Saturday, July 16, 2011

60% DONE ... YAAA

The splashback should be finished by late tonight... very happy about that.  It's been a big job for Steve AND me.

LYNISE: the man at the tile shop told me we had to get ALL THE PAINT OFF to ensure the tiles adhered properly and didn't fall off in the future.

Here's a couple of photos of the progress:

ABOVE: taken last night... so the lighting/colour isn't perfect, but you get the drift. 
Steve has said on more than one occasion how nice it looks... so I'm pleased cos he didn't think we even needed a splashback.
I think he's proud of how it looks...he easily did most of the work involved. 
Ignore the blue numbers, they will come off sometime today when we get some mineral turps.
Grouting will be done tonight...

ABOVE: a close up of the detail... love it.

TODAY: well as I did bugger all blog reading yesterday after planning to.. I shall try to do some today!
Well... after I've had a sleep in that is! 


I got up early, fed the dogs, blogged, took some nurofen for my shoulder which was killing me and went back to bed! 
AND I got to sleep in until 10.15 which was just lovely.
Back into housework now... Stew is going to re-hang my new mirror so it's safer on the wall... I was scared shitless it was going to come crashing down! 

LYNDA: yes there was a cutting mistake by THEM... but by the time we got to the top we were over it... I'd already been back to Takanini THREE times yesterday afternoon to get tiles cut to fit as obviously they had done it all wrong .... I was sick to death of it.

I am sick this afternoon... really sore tummy and headache to kill.  Going to lie down.

End of Day: feeling a bit better now... think I had a migraine headache.... havn't had one of those in ages.  Hope I don't get another in in ages either.
I spent hours today getting my fake nails off... I think next time I ever do that I'll just go and get them taken off professionally cos it was an awful job soaking them in acetone.  My nails are ruined of course... so I've put some OPI All in One polish on them to strengthen them until they have grown out again. 
Looking forward to tomorrow, it's supposed to be a lovely day weather wise... and fingers crossed everything is as it's supposed to be when we get up to Whitianga.
nite nite


  1. Even better than I imagined! Pretty!

  2. O Chris!
    It is certainly lovely! You and Steve certainly did a wonderful job. Maybe this is a new career for Steve?

    Just wanted to mention that Micki of Irish Muses

    is ending her blog- I am sad because she has been so kind to me.

    All of you guys mean so much to me , it is hard not to be selfish and think of only me and how much I will miss her and the story of Ireland.

    So, if you want to hope over and tell her good-by -you better get hoping.

  3. Do you have to seal the tiles at all? Just wondered about grease marks....

    Gorgeous day here huh? Cold though...

    Yay - school holidays!!!

    Catch ya.

    Kate (

  4. Hi Chris - I actually think the colour and style looks great - better with the silver too! one comment and don't shout at me... why are the tiles not level at the top? Is this a cutting mistake? Wouldn't it be better fixed now while you can? Just my opinion, don't send Steve around to deal to me :)

  5. Taupo frost this morning -3 and it was WHITE out ground look!!!! Sunny though just bitter as.

    The tiles look stunning well done to Steveand you how lovely they look the silver makes them pop very nice.

  6. The kitchen is looking fantastic!

  7. Hi Chris,
    Glad you are feeling a little better.
    I know how it is with fake nails, I too took some off once with acetone, took ages and completely ruined my nails too.

    Good luck for your trip to Whitianga tomorrow. Hope you get your beloved furniture back.

  8. am loving how its coming along and always love the things you do to make it how you want !! :)

  9. Looks really really great! I like the sea shell tile strip.
    Have a safe trip!

  10. The tiles look fantastic, Chris. Good job!

    Hope the trip for the furniture turns out well. AT least it won't be a wasted trip if it doesn't cause you'll have seen your family xxxx

  11. The tile looks awesome!! Great job!!


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