Tuesday, September 13, 2011


ABOVE:   there they are... the four I have to advertise for sale on TradeMe.  What do you think of the photos?

TODAY:  more of the same... caring for the puppies and Coco/Teddy... doing some housework, maybe go out for a while to the mall.

Sometimes I wish SOMEONE in this city was free to meet me for a 'cofffee and yak'... *sigh*.. you'd think after being here for three years I would have made some friends eh?  Hasn't happened.  Clearly I don't get out enough, or I'm just not friend material?

I'm seriously thinking of re-joining Weight Watchers!  At least I might meet like minded women and strike up a friendship?  That's how I met my best girlfriends down in Palmerston North.  It might work?

...shit I sound like a sad git.  (and Steve is BOUND to tell me so)

ABOVE:  our lounge carpet got a thrashing last night!  We let the puppy's have a run around, it was so gorgeous!  They had not been out in such a large space before and they went nuts... running all over the place.  Teddy did NOT like that at all... so we had to put him in the laundry.
Coco seemed to enjoy chasing the pups around.
I think every one of the pups had a piddle on the carpet too... hence the 'thrashing'... lol.


JACKIE:  the pups will be introduced to the big wide world, and grass, just as soon as it is warm enough to let them outside.  Before now they have been too small as well.  Now that their coats have grown longer they will not feel the cold so much hopefully.
Edit:  Jackie.... yes I probably should re-join one of the patchwork groups eh?  Next term for sure I think. 

BEASTIE GIRL:  thank you!  Will see you at 1pm then. 

Well... I have had a very nice day so far!  I did indeed go and re-join Weight Watchers.. HUGE wake up call when I saw the numbers on the scale.  Have to virtually start from scratch again.
Only way is down from here.

I also met up with 'Beastie Girl' who reads my blog.  Very nervous as usual with meeting a virtual stranger... but it was NICE.  We certainly had no trouble finding common ground to talk about... we had a lovely sushi lunch together then 'did' the shops for a while before I realised what the time was and had to make a dash for home so I'd be there in time for the kids coming home from school.
I made it with about 2 minutes to spare!

Oh and I did manage to do a wee bit of shopping while I was at the mall!

ABOVE: first though... can we all say 'Crowded, much?"  That is Coco and ALL SIX puppy's in the carry case! 
Coco is holding some food in her mouth in this photo... she has never done that before.  She didn't want her lunch when I got home... I hope she's feeling OK.

ABOVE:  *sigh*... yes, I had to get all this 'stuff' AGAIN...

ABOVE: how cute is this?  I went to one of the cheap jewellery stores in the mall and bought a red necklace, earrings and a ring watch!  AND it works.  I think it's so cute.

Totally crap weather right this minute .... and we have to go out again shortly.  It's Brylee's gym day and she LOVES it. 

Dinner?  hmmmm... something quick and easy I think.  Can't be bothered doing much really...  I did roast pork last night so won't feel too bad giving them beans on toast tonight! lol

Friendships... thank god for all you lovely ladies (and men) out there who are my blog friends... if it wasn't for you guys I really would be totally sad and lonely most days. 
OK... obviously I have the family in the evenings and weekends, but during the weekdays it can get very lonely.  Yet, as I said to 'Beastie Girl'... I like being at home too!  I. Can't. Win.   Pfffft.

End of Day:  a nice day when all done and dusted!  Steve is out visiting his 'girlfriend?'... looking forward to a spa tonight!  And I don't care if it is raining!  I updated PEPSI too...
nite nite.


  1. Awww i would love to have coffee with you shame I live on the other island :)

  2. Oh what cute photos, also what I think is a good one, is if you can get them playing outside on a bit of grass - well thats what I think is cute anyway lol......

  3. Um... I am free now - I don't do childcare so let me know if you ever want to meet up. I am also thinking of rejoining WW just to learn the new points etc. Just thinking mind you...

  4. Leigh8:19 AM

    why don't you join a quilting club, thats how I made friends when I moved cities.

  5. Ohhh cute love seeing puppies in the grass - don't know why lol. Because I don't feel the cold now since CRPS, I forget it is cold out there... and what about your sewing class or the class you used to do, think you enjoyed that didn't you??

