ABOVE:  if I can't call the car 'Kermit' then I will have Kermit IN IT !  lol

ABOVE:  The other night I ordered two fern decals for the Viva.  Our ferns will be black, and the silver paintwork on the car will show under them.  Most apt, considering so many of our sporting teams have the 'Silver Fern' as an emblem.
The decals are coming from Australia, so I have to wait a wee while for them.  DEBBIE: the decals will go on the body of the car somewhere... the photo above is just from the site that sells the decals.

Off to Pukekohe today, Griffin has his Speld lesson and I shall have a look around the shops in Pukekohe to kill time.  Such a chore having to shop.... lol!
CRANKY:  re: your comment on yesterday's post.... I wanted to buy him a big bottle of spirits, but when I asked him what he drank, he said he does not drink AT ALL.  So I thought I'd give him some nice cards instead.  I am NO tight arse mate.

Busy morning!  I had done heaps of washing and  hung it out, vacumed, re-arranged a bedroom to fit the green bedsetee in, because when the new suite arrives tomorrow one of the 2.5 seater couches has to go in the family room.  So no room left for the bedsette.  And I don't want to get rid of it as it belonged to my brother Vern and I was given it when he died.

Time to head off to pick up Griffin ....

I dropped Griffin at his Speld Tutor's home and headed into Pukekohe, where I found the most gorgeous metal/copper shallow bowl and some gorgeous shell paper napkins, which I thought would be nice to add to the gift for Fred at Harvey Norman's.

I got home from there in the nick of time... as it was about to PISS DOWN with rain... huge ominous clouds above my house I tell ya!

So, after rescuing all the washing and bringing it in to air.. I wrapped up the gift and took it down to Fred ... he was so cute!  He gave me a REALLY BIG HUG!  Isn't it just the nicest feeling to make someone's day?

Home now and just relaxing for a wee while, I've been on the go all day...

End of Day:  YES, Steve did enjoy his day thanks.      He certainly has a bit of pep in his step now.  so happy for him.
nite nite.


  1. Good news on the work issue , I like your kermit but where are the puppies ?

  2. I know I shouldn't, but I had to laugh that your sticker things are coming from AUSTRALIA! LOL! Bloody Australians! Seeing as our biggest group of immigrants are your lot it makes sense! :D :D :D :D

  3. I need a sticker for my car :) I used to have some cute ones on my old car.

  4. Hope Steve has a good day. I always hated a First day of anything. Maybe there will be some good people and that will make it so much better.

    The little car is so sweet - I am curious to see how the gas milage is??? Your decal is neat.

  5. Anonymous10:14 AM

    I'm a tad confused. Are you putting the fern on the window or the body? It's a great looking decal! I liked your Kermit in the window! very cute! Hope all went well with Steve on his first day!...debbie

  6. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Yeh I'm with cranky. What a laugh that something is actually made in Australia for another country! All our stuff is made in China! Very rare to find something with made in Australia on it although I have thought about getting that tattoed on my butt! Can you get a diet coke can decal for your car? WOMBAT

  7. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I'm liking the Decal nice I hope the new lounge suite looks nice and fits well. Good luck for Steve.

  8. I think the cards are a really nice idea. More meaning than something shop bought.

  9. Have a good day Steve!
    lol @ the stickers coming from Australa as well. I'm in Australia and all the stickers i've ordered for our cars over the years have come from other countries!

  10. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Well did'nt I speak too soon! I went to woolies and bought one of those klip-it plastic containers to keep bickies or spaghetti in and when I got home and washed it, I saw where it was made - New Zealand! Stone the flamin' kiwis! Glad Fred liked his pressie! That was very sweet of you! Good service is hard to find! WOMBAT

  11. Your a good girl Chris. Hopefully Steve enjoys his day. I did expect a photo prior to him leaving. How are my little puppies going ? So very cute I can't stand it. I told Vince the wonderdog about them last night at 2am in the morning. He looks at me like I am brain dead - as he of course doesn't realise he is a dog. I try to explain he is, but then he is sleeping on the pillow with the electric blanket - I advise him some dogs sleep outside !! lol. Martine xx

  12. I am glad fed loved his present, I suspect he doesn't get a lot of thanks for what he does & cops a lot of flak from angry customers.

    I can't wait to hear how Steves first day went.

  13. Hope Steve enjoyed his first day! xxx

  14. Yay Steve! and love the frog... and the big hug.

  15. *jealous* how come you are lucky enough to have a frog in your car?? Mind you, my sister Moose gave me a toy Kermit for my 31st, he sits above our bed, and a few years ago she gave me frog seat covers for the car (till we traded the car in). They had stuffed frogs sewn onto the backs of the front seats! Magic! xx

  16. Hope he loves his new job. very cool decal! (I only call them stickers when I'm taking them off!)
    I also like the Kermit doll but wouldn't have it in my car.

  17. That frog is a perfect addition to the car formerly known as kermit!

    Glad to hear Steve had a good day at work. Nothing really helps more than feeling productive.

  18. Glad to hear Steve's first day went smoothly and he enjoyed.

  19. We vote for Kermit but at least you got one in the back of the car. Ha


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