Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Today I have some people coming all the way from Whangarei to choose a puppy.  They want a girl, so they get to choose between:


ABOVE:  Bee Bee  

I am very glad it's not up to me!  Both these wee girls are super cute.... and FEISTY!  They're both  the smallest in the litter, but have the biggest personalities.

As it is a fairly long trip down here (3 hrs), they want to take the puppy with them .... which should be fine as first thing this morning I am taking all the pups to the vet for their first Immunisation.  That should be fun!
So, they will be good to go after that.

OMG,  one is leaving today, and tomorrow Chico goes, and on Friday Rhino goes!  

We are holding Bruiser for a couple more weeks as his new owners want to get him for their son's birthday, which is mid October.

So, after today we only have to find a home for Kiba and whichever of the two girls does not get picked today!  WOW!


*sigh*... seems the people from Whangarei can't come today afterall... they are coming in the weekend or next week.
So, all the pups have had their first shots, and no one cried... I shut my eyes so I didn't see the needles!  Eeewwww.

Now I'm off to the mall for weigh in at Weight Watchers... not expecting a loss this week.  I think all the crap I age LAST week will have caught up with me!

Best laid plans and all that!  I decided to re-arrange the puppy's pen again so they could get outside from their pen.... so I got stuck in and before I knew it, I had it done.  It did involve moving furniture, washing the floor again.. bla bla bla:

ABOVE:  the new arrangement.  It means all I have to do is open the sliding door and the pups can get outside.

ABOVE:  here is Kiba "walking the line" puppy style!  Too funny.

ABOVE:  Kiba again, I caught him mid-leap!

ABOVE:  Kiba was the last one to jump out of the house.... it took him about 5 minutes to do it. 

So, after getting that all done... I looked at the time and bugger it!  It was after 12 and I had missed my Weight Watchers meeting... so I am going to attend at the same place but at 7pm tonight.  Maybe there will be more people at this meeting? 
We will see....
At least now I can relax for a while...

Mary H:  Coco can get in through the outside door... but she doesn't spend much time in the pen with the pups now... we had to stop her as all she did was eat all the puppy's food!

I just put one of the extension leave's in the dining table, brought up two more chairs from in storeage and OH I am loving my table there!  It's almost worth sitting at it to eat now!  LOL... we never do that, which is a shame.  I think I'm going to try and foster eating at the table a few times a week!

I was in a really good mood until 3.05pm.   Then the kids walked through the door... and as per usual they were arguing over something trivial.  It really drives me batty.  *sigh*  32 years of having kids means I don't have much tolerance left I can tell ya!  deep breaths.....

LYNDA: yep... it's a bad habit that I am going to try and break a bit.

Brylee loves going to gym.  Today she had a little accident... slid down the big rope and hurt her va-ja-ja a little bit.  Small amount of bleeding due to a graze, but she'll be right.  I got dragged into the changing rooms to 'check out the damage'... lol.   Not the first time, and probably not the last time I have had to check out private bits.

Oh the joy of parenting eh? 

End of Day:  this week's loss:  100 grams!  I am happy.  It's a loss.  After last's weeks stellar loss I cannot expect a huge loss this week.
The new meeting I went to was.....
nah.... I will tell ya tomorrow what I thought of it!
nite nite


  1. Oh my gosh I can't believe they are old enough to leave already! I'm going to miss them when they are gone :)

  2. I love your new thingee - I bet it will be very handy indeed.

    I can't believe the puppies are leaving for their new homes already. I'm sure you must be ready for things to get back to something closer to normal.

  3. I'd have to go with Tulip.

    You picked some excellent names!

  4. Anonymous9:00 AM

    I'd go with Bee Bee. What a cute littele face. Actually they are both cute. I'd like to have Tulps coloring with Bee Bee's head. lol ...debbie

  5. How can you part with them? They are just so adorable! Good job raising them pups, mum!

  6. It is hard to believe they are old enough to leave, it will be so hard for you but at least they all seem to be going to good loving homes.