  6. The photos are gorgeous. Somebody is soon to snap them up and give them a good home. (not better than yours!!).

    Hope you find a group. It can be hard, even in a group with a common interest, to find somebody to really click with.

  7. Totally "get you" with the friends thing. Most of my friends are older than me and have amazing careers - and NO kids. They just don't get the full-on relentless work involved in looking after two young kids. Sigh. If I lived locally, I would absolutely meet you for a long chin-wag! xxx

  8. Pity I lived in WA, would love to meet up for a coffee...

  9. Those are great photos, they are so cute & you can see their adorable wee faces.

  10. Yellow is so gorgeous. If I could have a puppy I'd choose her. I hope they all get lovely homes.

    I think you need to get back out in the social world girl. You're a wonderful friend. Sorry we couldn't catch up. Big Hugs

  11. Darling Chris, I wish you didnt live so far away. I would happily have you around for coffee all the time. How are we all going to cope when the puppies go to their new homes, hopefully with great owners. That is the circle of life, like you, I am going to be heartbroken. Chris, just remember I think you absolutely fabulous - I really do. Just because we haven't meet, it doesn't mean I don't think of you guys as friends. Give Teddy a cuddle for me.

    Martine x

  12. I'm sure those adorable puppies will be sold in no time! So stinking cute!!

    It's hard making friends. I don't have too many right now and some of the ones I do have aren't quite what I'd like but I settle ;)

  13. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit now I really want a puppy waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa they are just adorable IF you didn't live so far away I would visit MORE and have a coffee or three and that delicious GINGER CAKE!!!! you make and even just to cuddle those puppies....

  14. It's a shame we don;t live closer to each other because I'm sure we'd have lots to yak about!

    Those pups are so cute. Coco is an excellent mother.

  15. I have fridays off at the moment but have a wedding this week can meet up next week if you want !!

  16. Oh Chris.. I know how you feel... so glad you could get out today and have lunch and woohoo congrats on joining WW - you'll do great :)

    Puppies are gorgeous as always :)

    Anne (hugs)

  17. You did a good job on the pics of the pups except maybe boy-grey on account you can't see the features too clearly. But the rest? Super. Esp boy-black. Sometimes my singapore blog readers introduce themselves to me at craft markets. When they reveal how much they know about me thru' my blog, i get a little freaked out. (since i know nothing about them)

  18. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Aaawww look at the puppies! They're getting cute now! So is the stick insect still the weight watchers leader? I would meet up with you if I lived in Auckland, but for a hot chocolate cos I don't drink tea or coffee! WOMBAT

  19. Anonymous8:52 PM

    I wish I lived near you and could have a coffee and I bet so many others want to be your friend. I remember the 1st time you commented on my blog and I was so excited!! I told my husband and said to him I can't believe she commented on my blog, she has one of the most read blogs! So without sounding slightly like a stalker you are one amazing lady and I wish you all the best with your new weight watchers journey. Bec

  20. Oh those pups are just adorable!!

  21. I am glad you ended up having a nice day. It is really hard making new friends especially in a new town and having to fit family around everything as well.

  22. you have GOT to stop with these puppie pictures!

    My son has finally coerced me into finally getting a dog, so puppy pictures are all we have been looking at for 2 weeks now... i seriously cant take it anymore!

    they are too damn cute, tho.. would you mind mailing one over to the US?

  23. So glad that you had a nice time with Beastie Girl! It is always lonely when you don't have anyone to chat (and shop) with but it seems like you have found a wonderful way of connecting with new people.

    The puppies are adorable!

  24. All the best Chris, hope you find friendship and more. Good luck with WW. You can do it.

  25. I hope you get great homes for your babies be picky!!!
    I'd love one but your way too far away. They are adorable. I'm watching my weight too, watching it go UP! I'd be your girlfriend; girlfriend.

  26. Hey! No worries, it was awesome meeting up with you - and I'll have you eating seaweed before you even know it :) hehheheeh


  27. Wow, the puppies are getting cuter every day.

  28. If you turn the kennel so the door is up, and give it a good shake, you can probably fit a few more puppies in there!

    Cool watch, with all the screws, it looks strong!


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