Sunday, July 03, 2011


I'm having a ball down here... even though it's BLOODY FREEZING!  I am frozen to the bone I tell ya!   Brrrrrrr.....

Photos from yesterday: 

 ABOVE:  Sandra's grandchildren:  Ella on the left is one and a half and her brother Brock is two and a half.  Darn cute kids... they had both just had a bath and were racing around the house like only littlies can!

 ABOVE: last night's dinner... pizza and fresh fruit. 

 ABOVE: the littlies at their table... isn't that so sweet!
I must get us a wee table and chairs for our littlies.

ABOVE:  Mike, Joyce and me.... 

ABOVE: awwww... they make a cute couple...

ABOVE: meet Honey, she is the little dog Sandra adopted about a month ago... she is 5 years old and had a less than wonderful life at her last home.  She loves her new home.  And she's a really sweet little thing.

ABOVE: when Mike first arrived at Sandra's home last night Honey shook like a leaf and growled for ages at Mike and Joyce.... but after about 4 hours (!) she came around and let him pet her.  It was so cute to see her finally accept him and not be scared.

ABOVE: Chris D with her two little brats... Buddy on the left is 2 and a half and Harley on the right is 8 months old.  Buddy is placid and sweet, Harley is a hyperactive, nut of a dog, but totally loveable!  *smiles*

Today: I don't think we have any specific plans yet...  I'll be back later if there is anything to 'report'....
We are off to Anne's tonight for dinner...


Just had me bra knicked by Harley... he just came into the bedroom and took off with it!  Soooo funny!
There is a frost here this morning, I don't want to even get outta bed...
Decided to meet Mike at the Mall and get him some new clothes... so that's first on the 'to do' list for the day.

Chris and I met the kids at the mall... took them shopping for some clothes... which went really well.  Then we had lunch with them, then Sandra too... more shopping ... then home for a break before we head off to Anne's for dinner. 
Having a ball!

End of Day:  dinner at Anne's was just lovely, she had made us a wonderful chicken curry, naan bread, salad and fresh fruit .... I am happy to say I also got pleasantly pickled!  lol
It has been so nice seeing my girlfriends, Mike and Joyce!
nite nite.


  1. The love in your house shines through and through . Real cute the little ones

  2. I wanna go for dinner too :( take me take me ... :)

    Anne (see, I'm an "Anne" too LOL

  3. freezing doesn't even begin to describe Taupo his morning!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Those dogs are adorable!! Steve and Mike look so much alike, such cute kids you have :)

  5. Aaaaah man- I love it all! I can not decide which is sweeter - the pups of the babes! Both are precious.

    I had to check Mike out twice to make sure he was not Steve! LOL At least they both love animals and that makes them great in my book! LOL

  6. Penny, NZ3:52 PM

    Gorgeous kids - love their cheeky smiles. I got a new nephew last night, to add to the two nephews and two nieces already here and there's another due at Christmas. Love having them around and it made me think of your Emily!

  7. I am glad you are having such a great time.

  8. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Poor wee Honey - she looks like a westie cross. People who are cruel to animals make me absolutely sick. She looks like she has a loving forever home with Sandra - and my westies send their love to her.

  9. Glad your're having a ball.

  10. yay, glad you are enjoying yourself xxx

  11. Love the pic of the woman buried in the dogs!


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