Wednesday, July 13, 2011


'The cheque is in the mail'... from the spa company... and it FINALLY ARRIVED.

Score 1.

Heard from the Lounge suite company... they are sending someone around to inspect the suite, and repair if necessary.

Score 2.

So, if you wait long enough... it does happen. 

TODAY:  Hospice Shop duty. 

Stew showed me an advert for volunteers wanted at the Super Medical clinic the other day... seriously thinking of doing something like that...  I even thought of volunteering at the ER Department of Middlemore too... hmmmm..... we will see. 

 Ooooh.. another win!...

ABOVE: the Whelping box arrived after only two days!  AND Coco seems to already like it.  It's way bigger than she needs but it's still great!  


Just back from Hospice shop... was a semi busy day... and I got a bit of treasure.

ABOVE:  a cute wee jumper for one of the granddaughters...

ABOVE: three handy dandy tupperware containers for 50cents each!...

ABOVE:  and a lovely pink blanket to add to Coco's stash.  She will need heaps as I will have to wash them every day.  This one has some marks on it so it's perfect for dogs... not so much for our babies.

Yaaa the tiles for the splash back are done .... and I've picked them up.  Tonight Steve gets the job of sanding down the wall so we can put up the tiles.
Hopefully by weeks end it will all be done.

Possibly going out tonight to pick up a key that will unlock a storage unit in Whitianga so we can finally get furniture back that's been 'missing' for over 4 years!  Third night lucky?  Bets anyone?

End of Day:  it's freezing tonight!  Forgot to turn the heatpump on all day.... curled up with a blankie now!
nite nite.


  1. go for it. i've been kicking around volunteering at the local nursing home where my grandpa was..

  2. Anonymous10:29 AM

    When my cat was with kittens I had an area all set up. Woke up on a sunday morning & she was having them at the end of my bed. Yikes.
    Me thinks Steves bed/room could be a likely target. Just saying. Mind you having your own tv is a plus.
    Mary H

  3. When Corby was having his two surgeries last year (tummy at 3 weeks, and eye at 10 weeks) at a large children's hospital here in Sydney, they had some amazing volunteers who would come and look after the bubba (either cuddling them, or playing with the older kids) so the parents could have a break.

    It was so good, as Tom and I could talk, go to eat, have a coffee or catch a nap in the parent's room they had.

    PS: they don't "feed" the parents in a the children's hospital, and as Tom stayed there all day and all night, I was constantly ferrying him meals from the local takeaways.

  4. Your whelping box is really neat and you can tell she is interested in it.It looks so professional.

    Congrats on the check in the mail! Yea! That is so great!

    I hope since you are on a roll that the furniture people now act decent. That would be a win-win for you.

    It made me think of when we would have a run of bad luck my DH would run downtown to visit a wonderful preacher friend of ours . When he would get ready to leave he would hand him two pennies and say , "now I have paid the preacher"! (Opps-over here is a saying if you have good luck you must be paying the preacher )

  5. Voluntareering at an ER? Gosh your keen for a bit of blood and guts! BLUCKY BLUCKY!

  6. Coco will appreciate the extra room whem those babies arrive.

  7. that's a neat little box for Coco. Fingers crossed! All very exciting!

  8. And I'm sure the local health authorities would welcome the volunteers too a much needed boost.

  9. It looks like things are on a roll for you.....glad to hear it.

  10. Great news on the lounge! Hopefully this issue will finally be resolved for you! The whelping box looks fantastic! Coco will love it. I think the volunteering thing is a great idea. I have been sent paperwork to fill in for me to do the same on my days off. It should be good!

  11. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Bugger about your shoulder :0(

    Love Teddy on the couch with the pillow!

    Love the puppy birthing box!

    Am glad you are using a brolly in the spa instead of a shower cap!!!!!!

  12. Fingers crossed for the storage unit.

    I love the wee jumper, so cute.

  13. Penny, NZ6:49 PM

    I have heard many people say that volunteering is an excellent way of keeping depressing at bay. It keeps you busy, gets you out and around people and gives you a boost knowing that you are doing good for others who need it. I think it also gives you new perspectives on life. I am planning to do something when my current major project is over. Good on you!

  14. You are having a wonderful day, aren't you? Yeah! Hopefully the good luck will just keep coming your way.

  15. Hope you get the key! Good luck.


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