Sunday, July 24, 2011


After winning the Trademe auction late yesterday afternoon we were lucky enough to be able to pick up the bed straight away, which was handy as it is expected to rain today...

ABOVE:  I love my car!  It is so useful.... 

ABOVE:  meeting the people's dog Rusty... an adorable Goldie boy...

ABOVE: I miss having our Goldies... but shisssh, don't tell Teddy and Coco! 

Today?  Well I think we are going down to Hamilton to see Steve and go to lunch with him... for something to do on a so-so winter's day...

We put the new, smaller double bed in the spare bedroom as it fits in there better... and the bigger queen size bed in the garage:

ABOVE:  and it looks fine in there!  Still plenty of room to swing a cat...


We went to Hamilton for the day.. had a lovely lunch with Steve, Kelly and Rena then came home.
It is a freezing day, it is snowing in all the places it usually snows in here in New Zealand... luckily it does not snow here in Auckland!
I would never get out of bed!  lol

AND just where is EVERYONE today?  three comments and it's almost 5pm!  Unheard of!  *sniff*... I am sure I'm not THAT boring.

LYNDA:  clever tart... I had already thought of that... it involves quite a bit of re-arranging so have to think on it a bit more yet.

End of Day:  spent the evening doing bugger all... thought about moving things around in the garage, but changed my mind for now.  Too tired.
nite nite.


  1. Chris-

    That new bed set up looks wondeful for guests. You do still have enough room for sewing and cards though, right?

    Thanks for the hair advice. I am just ignoring the bit that sticks out until it decides to behave!

  2. Lots of room for friends to visit! YAY!

  3. Lucky it didn't rain and yes large cars are handy, we blobbing today.

  4. OOO, that looks nice enough for me to just fall right into and dream sweet dreams of creativity! : )

  5. OK a comment. I'm looking at the photo of the bed in the garage and thinking... (you know how you love to move furniture around...) well why not put the bed over in the far corner - left hand side looking at your photo - kind of make a "room" for it with a wee screen even. Enclose it a little and move away from the freezer and fridge etc. What do you think? Is there room?

  6. Just popped in while having a cuppa with my lunch (just after 1pm here).
    Hope you had a great visit with Steve, Kelly & little Rena.

  7. In a way I hope it does snow in Auckland just to laugh at the chaos it will cause on the motorway - look at what a bit of rain does to the traffic!!!

  8. Love your roomy guest space. Got a bit behind on reading your blog but glad I got caught up. Hope the leather specialist works out because honestly peeling your naked butt off of a leather seat can be painful. Clothing is not optional.

  9. good grief, woman! I rarely get more than 3 comments on each blog!

    There, that made 8! :-)

  10. Goldie looks quite tame in the pic but of course in real life I would run the opposite direction. It's a big dog.


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