Wednesday, August 31, 2011



Remember that job interview he went to about three weeks ago, that he had a 2nd interview for two weeks ago?
Well, after his 2nd interview the people interviewed at least another 100+ people and STILL chose Steve!

He goes in today to sign his contract and starts Thursday next week.

THIS IS THE BEST WEEK IN SO LONG.  First we have a FANTASTIC resolution with Harvey Norman's, and now our son has a job after months of trying to find one.

What is even better about this job for Steve is that it is just down the road in Manurewa!  He can get there easily on a bike... for now anyway.  I'm sure he will get himself a car before too long.

Now, as for today... Hospice for me until 1pm, then I am coming home to finally get around to blog reading!  My life has been so BUSY lately (as per usual really) I have been yet again neglecting to keep up with the blog news.  My bad.

ABOVE:  Here is a better photo of the new lounge suite... I can't wait to get it....


Steve's job is doing all the deliveries for a Furniture Shop... and keeping the Warehouse in order.  It's not THE JOB for life, but for now it's a JOB!  And he is keen as mustard to get started and be doing something constructive and physical again. 

I got a bit of 'treasure' today at Hospice...

 ABOVE:  a heap of old blankets PERFECT for the puppy's bedding... $6.00 !

 ABOVE: two really nice shirts (they are nicer than they look here) for Kelly I think.... $4.00

ABOVE:  a mirror for Brylee, a cute as glass bowl and three more tupperware containers... $10 the lot !

Awesome day so far!

LYNDA/LYNISE:  they actually physically interviewed about 25 people.

End of Day:  it's been a really nice day... finished off with dinner out. 
nite nite.


  1. Steve, congratulations!!! I hope it's everything you're hoping for and more! :)

  2. Clap Clap way to go Steve, well done, you must be on top of the moon :)

    And Chris, the new lounge suite looks fantastic, can't wait to see pics of it in your place..

    Um, I need my fix!!!!



  3. I love the lounge suite - pretty much what I would like for myself (apart from a new-wish cat and a 5.5 year old with NO clues on being careful)... couple of years off for me...

    Congrats on Steve getting a job... what's it doing?

    Maybe you should get a Lotto this week?

  4. Congratulations on all counts

  5. Great News! Well done Steve on your new job!!!

  6. Now that is fantastic news!! What will Steve be doing (if he wants to share that is). Awesome.

  7. That is good news, nice to have the kids earning their own buck lol. That lounge look very comfy.
    Hope you had a plesant day so far ...

  8. Yea! time to celebrate now, right?

  9. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Congratulations to Steve for landing the job!! That is wonderful! Really wonderful! It has been a good week for you by golly!! I like the dark brown better than the cream. Won't show the dirt and is more casual looking. ...debbie

  10. Congrats to Steve (and you!)

  11. Anonymous9:29 AM

    They picked the best guy after all. I am really wrapped for you all. What a week ah Chris. KAREN PT

  12. Awesome news Steve - congrats :-).

  13. Penny, NZ9:33 AM

    Yay! Well done Steve! And a great week for the whole family. Fantastic news!

  14. It's a great news week for you! Hopefully it will continue and more good news will come.
    I love the way they've styled the lounge room. Nice!

  15. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Yes, don't keep us in suspense, what sort of work will Steve be doing? WOMBAT

  16. Was I the first to guess right? I bet i was yay and see it was a few weeks after the puppies were born so it was meant to be eh!!

  17. good grief, interviewing 100 people would be the pits. I've just been involved in interviewing 6 people (teachers aid position) with a child in my class and each interview took min 1 hour, so I had some longgg days last week. Was later told that they normally short list to four candidates but for some reason 6 cv's had been shortlisted. can't even imagine having to sit through 100 interviews, that would get totally confusing. Hope he enjoys the new job and wish him all the best for it.

  18. Congratulations to Steve on the job and to you on getting the new suite. Persistence pays!

  19. Way to go Steve, though I expect you might miss having his help around the house. Seriously, that is great news.

  20. Congrats Steve!!!! must be a relief :0)

    good news on the couch too. Love the new one!

  21. Freeze bananas with skin on :-)

  22. That sounds like a great job! Heck, once employed you can move on and up much easier.

  23. Oh and Lynise... I'm thinking they did't actually "interview" 100 more people... maybe looked over their applications :) That would be a crazy task!!

  24. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Well done Steve He must have been bored shitless having no money car etc. Good time to get financial with the RWC party about to happen.

    Mary H

  25. Great news about Steve :O)

    Michelle x

  26. Congratulations to Steve, that is fantastic news.

  27. Anonymous8:48 PM

    congratulations to Steve getting his job I know how downing it is to keep getting the sorry but u r unsuccefful at this time letters got 2 of them myself today and spent most of day waiting for a call for an interveiw and nope nothing


  28. Wow, congrats to Steve on getting the job. I'm guessing in nz public transport is different. You need a car to get around. In S'pore, our public transport is really great and widely available. Yet we're so spoilt that if I were to go anywhere, I'd find out if it's within walking distance of a train station (subway) or I'd skip it.

  29. Congratulations to Steve. Persistance pays off in the end!

  30. This has been a good week for you! Congrats to you both!

  31. Anonymous12:40 AM

    Wonderful news Steve,
    Congratulations from the UK.
    and hugs to the fluffy babes
    Joan x

  32. Wonderful news all round! Hope the week continues to bring more good news.

  33. Congrats to your son! I have to look for another job soon. I don't earn enough in my current job to support six people.