Sunday, July 31, 2011


Oh Yeah!  One more day and one more sleep until we get some peace in the house again... these holidays have been long and wet, I'm so glad I decided not to have any extra kids too.

It would have been just too much.  Brylee and Griffin are good on their own, add more kids and you always get petty squabbles and endless demands. 

In the next holidays I will have our Grandson Joshua no doubt.... but that's 10 - 11 weeks away so ain't gunna think about it for now!

Brylee starts Gymnastic Club this coming week too... I am sure she is going to love that.

Monday will be a new start for me too in a way.  Steve and I are going to get up every morning, go down to the garage and do some exercise.  His idea... get me moving again... and get himself out of bed at a decent time!
We.  will.  see.

Today?  The Warehouse is having a sale on bedding, so we are going down to check it out... we need more duvet inners... I have no idea where all ours have gone?
But I have a sneaking suspicion I used them as quilt batting!  lol


A comment I received this morning:

Your comments are vile. You are a know it all, bully, motor mouth. Don't be mislead by the ones who jump so quickly to defend you and back you up, they do so because they are frightened of you like all bullies you have your hangers on.

Try and be a little bit nicer regarding other peoples comments it is only an opinion not a slap on the face. Calm..... take a deep breath and move on.
Claire Callon. U.K.

Why thanks for that Claire.


No idea Amanda.

I have decided to go back to what I usually do with annoying ANON comments... simply hit the delete button and forget about it.  I don't like all the crap that happens when I do publish them.

I remembered where all my duvet inners went!  As the kids left home I gave them all bedding... lots of bedding... and ran down my supply.
So there were sales on bedding at The Warehouse, Bed Bath & Beyond AND Briscoes.
We found the best deals at Briscoes... 60% OFF!!!

ABOVE:  a King and a Queen duvet inner, and three Continental Quilts... what a buy!

ABOVE:  The guys got the job of putting the inners in the covers.   My job now is to tidy up the linen cupboard, which looks like a bomb went off in it.  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

End of Day:  Stew got to mow the lawns this afternoon... which was quite a feat considering how much rain we've had lately!  It looks so nice all freshly mown though.  He's a love for doing it.
It's been a warm winter day here!  I started the day in 3 layers on me top... then I ended up in just one for a while.. no sleeves even!  Now it's cooling down again... but it's not cold enough to put the heater on!  Amazing weather we get here in Auckland.  I love this place.
nite nite


  1. Whoohoo for the exercise, my kids don't go back till Tuesday - teacher only day tomorrow, go figure!!!!

  2. Check out Briscoes they are having big sale too!! The peace and quiet might be shattered when the puppies come.

  3. I dont get it... it Claire having a yap bout the mouthy commenters or having a yap at you for telling the commenters all about it??

  4. Ashlee12:17 PM

    I personally like you alot! You are a straight up Chick! Take no bulls*** and you are a Real Woman! Pftt to the Haters! you are not Forced to read this Blog.

  5. At least Claire has an opinion and the guts to put her name to it. Continue on Chris, we all love you

  6. Yep, I would definitely delete all the unpleasant Anon comments. Too stressful and waaaay too much drama.

  7. I don't get what Claire's beef is...there's no requirement for her to read any blog....pfft!
    Enjoy the quiet until the puppies come....things will start hopping then.

  8. OO, look! A delete button! Use it, ya big bully! *lol* :)

  9. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Awww, I love getting a giggle out of the anon comments! As should you Chris! Screw the haters! :D

    Cranky x

  10. What neato bargins you ran into! Yea.

    I sure hope you two have good luck with the "Exercise"! That would be great !

    I have learned lately that my DH eats his way through while watching tv and now my dumb body has decided that is the way it wants to be treated too! These "muchies" are TERRIBLE!

  11. The dogs love the new duvet inners too by the look of it. Haha. As for the crazy lady from UK... she doesn't know you like we do Chris. Which is sad!! Her loss. Not many days for Coco now. Can't wait to see the babies. x

  12. Personally I'm perplexed ... if people don't like what you write, why do they read it? Their choice to come to your blog. Its your blog - write what you like, they don't have to read it.

    Oh ... and it looks like Coco is claiming that last duvet inner for her with those pleading eyes ... lol.

  13. Don't let the "haters" get to you, their comments I imagine can be quite hurtful - but for us "supporters" we find some of their comments rather amusing.

    I suspect your "haters" are in fact jealous of your huge number of "supporters".

    It is a shame that you can't block all anonymous comments so that they don't even get to your email inbox for moderation.

  14. Penny, NZ10:02 PM

    Agree with all opposed to the comment this morning. The initial comment from Anonymous about the biscuit may have been well intentioned but it didn't read like that - it read like a rude attack. For example, when Lynda gives you advice she tries at least to be polite and constructive about it. I don't blame you for getting annoyed about it - they don't have the full picture. If they are anonymous, there is even more reason to watch their tone because it's not like with a friend where you have an established relationship.

    More importantly, isn't it a bugger of a job putting the inners in the duvet covers? I am 6 foot tall and I find I get lost in there, must be even harder for those on the short side.

    Good luck with the exercise!

  15. Wasn't the weather fantastic today. We actually went out for lunch & sat outside without freezing - not often you can do that in July.

  16. It seems odd that school starts there soon, I gotta check when it starts here...
    I didn't get the point about the comments... I'm kind of thick in that area.
    Have a good quiet time when the kids get outta there! You'll be missing them I bet!

  17. Hi Chris... here in the US I'm sure you can buy a duvet and all that... but most people don't have them. They are sooo much better than comforters (think two sheets with pillow fluff in middle, sewn together zig-zaggy all through) but so much more expensive. Hugs to you and your family. Hope the pups are doing well. PS Hope things with Brylee are going ok and set up well with the school. :)

  18. I don't get why people feel the need to leave rude comments. If you don't like something stop reading it?

    Looks like you scored big on the sale!

  19. Maximillious billious9:33 PM

    B*^#h did not just say that bout my loud, independent, strong minded aunty who if u new her u would u would no goes out of her way for others and her family, yes she can b blunt, outright outspoken, but hay if u cant hack it, you ant got to read it, and besides if others had a problem with her comments they would delete them too, oviously there not deleted therefor ur the only 1 with the problem so back off.

  20. Anonymous4:28 PM

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