Tuesday, July 05, 2011


I'm hoping as you read this I'm actually having a sleep in!
Today:  well it's back to the norm for me. 
Big on my list of things to do is sit and catch up on some of my favourite blogs!  I have probably got about a thousand in my Google Reader List!  Scared to look...

Here's a photo of me new compter desk for in the lounge:

 ABOVE: handy dandy table. Apparently it's supposed to be used over your bed... doubt that it's base part would fit under me bed.

ABOVE: this is the little gift/flower shop my cards are going to be available at in Palmerston North.  Funnily enough my niece Chris used to live in a flat above it!  Those blue doors were her 'front door'! lol  Oh I forgot to mention, the manager wants some of my 'Cute Bags' too... so I'll have to pull finger and get sewing.

We have our lovely new TV too... and the garage door is superb... AND I've heard from Harvey Norman about the lounge suite... it's now in the hands of the Manufacturer of the suite (Morgan)... so fingers crossed it can get sorted eventually.

So there ya go... all good here ...

Yeah... no sleep in, silly to think I could really.
Kids are now at school, Steve's up and Amanda and Emily are getting ready to go home.
Me... sitting on the couch trying to get warm!  It's certainly cooler here now too... just not as cool as Palmy!

Who would have thought making Sushi would be so darn EASY? ...

ABOVE: Teriyaki Chicken and Feta Cheese... I would have added avocado and cucumber or capsicum... but I like... didn't have any.  I might go out later and get some as I still have quite a bit of cooked rice... can't waste it!

I lost 1.3 kilos last week and I'm SURE it's due to me eating sushi for lunch!  You only have to eat 6 and you are full... yet they are so low in calories, and sushi is so filling!   I don't feel hungry at all until dinner time after having sushi for lunch.

I have spent the last 7 hours or so reading and commenting on blogs!  I'm done.  If I missed you... sorry.
I cooked roast pork and veges for dinner, made an awesome brown onion gravy with the meat juices and roast onions.. OMG I'm sure I only have the meat and veges so I can have gravy!

END OF DAY: going to have a nice quiet, peaceful evening... followed by a spa and bed.  BLISS.
nite nite


  1. Sounds like things are moving in the right direction

  2. About time you had some little wins! xx

  3. Now you know having OUR own little sushi maker here in the house WE LOVE SUSHI and Samuel makes the most divine sushi.

  4. O Chris,
    SOOO many exciting things going on! What wonderful, terrific news about taking your cards and wanting to see some of the purses! I am thrilled for you!

    Sorry about the chill that you are enjoying - I am enjoying nice hot weather on my side of the world AND THINKING OF MY NEW ZEALAND BUDDY NOW COOLED OFF.!:-0

  5. OMIGOD I love Sushi!!! Yours looks so nice! Gonna have to have sushi for lunch now lol!

  6. I have GOT to make me some sushi!! It seems like it will be fiddly and not worth but you've made me change my mind.

  7. I love sushi as well:-)

  8. is that 6 little pieces like that? 3 would fill me. Can't do rice. Don't mind sushi though. Good way to fill up quick without the calories :-)

  9. Whoa, your sushi looks good. I'm blown away by the feta cheese idea. I've never tried that! Was it good? Avocado and cucumber are always nice.

  10. I don't eat fish, but love chicken and feta so I would try that sushi for sure!

    I've been waiting on the edge of my seat for a Coco update ...is she "with child" err puppies???

  11. You know, the dog loves rice and it's healthy!

    No, I didn't know making sushi was so easy...

  12. Anonymous12:46 AM

    Yea!! new TV, new Garage Door...now you only have to get your couch repaired or new and you'll be all set!! Sushi looks good. We have a few Sushi Bars around here but we never go....debbie

  13. Glad you had a wonderful visit with your son, girlfriend and friends. I have been catching up too, hard to keep up with blogs and get anything done as well. lol

  14. i am not a sushi kind of gal but yours i would try! :)
    time to get on with normal days here too... what ever that may be LOL
    love n hugs

  15. why the heck does your laptop have an extra keyboard?

    how many hands do you have, anyway?

  16. That sushi looks fabulous and so easy to make! Sorry I haven't been around for a while but my life took an "interesting" turn for a while.

    I am back now and looking forward to more fun from New Zealand!

  17. I've never had sushi. Everyone says it's great but I'm scared to try it :)


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