    Good Luck with weigh in :-)

  7. O yes - I agree - you have been a perfect "pup-mom"! Wonderfu job.

    Only one question: do them stink insects STINK when ya squish em?
    NO - they did not. They are trying to get in EVERY WHERE! I saw my son today and asked him If he was getting invaded and he said yes too. I wish someone could tell me Where they are coming from!

  8. Maybe they will have to take both girls, they are too cute to choose between.

  9. God if we didnt have another dog we would take another girl..... 1 more sleep I am so excited :-), see you tomorrow about 1.30 - 2pm :-)

  10. I'd choose Tulip, she is kissable cute, I do like Steves taste in furniture that is a nice piece lucky you. Fingers crossed for a nice weigh in loss.

  11. Oh my gosh...it would be so hard to choose between those two precious girls...I'd probably ending up going home with both of them! I just cant' believe it's time for them to all go off to new homes...I bet you are all going to miss them so much!

    Ok, maybe I missed something, but I thought Kiba was Steve's puppy...has be decided against keeping him?

    Good luck with your weigh-in...it might not be as bad as you think!



  12. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Silly question How does Coco get in there? Can she jump quite high or open the door?
    Love the Johnny Cash reference
    Mary H

  13. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Weigh watchers for her then!
    Had this vision of her knocking on the door!!
    Great photos BTY.

    Mary H

  14. The puppies are adorable!!

    re: Rena's hair - OMG! Was the "hair dresser" sober at the time? Poor girl. Thank goodness she can't remember.

    Re: Your comment from ages ago. Everything's going OK with me i guess, this year has been harder emotionally, I'm planning on blogging about it but in a nut shell. Love Dunedin, Love my friends, H.A.T.E. Uni!! HATE my course. Hate everything about it.

    Hope the puppies find loving homes x

  15. We try and eat our weekend meals at the table especially when the kids are here :-)

  16. I like the dog's area by the door - looks ideal. Really? you don't eat at the table? We eat every single meal at the table - never in the lounge. We even light a candle, put on music and have "the restaurant" as Fletcher calls it a few nights a week :)

  17. We never eat at the dining table either... prolly because Corby eats at 5.00pm, Guy eats at 5.30pm and Tom and I finally get to eat dinner at about 9pm when they are both finally asleep...!

  18. MY GOD I WANT A PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!! They are so darn adorable

  19. Good loss Chris! And glad you are taking it for what it is - can't wait to hear about the meeting.

    Penny xo

  20. Poor Brylee :-(

    Well done on a loss at WW.

  21. Congrats on the loss Chris :) esp after last week, you did really well..

    Puppies are gorgeous :( I know how heartbroken I was when we sold all ours before..

    Still, we will all live vicariously through Chico / Jackie's puppy LOL :)


  22. Kiba is so cute, I love that little face, like a little mustachioed old man. A cute little old man, of course! :)

  23. ouch, poor Brylee

    Well done on the loss. Looking forward to hearing about evening meeting.

  24. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Have you still got the stick insect for a weight watchers leader? WOMBAT

  25. Well tomorrow Chico is going to her lovely new home, the first little darling to go to her forever home. It is sad and exciting but at least Hippygirl can post updates. Good work on a loss, I had a big bloody gain but deserved it. Martine

  26. Congrats on the loss. How sad the pups have to go! Have a good week.

  27. Congrats on doing well! You are wonderful, Chris!

  28. those pups are just too cute love the walkin the line pic, poor brylee hate hurting the girly bits... love the table and we made it policy years ago that meals are eatten at the table every day and if at all possible all members of the family are present and accounted for at that moment in time... it i think has made a huge difference in how we relate to each other and the grand kids know that when they come to grandmas and papas that supper is at the table always and they come to expect the time together! it is so cute to watch halo as she is learning like bradley did they watch papa close and take notes and mimic him.
    love ya and way to go on the weight loss!

  29. I'm loving Kiba now. It looked kinda scared of jumping out of the house? So darn cute. Walk the line!

  30. you finally broke me down with these pics... got my son a puppy as well... pics on my blog.

  31. I've only been a dad for 11 years and I'm already sick of kids fighting with each other.

  32. They look like they are having a great time romping around outside!


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