Thursday, July 28, 2011


ABOVE:  my latest aquisition via TradeMe... a gorgeous Double Headboard for the new-to-us double bed.... isn't is gorgeous!
I got it for an awesome price too.. no haggling, just 'Buy Now'.  Very happy.

I also bought a puppy heat pad off TradeMe too... havn't got it yet, but hopefully it will arrive before the pups!  (edit: picking it up on saturday, so Coco has to hold on till then!)

Steve is due home today from Hamilton which I am really looking forward to.  He has been missed.  And I feel I will need his help with looking after Coco and the puppies next week.

ABOVE: I made 7 little collars from stretch lace... each one has a different colour button.   There better be ONE girl at least!  lol  (and yes, we are only expecting 6 pups, but ya never know!)

ABOVE:  Teddy after his grooming.. still refuses to look at the camera...

ABOVE:  Finally... a face shot!   He's not impressed with me.


Just did the vacuming and floor washing... shitty job.. kills my back.  But, needed doing.  Off to have a break before finding something else to do..

HOT FLUSHES:  I stopped taking the anit depressants that the Dr had prescribed for them... well I've lasted about a month?  I have to concede defeat AGAIN... I am ringing the Dr for some more... I am getting crabbier and crabbier, hotter and hotter (but not in a nice way)... and my nights are spent tossing and turning, throwing the duvet on and off all night long.  I can't win with this thing.... it is the pitts.

ABOVE:  I cooked a nice,  simple dinner of sausages, mashed potatoes with grated cheese added, gravy and veges tonight... Amanda ate her's then helped herself to a bowl of potatoe and gravy... Coco helped her eat it!

ABOVE:  Teddy lapping up a tummy rub from Steve... spoilt dog.

End of Day:  going to have a spa then off to bed early tonight... I hope.  Not that I look forward to going to bed.. I never sleep for longer than about 45 minutes before I get a hot flush and wake up, and it takes a good 30 minutes to get back to sleep. 
nite nite.


  1. Teddy looks adorable and so do those tiny little puppy collars! I can't wait to see the little lovelies in them!

  2. Great headboard and the little collars are too cute.... good luck with the pups...

  3. Those will be some well-dressed little puppies. I wonder how Teddy will react to them. Surely you will get a girl!

  4. Teddy is so bloody cute, just adore him. My litte guy has his grooming appointment next week. I can't believe Coco is going to be a mum, it seems like yesterday she was a puppy. Hope everything goes well. Martine xx

  5. Those little collars are the cutest! What a neat idea.

    I know you had mentioned that you are only allowed two dogs where you live-how long will they give you to move the babies?

  6. Edit from my comment yesterday re the bark collar UNTIL you have worked in a kennel place with unlimited numbers you do have the neighbours to consider my friends kennel stay was in Pukawa on a ridge with 8 large paddocks sure there is normal dog PLAYING barking but incessant barking is annoying and makes for an unsettled dog and household take the chair away from the window so he cant see out for a start, rearrange things as for people coming to door etc a short sharp shush and lag prod with hand is all that is required as re dog whisperer technique he will learn quick though I'm sure. Oh and in the over 12 years my friends kennel operated NOT one complaint from clients or neighbours she even had Wellington clients and Auckland clients bring their pooches to her and HER only.

  7. Hot flushes? I've gone back to the hormones, just half the dose he prescribed and only for a few months. It just got terrible - especially at night, as you know!

  8. Luv those doggie collars! And the headboard! You are always doing such amazing things. :)


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